Managing the Wealth

I received this wonderful note from one of the participants for our next Money & You, and I wanted to share the inspirational message with you…. as part of our “Entrepreneurial Stimulus”


Thank you so much for sharing your generous spirit and open heart, and for all the work you have put in to create your systems, to support so many others, and to make the world a better place.

More than 18 months ago I discovered Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council, and among all those leaders, it was your voice and Lynne Twist’s that really called out to me. And now I will get to meet you personally in San Diego in February… I am so excited.

And I am also struggling with the excitement.  Every time I open up to a new level, I fear that I will not be able to bear the intensity of the (often wonderful) feelings.  I have been so very blessed in my life already (deep love, artistic talents, creativity) and thanks to your Expansion Exercises I have just experienced how I have used clutter and disorganization to keep me lost enough not to also have Money Mastery.

It is my intention that at the Money & You seminar I will find the support to really nurture the Great Spirit in me, and like you say “break through the limits to our success”.  I would like to acknowledge that I have lots of resistance to simply doing the work of filling in the forms, and completing some assignments from the Money & Me Teleclass.  I am dialoging with the resistance, asking what it wants to tell me, and then just doing the work.

I have to adjust some of the toughest exercises for me since I have always had access to luxurious things and people as a performer.  I have a beautiful country home in France on a river with a huge garden.  I travel to my heart’s content.  With one of the key exercises, I know that I need to find someone who represents the authority of hierarchy…but I haven’t found the person yet.  It is very important for me to craft my own exercises, because my inner voice speaks to me, but also important that I DO the exercises!

I have an incredible project (downloaded from the universe) of a worldwide forum on international education from the point of view of the students. People from all around the planet can share educational resources and news, students find programs, institutions find students, businesses recruit candidates, education related services are sold.  I am convinced that you will help me discover my MENTOR from your business plan.  I am also convinced that I will help you promote the Excellerated Business School to another level.

Your network is so appealing to me… born in the U.S., I have been living in France since 1990 and working a lot in Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, South Korea).  My missions are about living beyond nationalism, and creating exchange possibility outside the currency game.  All of this has also grown and been supported by my extensive travel and international work as a performer.

DC, we also share something important to me. From a very young age, I have known that I would not have children of my own.  And yet I love young people and have many in my life.  My dear 22-year-old Chinese assistant ‘daughter’ fell in love for the first time while we were working together in Shanghai this year, and so I got to share that with her… beautiful!  And all the students in my life… so rewarding.

Already I have understood that I really must learn to manage the ‘wealth’ that has already been given to me, and learn to direct all of my resources like a master.  I am counting on you as an ally in this wonderful adventure.  From my meditations and energy work, I keep hearing the mantra WE ARE ONE.

Thank you again for your presence,

Joel Mitchell

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  1. DC Cordova
    DC Cordova says:

    This was truly a wonderful message to receive from a participant from the Money & Me Teleclass in France! We are truly a global organization. Joel is referring to the “expansion exercises” or assignments that are part of the program. We love experiential education – the more that we can bring up to the surface what is in our subconscious, the more power that you will have to change your beliefs. If you need support in handling your financial well-being, be sure to join the program: Thank YOU, again, Joel, for such a wonderful message. I look forward to having you in our global network. Next thing you know, you’ll be heading to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan to visit with your newly-found network of successful entrepreneurs who share your passion for contribution and bringing wealth to the world 🙂 See you soon!

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