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About the Work That This Book is Based On:  关于本所依据的作品

Doria Cordova

Dame Doria DC Cordova博士(荣誉)是Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs (BSE家商学院)Money & You®和其他Excellerated (卓越的快速学程的首席行官/所有者。

Money & You - Has Positively Impacted the Wealth Wellness of over 200,000 People from 85 Countries Since 1979!

Money & You -自 1979 年以来,对来自 85 个国家/地区的 20多万人的财富健康产生了积极影响

Are you...

  • A SELF-EMPLOYED ENTREPRENEUR looking for simple strategies to turn your 'small business into a BIG business...
  • A BUSINESS OWNER looking for proven secrets to build your business faster, with less effort...
  • A SALES PROFESSIONAL looking to break free of the sales “game” and understand the proven skills you need to live a life of abundance...
  • SEEKING MORE FINANCIAL FREEDOM in your life, and tired of struggling to achieve your dreams.


  • 寻找简单策略将您的 "小企业" 变成 "大企业" 的自雇创业者...
  • 寻找经过验证的秘诀,以更少的精力更快地建立企业的企业主...
  • 销售专业人士,希望摆脱销售“游戏”、了解过上富足生活所需的成熟技能...
  • 在生活中寻求更多的财务自由、厌倦了为实现梦想而挣扎的人士。

The Money & You Excellerated Learning Process will show you how:

  • To work with and inspire people through connection and strong relationships.
  • To grow a business using leverage so you work smarter not harder
  • To develop a strong mindset of abundance for all and how there is plenty for everyone.
  • To recognize a social problem and use entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a business to make social change.
  • To be free from money enslavement forever

Money & You的学习过程将向您展示如何:

  • 通过联系和牢固的关系与人们合作并激励他们。
  • 利用杠杆作用发展业务,让您更聪明地工作,而不必那么辛苦。
  • 培养一种人人富足的强大心态,以及如何让每个人都富足。
  • 认识到社会问题,并利用创业原则来组织、创建和管理企业,以实现社会变革。
  • 永远摆脱金钱的奴役。


... this event will be the single most profitable thing you have done in years!

... 本次课程将会为您带来多年来从未有过的财富!