The Only Way to Save Maui’s Economy

–  Chris Mentzel –

Maui faces an epochal choice between Wealth and Health. How will our leaders decide? Will they protect the health of our residents by keeping tourists out? Or will they restart tourism in order to protect the economy, which will bring back COVID?

This question is debated hotly these days, but it is the wrong choice. It is like the Woody Allen quote: “More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction.”

If Maui opens up to tourists, we will have never-ending outbreaks of COVID. Even with testing and precautions, there is no way around that. Based on numbers from a recent UHERO study, a full return to tourism with the most careful screening will miss 171 actively infected people every month. If things go wrong, Maui may become known as a death trap and tourists won’t come back for years. That’s not the path to wealth.

If Maui doesn’t let tourists in, we face continuing poverty with all the side-effects of the desperation that comes with it. Tens of thousands without a job, mortgages failing, suicides, the economy in ruins. That is not healthy.

We also have to come to terms with the truth that the worldwide pandemic is far from over. The virus has not magically disappeared in April, it won’t disappear in the summer and there are no breakthrough treatments. Worldwide lockdowns have temporarily flattened the curve, but the fundamental situation has not improved. But we are lucky. Thanks to wise decisions by Mayor Victorino and Governor Ige, Maui will have eradicated COVID by July.

Having eradicated COVID is Maui’s greatest asset

New Zealand has achieved eradication and life is back to normal with parties, sports events, no masks, and no fears. Maui could be there soon and attract visitors as the only COVID-safe destination.

This is a binary thing. Either there are zero cases on Maui or we are part of the pandemic. There is no margin of error, no safe amount of cases. If only one person is infected, life stops, and the masks go back on. That means there is no way around an even stricter 14-day quarantine for all arrivals. It will get shorter, as better tests become available.

Pivot towards long-term visitors

Affluent people from the mainland want to come and ride out the pandemic here. They can enjoy the island and live in a no-mask, no-fear luxury hotel while the ICUs on the mainland fill up.

Most Knowledge Workers (employees who work only via computer and phone) are working from home now. They will soon realize that they may just as well work from a no-mask, no-fear luxury hotel in paradise.

These are just two of many target markets that can fill our hotel within months, bringing the sorely missed tourist jobs back. Switching from 8-day luxury tourism to pandemic-fleeing visitors has a huge advantage. There is no competition. There are no other locations in the United States that can control their borders, which is a necessity for eradication. Meanwhile, foreign travel is largely blocked and feels unsafe.

Eradication brings Health

Going back to a mask-free, fear-free lifestyle will be a relief for the residents. Isolation has been hard on most people and many need kind support to reconnect and once again breathe deeply. And finally, our Kupunas can get out again without any fear.

Jobs will be coming back and a positive vision for the future will already bring relief. Like in every crisis, we will continue to see a lot of neighborly help.

Eradication brings a New Economy

Maui’s efforts towards developing a high-tech economy have been hampered by a lack of expertise and funding. With tens of thousands of knowledge workers and affluent people in our hotels that may just change. As they come to love Maui, some may start their own businesses. If it’s only 1% a year, that would be 300 new ventures. With a little direction from the County, they may even choose to invent technologies that help the island or solve world problems.

It’s not hard to do…

A managed quarantine needs to be organized. Hotels should develop their offerings around the needs of the new visitors. Stylish working tables for computers including fast Internet will help. Add social support for those who miss the far-away family. Marketing may move towards direct sales, increasing profits. The County should collect fees for its services.

What seemed like the biggest disaster for our economy in May 2020 with 35% unemployment may turn into the greatest opportunity ever. The “Sanctuary Maui”, a safe place in a turbulent world.

The Most Lucrative “Entrepreneurial Window” The World Will Ever See!

3 “Global Super Factors” are currently aligning that will create an unprecedented explosion of newly-created billionaires in the next 5 to 30 years.

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Dear successful entrepreneur,

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My name is Dame DC Cordova, and over the last 40 years I’ve helped to build the Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs, now expanded to what we call the Global Excellerated Business School™ for Entrepreneurs (BSE) – part of a little-known educational curriculum that includes the Money & You® program that helped launch the career of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad / Poor Dad) – and have had graduates like Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul)Ben Cohen (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream)Paul Mitchell (Hair Products), and countless other multi-millionaires and billionaires. Read more

Solutions from China: Huang Ming of Himin Solar

Aspen Public Radio’s coverage of AREDay begins with a presentation by Huang Ming of Himin Solar.

