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5 Mistakes Most People Make When Setting Goals

Most of us know that setting goals is critical to achieving what we want in life. But what a lot of us don’t understand is how to set goals…and to stick with them! Here are the top 5 mistakes most of us make when we set goals…and how to avoid them. 1. The goals are […]

Psychic Income

As the world continues to face monumental challenges, I thought this article would inspire you to face things a little differently…

it’s just what we need to hear today.

Huang Ming Shares His Dream

Huang Ming, China’s Leading Solar Entrepreneur, shares his dream…. I have a dream, a common dream of the people devoting to renewable energy source around the world, that for the blue sky and white cloud of the later generations, qualified products are used to realize renewable energy substitution.

Peace of Mind – With Fries?

The other day I was noticing how much more I enjoyed getting a hamburger at In-N-Out Burger than I did at McDonald's. Obviously the simple taste of the food, price and time of delivery were all important.

Managing the Wealth

I received this wonderful note from one of the participants for our next Money & You, and I wanted to share the inspirational message with you…. as part of our “Entrepreneurial Stimulus”

Keep Saying “YES!”

Louis Lautman shares his thoughts with you in the first of our guest series of inspirations, which we call our Entrepreneurial Stimulus Plan”

The Illusion Of Money

Wealthy people don’t “need” money; instead they attract it. It’s not that they want to be poor or think that living with less money is spiritual in any way.

Wealthy people have broken the ties between success and money and wealth and money. Success is being able to do what you are absolutely passionate about doing; being wealthy is having more resources than you need because you created them.

Assets don’t measure wealth; value does.

The Rules Of The Game

Why are rules so important? Because in the absence of rules, people make up their own.
Here are the rules we play by: