A Great Business Success Model

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A Great Business Success Model

A Whole-System Approach to Business
How to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time!

Step 1: Mastery

Find a Master. Be with them to learn. Become a master in your discipline(s). Mastery is gained through experience. (Discover what you love. Identify your passion. Align with your personal purpose.)

Step 2: Niche

Around that master there will be a niche. Identify your niche. Where is there an unfilled need? Where do people have “pain”? What is the problem for which your expertise can provide a unique solution?

Step 3: Leverage

Create repeatable, duplicatable systems that can be used over and over to fill a need. Businesses add value by doing more with less.

Step 4: Team

Build a team. The team will complement your own strengths, contribute their own expertise, bring new perspectives. Teams take time to form. They develop based on willingness to participate, supportive communication, and trust.

Step 5: Synergy

Create synergy. Synergy is where “magic” happens. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergy results from listening*, trust, intuition, flexibility, compassion and commitment to resolution.

*Listening is the #1 business skill.

Step 6: Results

Results will be spectacular, if all the other elements of this model are in place. Results will often happen precessionally to your stated intention.
By DC Cordova
CEO Money & You® Program/Excellerated Business Schools®

Creative Commons License photo credit: mundo resink

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