Ming has been a major player in the solar energy industry in China for years. He explains his goals and methods.

After, he is joined by Chip Comins, the founder of AREDay and Daniel Fung of the USDP Peace and Development Foundation to discuss how to involve China in the changing world of environmental issues.

The History of the Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs (BSE) for Chinese Graduates

My name is Doria (DC) Cordova, and I am the CEO / Owner Excellerated Business Schools® (BSE) and the Money & You® Program. I was blessed to have been there from the beginning of the programs – and I happily inherited all the Intellectual Property rights to the work on July 8, 1985 from the original creators.

A Message for At-Risk Teen-Agers —

The Great Gifts of Loss, Sadness & Separation

Hang in there… this story is going to have a happy ending… and it was pretty tough getting there.

I was born and raised in Santiago, Chile until I was 12 years old when my parents brought me to the States. In those days (the 1960’s) the USA had a call worldwide for immigrants since it needed many workers. We were very welcomed; we had a green card right away, and it was easy for me to become a citizen by the time I was 21.

I was a typical LA kid. I went to a nice diversified school, Belmont High, which was near downtown. It was a relatively nice neighborhood. We had a big gang of friends. We went to the beach on the weekends, danced, we played as usual teen-agers.  I was just a bit different though because I had a 2-year old sister that I cared for all the time – she was the “pet” of the group – she was constantly being held by one of my teenage friends; she was a happy child and a happy person to this day… Amen for that! Read more

Money and You Reviews

Reviews of the Money and You Program

Money & You showed up for me at the perfect time in my life. Over the years, I’ve seen it happen over and over again with friends, family, colleagues, and people I meet for the first time in Money & You. 

I was in year four of manifesting my most compelling vision –  to transform prisons from places of punishment to places of healing. The Network Program was in early stages, still forming, solid and growing. A friend and colleague who had helped me outline the design for the program, called me to say, “You have to do this course. It’s everything you’re teaching, with great distinctions.”

After months of negotiation, and great support from several people who were equally committed to have me experience Money & You, 66 of us, corrections staff working with me in the system, participated in the transformative processes of Money & You that generated the breakthrough to a whole new level of what was possible in the system. 

Since that first three and a half day intensive in December of 1982, I have had the privilege to witness the transformative strategies I and my teams applied from Money & You in our work, empowering thousands of people from every strata of society. Not only was my own work enhanced, global friends in a wide variety of fields have applied the Universal Principles in their specialties, allied in our commitment to have a world that works for everyone. 

As the saying goes, Money & You is a “gift that keeps on giving.” The best and the brightest people I know have created amazing things from these powerful principles. As Ken said to me years ago, “You have to do this course.”

By the time Dr. Cheryl L. Clark retired from the New York State Department of Correctional Services in December, 2010, the six-month Shock Incarceration Program she designed and directed had more than 43,000 graduates, the lowest documented recidivism rate in the nation and had saved the New York State taxpayers more than US$1.375 Billion. She continues to consult and coach others to apply the principles in their work. Her Doctoral Dissertation: 12* of Freedom: Synergetics and the 12 Steps to Recovery, can be found at

“In business, it is not task, money or products that make the biggest difference. It’s people and relationships. Money & You understands this. This valuable program helps teams speak the same language. It teaches what leverage and synergy of business thinking and actions are all about so graduates of the program not only talk win/win, they operate win/win!

I was so impressed by its effectiveness, I personally ensured over 200 people – friends, family and staff from The Hour Glass – attended Money & You.

And the important tools the program delivered helped create the platform from which I developed my ideas for sustainable ventures beyond my traditional commercial enterprises.

I can’t encourage business owners enough to attend and experience Money & You for themselves, for now and for the future.” 

Dato’ Dr. Jannie Chan – Founder, Save Our Planet Investments Pte. Ltd. – Co-founder, The Hour Glass Ltd.

“After graduating with honors from UCLA Dental School as a children’s dentist, I wanted to make a difference and add value to the world. I faced the daunting task of starting, running and growing my own business. Realizing quickly, I had no knowledge of how to create my dream.

Fortunately I took the Money & You program in 1980. At that time I had one small dental office in Oakland, CA producing US$350,000 per year. Within two years it grew to nine offices throughout California with a production of over US$5 million annually.

