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7 Powerful Principles Entrepreneurs Live By

In my program, Money & You®, we teach entrepreneurs, business professionals, salespeople, doctors, attorneys, alternative health care providers, engineers, scientists, writers, networking professionals, business owners, and many wealth gurus – you name them, we’ve taught them – how to live a principle-filled life based on the teachings of R. Buckminster Fuller, W. Edwards Deming, Georgi Lozanov, and many other pioneers of new thinking.

Decide To Network

I was reminded of the power of Networking with Intention the other day when I read this poem by the former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. Global Entrepreneurs know the power of networking. And I know this poem will inspire you to be more powerful in realizing your dreams.

Unlocking Your Potential

We are locked into thought patterns that were formed during our compulsory attendance at life’s, “School of Hard Knocks”. In places where we already have one of these thought patterns installed, it is almost impossible to learn anything new. The new idea we have can not get into the place where it will fit because that place is already occupied.

The Homeless Man I “Adopted”

I have been living at the beach in San Diego since 1980… It’s a beautiful area with cliffs, sunclipses, good-looking people, bicycles paths, and just about everything that a nature lover that lives in a city could want.
The area is filled with some pretty colorful characters and things – from million dollar homes overlooking the gorgeous clear (most days) ocean, to bikers, hippies, veterans, tourists, and homeless folks since they are allowed in this beach

6 Steps to Create Happiness and Wealth – Part 1

You can attract happiness and wealth with your spirit and mind but if your home is not telling the universe the same, the universe cannot deliver.

Two important parts of the Law of Attraction are: Act as if and Like attracts like. You can act as if you are already wealthy and happy by making your home and workspace exactly as you wish.

Celebrating Buckminster Fuller

He was such a futurist that we can expect his work still being world-famous decades from now. We were blessed to have him in our lives as a Mentor — we were not his Protegees (you had to be a genius to be that) — but students of the principles that he taught us.

Bucky would learn from nature and then apply it the human experience.