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The Economy & The Fat Kid

The Economy & The Fat Kid Credit-based economies constantly need to expand in order to service constantly increasing levels of debt. Central banks adjust the flow of credit to maintain the balance between economic expansion and economic contraction. Then one day, a fat kid shows up at the playground. While everyone knows it’s a private […]

It’s Everywhere – And You Better Know What To Do With It!

By Glenda Feilen It’s everywhere! It’s in you, on you, and around you. And what you do with it makes a huge difference in your world. If you use it to your advantage, you can expect cash flowing into your life, great relationships, and vibrant health. However, if you are oblivious to its presence, you […]

Denis Cooney Shares His Experience

Denis Cooney Money and You® changed me and all my best friends for the better forever. Anyone who is anyone in the powerful emerging personal empowerment field got to hear about the famous “Money and You®” program. Most of the influential people in this new realm are graduates of this pivotal course that changed their […]

Guide to Purchasing a Content Management System (CMS)

by Behnam Ataee, CIO Dream Warrior Design Group. Every business aims to increase profit and expand its market share. The savvy business person makes sure the tools they use today can accommodate these goals for their tomorrow. When dealing with websites, one of the most basic of these tools is a Content Management System or […]

Money & You® – Sufficiency is Heavenly

I hope that I inspire you to not only read The Soul of Money, but also read the works of our dear Bucky. His book, Critical Path , is worth the read. It will speak to parts of you that are ready to hear his beautiful information that is just now coming into “vogue.” Bucky would have loved Al Gore with his environmental work – and he would have loved YOU for living a life that includes his greatest message: There is enough for you and me…

There is an Ocean of Abundance No Matter What is Happening in the World

Nothing can take an economy down faster than the uncertainty and loss of confidence by its people. After the 9/11 Tragedy, we knew that the Stock Market was going to drop-that many businesses would take a tremendous toll – it didn’t take long for the experts to start predicting a recession and possibly a great […]

Visualize and Affirm Your Desired Outcomes

Visualize and Affirm Your Desired Outcomes By Jack Canfield, America’s Success Coach You have within you an awesome power that most of us have never been taught to use. Elite athletes use it. The super rich use it. And peak performers in all fields are now starting to use it. That power is called visualization. […]

Tips On Global Entrepreneurship

The following tips will be important information if you want to grow and expand your business, especially if you want to bring your business overseas.

These are Key Distinctions I learned from traveling and teaching overseas for over 20 years and bringing my San Diego-based business in NZ, AU, HK, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Brunai, and Eurpose.

The world is becoming one in many ways, but it is still very separate in that people do not understand the different cultures and nationalities and religions that are represented in all the countries they may be interested in.

My mission is “Uplifting Humanity’s Conscientious Through Business” so this purpose takes me into all areas of the world.

Money & You® – First Weekly Podcast

Money & You® Distinctions… Money & You® is played in a games environment so you can learn and safely correct. A few of the key distinctions that show up through the 3 ½ day program include: Win/Win – Most people think they play win win, but in the games you can see your own behaviors […]

The Ultimate Entrepreneur’s Desk Reference

“Work on Your Business – Not in it!”… Michael Gerber, author “The E-Myth”

Want money-making systems to bring you more peace of mind, prosperity, efficiency and control? They are all outlined in this book!

Money-Making Systems is an organizational manual with all the systems that any business owner, entrepreneur, manager, free agent, business student, office manager or professional might need for their office. This guide will help you improve your productivity and performance, reduce the chances of team member turnover, and leverage all the human resources in your organization and network. Once you customized and apply each system, you will get more done in less time, enjoy greater peace of mind, have more time, and make more money!