Through the principles I learned from Money & You, I was able to change the lives of thousands of people while leveraging myself to explore other passions. A successful dental office treats an average of 35,000 patients over the span twenty years. Our offices have treated over half million underprivileged children since 1980.

Working closely with Money & You for the last 38 years has been one of the most significant experiences of my life. While the financial results allowed the freedom to live the life I wanted, the best part was the relationship with this network that continues to manifest miracles in my business and personal life. I would make this program mandatory for any entrepreneur who wants to live their dream and attain the liberation of success.”

Dr. Jeff Alexander – Founder & Creator Youthful Tooth Co. – Warrior Spirit Programs

“I took the Money & You program back in the early 1980’s – and I was running a growth center at the time, was a therapist, and doing consulting for school systems. What I got out of M&Y that was so profound for me was I saw that I was someone who was really into making a difference in the world but I didn’t have a clue how to make money out of it. At M&Y I saw I could do good and do well at the same time.

As a result I started three training companies, a consulting company, written over 80 books and sold 30 million copies world wide in 31 different languages. I realized that I didn’t want to focus on money. I wanted it but I didn’t want to think about it – I had myths and misconceptions that if I was spiritual I couldn’t have money. I also realized that I was running a lot of games I didn’t realize I was playing. I think I came out more authentic and was more clearly aligned with who I really am. I learned how to take it and leverage it out in the world so I could have an even much larger impact than what I was having.

To this day I am still using the principles and strategies that I learned to build this publishing empire we are now doing and I keep coming back as often as I can. I now have over 39 licenses – we even have a Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers Soul with dog and cat food suppliers – none of which would have happened without the experience and what I learned at Money & You. I encourage anyone to take this program, for it will not only show you how to do a minor vector in your life – it will re-vector your entire life and you will be grateful for it.”

Jack Canfield – Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, The Success Principles – Businessman and Entrepreneur

“Many people have read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad/Poor Dad, and would be familiar with the diagram featuring; Employees, Self-Employed, Business and Investors.

Over the past 20 years I have travelled through all four of these stages, including helping my husband build a multi-million dollar business in the anti-aging and wellness industry, and then 5 years ago, I set out to make our money make money by investing in residential property (now a modest NZ$12 million dollar cash flow positive portfolio).

After doing the Money & You program, light bulbs came on for me. I had believed we were very well leveraged in our main business, however I could see how our leverage could be even more leveraged. I can not put into words how this program helped open up my mind to possibilities I hadn’t considered, in so many different area’s of my life.

I am also currently rebranding and looking into new ways of growing our businesses, as well as in the process of writing a book as wanting to share my story and leave clues on how anyone can break free – having both time and money. My special interest is in helping women become independently financially free.

One last thing which impacted me me was how I could impact humanity. I truly want to use my wealth to leave our planet better for our future generations.

Money & You has got me actively thinking again and I love it!”

Donna Ghaemaghamy – Founder, Focus On You Limited

“As a housewife exploring entrepreneurship in Singapore, I was very inspired attending Money & You in Chinese in October 2002. Within 2 months of attending the program, I launched one business idea that I got at the program, that fetched me an ROI of more than 100% of my investment to Money & You in 8hours. It was a huge self-esteem booster. Life has never been the same again. One of the greatest reward has been the global community of like-minded friends who further inspired me to do soul-searching and live my purpose.

I learned the various foundations to business and the importance of continuous learning.Being in the Instructors’ Training Program has supported me to dwell further into self, and to get the clarity of my life vision. Right now, I have embraced my calling to be a catalyst in uplifting Asian business communities globally. Starting with India, we have launched various unique business development programs and supporting the growth of business leaders, creating conscious bankable business models that contribute to global prosperity.

Fundamentally Money & You has empowered me with powerful generalized principles that I use and reflect upon, correct and constantly apply, and create the results I want in my life. Money & You and the various Excellerated Business School programs have added huge value to my life – in aligning my team and my business partners, so we are able to constantly learn and live a harmonious a purpose-driven life that is filled with love, peace and prosperity.”

Azeeza Jalaludeen – Co-Founder – SHINE ADA – Entrepreneur

Psychic Income

As the world continues to face monumental challenges, I thought this article would inspire you to face things a little differently…

it’s just what we need to hear today.

Why I Am Optimistic About the Future

By: John Mauldin

I am optimistic by nature. An entrepreneur friend of mine gave me a term that I have grown to love. She calls it “psychic income.” It’s that bit of hoped-for future income that is in our minds, that drives some of us, inflicted with the entrepreneurial gene, to do the next deal, make the next big plan, scheme yet another scheme to finally hit whatever counts as the big one for each of us. How much better would our life be, how our problems would go away, if only this one thing would come about! It has not yet become real income, yet we live and act as if it is almost real. We can feel it getting ready to happen. It is still in our heads, this psychic income. Yet it is in some ways real for us.

I get my propensity for psychic income naturally. My Less-Than-Sainted Dad lived on psychic income. He was always trying to invent something or launch a new business. He had large ups and downs, and at times we would be now classified as below the poverty line. Not that I knew that as a kid. Mostly, Dad lived in his dreams, though often alcoholic ones, of a better future, but he never gave up. In his mid-70s he was re-inventing the small printing press in his garage, with plans for national production. It was only after we had to take his car from him in his mid-80s that he quit. It was a very sad day. I now know we had not just taken his car, but far more than that: his dreams, his psychic income.

For some, I should note, psychic income is not just about money. It may be about the next promotion or the next big discovery. For some of us, it is just having our ideas accepted and validated in the court of human opinion. It is simply what drives us.

I graduated from seminary in the winter of 1974, entering the workforce in the hard year of 1975. We were coming off a recession, about which I technically knew little. I did know jobs were tight. I was unknowingly facing another eight years of high unemployment, a tumultuous stock market, rising commodity prices, high inflation, and rising interest rates. Japan was just beginning to be a real force in the world. People were still buying bomb shelters, as Russia was a feared and powerful enemy. As the price of gold rose, there were those who told us the dollar would soon be worthless (the Fed was a problem and the deficit was out of control), and so we needed to buy yet more gold and also a year’s worth of dried food.

Not the best time to start a business; yet within a year or so, I ended up starting my own print brokering business, as jobs were scarce and that is what I knew. I often get letters from readers giving me grief about my rich hedge-fund friends and our fabulous wealth, and how little we relate to the real world. And for some of my rich hedge-fund friends, that may be true (although for most of my friends that is not true). And I am sadly far from rich, although I have dreams.

I remember waking up in the late 70s at 2 AM with a knot in my stomach, because a small bank was in trouble and had called my loan (an amount which now seems so small, but at the time it was all the money in the world). How would I make payroll? Gas and food? I know what it is like to work long hours and live on a very tight budget, with some months being behind on everything, while all the while your family is growing.

But I got lucky, and through a series of events got into the investment publishing field in the early ’80s, then partnered in an investment firm, and then went on my own in 1999. I stuck this letter on the internet in August of 2000, and things just took off.

But how many setbacks, bumpy rides, and false starts have I gone through over the decades? Frankly, I try to forget. But the point is that each of those episodes was another learning opportunity. And I woke up the next morning and started trying to figure it all out.

But it’s not just me, it’ is tens of millions of entrepreneurs and businessmen and women in the US, and hundreds of millions worldwide, that have the same ambitions and drive. Every night we go to sleep on our psychic income, and every day we get up and try to figure out how to turn it into real income. And some of us are talented or lucky (that would be me) enough to make it happen.

Long-time readers know that I think we are in the midst of a secular bear cycle, much like 1966-82. The next decade is likely to produce less than average growth, due to structural problems and the bad choices we have made with personal and government debt. I am perfectly cognizant that unemployment will be over 10% for a protracted time. That is tragic for those unemployed and underemployed. I realize the entire developed world has huge and seemingly insurmountable pension and medical obligations over the next few decades, which we cannot possibly hope to meet. The level of angst that we will live through as we adjust will not be fun.

But the point is, that is just what we do – we live through it. In spite of the problems, we get up every day and figure out how to make it. Would it be better if we could get our act together in (pick a country) and not be forced to adjust because we have come to the end of the line? Yes, I know we will likely have some very tumultuous times ahead of us, making business and investment decisions more than a little difficult.

So what? The future is never easy for all but a few of us, at least not for long. But we figure it out. And that is why in 20 years we will be better off than we are today. Each of us, all over the world, by working out our own visions of psychic income, will make the real world a better place.

You can read more of John’s article here.

John Mauldin is a multiple NYT Best Selling author and recognized financial expert. He has been heard on CNBC, Bloomberg and many radio shows across the country. He is the editor of the highly acclaimed, free weekly economic and investment e-letter that goes to over 1 million subscribers each week. You can sign up here.

Huang Ming Shares His Dream

Business school in the Solar Valley China
Huang Ming, China’s Leading Solar Entrepreneur, shares his dream…

I have a dream, a common dream of the people devoting to renewable energy source around the world, that for the blue sky and white cloud of the later generations, qualified products are used to realize renewable energy substitution.

I have a dream that one day throughout the whole world, renewable energy sources will take the dominant position.

I have a dream that one day my entire country fellows, even the global citizens, know about solar energy and make full use of it.

I have a dream that one day solar industry will be as advanced as IT industry, as mature as electric home appliances industry, and as large-scaled and automatic as automobile industry.

I have a dream that one day the sky will be much bluer, the water will be more limpid; our homeland will be full of sunshine, tranquil with no war.

I have a dream that one day our later generations will chase each other happily in the bright sunshine and fragrance of beautiful flowers, that green civilization will be spread in every inch of the earth.

My dear fellows let us join together, for the blue sky and white cloud of later generations, using qualified products to realize renewable energy substitution…

Huang Mng - Solar Valley

Huang Ming, an oil equipment engineer turned crusader against the use of fossil fuels, is known in China as “The Solar King”. In less than 10 years, his innovative ideas and adoption of cutting edge technology has turned Himin Solar, a once-obscure company, into one of the world’s largest solar water heater manufacturers.

Huang Ming is also referred to as the pioneer of China’s clean energy industry. In his capacity as the 10th National People’s Congress (NPC) deputy, he proposed the Law on Renewable Energy. The law came into effect on January 1, 2006, and lays a legal foundation for China’s strategy for dealing with the energy crisis.

Huang Ming was invited to speak at the 14th UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and to share with the world the Himin model of solar industry development. Due to his great contribution to the renewable energy industry, Huang Ming received an award from the World Wide Fund for Nature in March 2007.

Huang Ming’s dream of blue skies for China has improved millions of lives. Next, he plans to power China, and then the world, with the inexhaustible energy from our sun.

Peace of Mind – With Fries?

Another great article for our Entrepreneurial Stimulus series…


The other day I was noticing how much more I enjoyed getting a hamburger at In-N-Out Burger than I did at McDonald's. Obviously the simple taste of the food, price and time of delivery were all important.

I noticed another even more important aspect of my visit… the young people who worked there truly enjoyed each other's company even while they were working. The “Supersize” factor just didn't apply. Everyone was simply EMOTIONALLY AWARE of what they needed to do and just did it. More importantly, the staff not only liked their job for the money it produced, they seemed to be in love with the idea of being in the company of each other. They were aware of their friendships as a part of the job and as a part of their own individual identities.

In-N-Out ownership was clearly on the purpose and achieved the single most important goal of the workgroup… producing good food. It was taken for granted those young people would produce good food. The idea that I would return for another meal was not. The one thing I noticed was that no matter how many people were waiting for food (and there is almost ALWAYS a long line) there was the complete absence of fear combined with the absolute awareness of purpose in delivering my meal with a smile.

Peace of Mind becomes the natural state of mind in which a the desired business product flows from a well ordered delivery of purpose. Establishing orderly direction can conquer the emotional state of fear. Alignment of purpose becomes powerfully constructive. Delivery of purpose brings emotional well being. Fear of loss becomes a powerful motivator used by competitors to psychologically control and conquer their foes.

Perhaps we mistaken apply absolute solutions to problems that often require a more non-absolute emotional assessment. Numeric formulas work very well in initiating the basis for regulating financial plans for winning short term zero sum profit games.

Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” says that as a member of a “Mastermind” group, we become capable of creating a completely separate living human consciousness outside the group. A “being” in the spiritual realm that guides and regulates group interaction, thought evolution and group achievement.

Rapport at the group level is grossly under valued in the daily lives of humankind. Everyone seems to be obsessed with either claiming credit or assigning blame.

Try this: the next time you are competing for a lane on the freeway with someone, just slow down a little and let them in. It's amazing how much nicer all the other drivers seem to become. This type of volunteerism for social order is what I like to call “associative kindness” and naturally leads to the emotional reward of peace of mind.

A by-product result of associative kindness is conflict resolution and harmonious human interaction.

Just ask my wife Itzi…I absolutely know this to be true, Happy Wife… Happy Life. Of course the reverse seems even sweeter, Happy Life… Happy Wife.

This “precessional effect“, as the great thinker Buckminster Fuller defined it, is an unplanned, unexpected and unintended goal attainment. It can be explained as a group level serenity and peace of mind that is produced by one group of participating contributors, actively engaged for their own harmonious human interaction which positively affects a completely divergent group of non-participatory benefactors.

Create for yourself a mental picture like this… a multitude of circular waves on a still lake emanating from a pebble when dropped into the water. All groups whether public or private have unlimited and unintended affects on the social consciousness in a public domain. Never underestimate the power of emotions to influence the product of work groups on a clearly defined purpose.

The reason it is even possible to create peace of mind in a seemingly obvious zero sum game of the burger industry is this: Excellence is its own standard and reward. T

here simply is no competition for those who knowingly produce a superior product through a well ordered, peacefully thought out business model. Without competition, there is no fear and greater cooperation naturally follows thus attracting more of the same results.

Ahhhhhhh Peace of Mind… Sure … I'll have some fries with that!

Kevin-HaumschiltFinest Regards,

Kevin Haumschilt


Kevin Haumschilt works in American Industry as an Entrepreneur. Kevin is a loyal and dedicated Money and You graduate who lives in San Diego California with his wife Itzi (ageless), and children Sophia age 13 and Trevor age 10. You may reach him on Facebook or by email @

Managing the Wealth

I received this wonderful note from one of the participants for our next Money & You, and I wanted to share the inspirational message with you…. as part of our “Entrepreneurial Stimulus”


Thank you so much for sharing your generous spirit and open heart, and for all the work you have put in to create your systems, to support so many others, and to make the world a better place.

More than 18 months ago I discovered Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council, and among all those leaders, it was your voice and Lynne Twist’s that really called out to me. And now I will get to meet you personally in San Diego in February… I am so excited.

And I am also struggling with the excitement.  Every time I open up to a new level, I fear that I will not be able to bear the intensity of the (often wonderful) feelings.  I have been so very blessed in my life already (deep love, artistic talents, creativity) and thanks to your Expansion Exercises I have just experienced how I have used clutter and disorganization to keep me lost enough not to also have Money Mastery.

It is my intention that at the Money & You seminar I will find the support to really nurture the Great Spirit in me, and like you say “break through the limits to our success”.  I would like to acknowledge that I have lots of resistance to simply doing the work of filling in the forms, and completing some assignments from the Money & Me Teleclass.  I am dialoging with the resistance, asking what it wants to tell me, and then just doing the work.

I have to adjust some of the toughest exercises for me since I have always had access to luxurious things and people as a performer.  I have a beautiful country home in France on a river with a huge garden.  I travel to my heart’s content.  With one of the key exercises, I know that I need to find someone who represents the authority of hierarchy…but I haven’t found the person yet.  It is very important for me to craft my own exercises, because my inner voice speaks to me, but also important that I DO the exercises!

I have an incredible project (downloaded from the universe) of a worldwide forum on international education from the point of view of the students. People from all around the planet can share educational resources and news, students find programs, institutions find students, businesses recruit candidates, education related services are sold.  I am convinced that you will help me discover my MENTOR from your business plan.  I am also convinced that I will help you promote the Excellerated Business School to another level.

Your network is so appealing to me… born in the U.S., I have been living in France since 1990 and working a lot in Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, South Korea).  My missions are about living beyond nationalism, and creating exchange possibility outside the currency game.  All of this has also grown and been supported by my extensive travel and international work as a performer.

DC, we also share something important to me. From a very young age, I have known that I would not have children of my own.  And yet I love young people and have many in my life.  My dear 22-year-old Chinese assistant ‘daughter’ fell in love for the first time while we were working together in Shanghai this year, and so I got to share that with her… beautiful!  And all the students in my life… so rewarding.

Already I have understood that I really must learn to manage the ‘wealth’ that has already been given to me, and learn to direct all of my resources like a master.  I am counting on you as an ally in this wonderful adventure.  From my meditations and energy work, I keep hearing the mantra WE ARE ONE.

Thank you again for your presence,

Joel Mitchell