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Money & You showed up for me at the perfect time in my life. Over the years, I’ve seen it happen over and over again with friends, family, colleagues, and people I meet for the first time in Money & You. 

I was in year four of manifesting my most compelling vision –  to transform prisons from places of punishment to places of healing. The Network Program was in early stages, still forming, solid and growing. A friend and colleague who had helped me outline the design for the program, called me to say, “You have to do this course. It’s everything you’re teaching, with great distinctions.”

After months of negotiation, and great support from several people who were equally committed to have me experience Money & You, 66 of us, corrections staff working with me in the system, participated in the transformative processes of Money & You that generated the breakthrough to a whole new level of what was possible in the system. 

Since that first three and a half day intensive in December of 1982, I have had the privilege to witness the transformative strategies I and my teams applied from Money & You in our work, empowering thousands of people from every strata of society. Not only was my own work enhanced, global friends in a wide variety of fields have applied the Universal Principles in their specialties, allied in our commitment to have a world that works for everyone. 

As the saying goes, Money & You is a “gift that keeps on giving.” The best and the brightest people I know have created amazing things from these powerful principles. As Ken said to me years ago, “You have to do this course.”

By the time Dr. Cheryl L. Clark retired from the New York State Department of Correctional Services in December, 2010, the six-month Shock Incarceration Program she designed and directed had more than 43,000 graduates, the lowest documented recidivism rate in the nation and had saved the New York State taxpayers more than US$1.375 Billion. She continues to consult and coach others to apply the principles in their work. Her Doctoral Dissertation: 12* of Freedom: Synergetics and the 12 Steps to Recovery, can be found at

“In business, it is not task, money or products that make the biggest difference. It’s people and relationships. Money & You understands this. This valuable program helps teams speak the same language. It teaches what leverage and synergy of business thinking and actions are all about so graduates of the program not only talk win/win, they operate win/win!

I was so impressed by its effectiveness, I personally ensured over 200 people – friends, family and staff from The Hour Glass – attended Money & You.

And the important tools the program delivered helped create the platform from which I developed my ideas for sustainable ventures beyond my traditional commercial enterprises.

I can’t encourage business owners enough to attend and experience Money & You for themselves, for now and for the future.” 

Dato’ Dr. Jannie Chan – Founder, Save Our Planet Investments Pte. Ltd. – Co-founder, The Hour Glass Ltd.

“After graduating with honors from UCLA Dental School as a children’s dentist, I wanted to make a difference and add value to the world. I faced the daunting task of starting, running and growing my own business. Realizing quickly, I had no knowledge of how to create my dream.

Fortunately I took the Money & You program in 1980. At that time I had one small dental office in Oakland, CA producing US$350,000 per year. Within two years it grew to nine offices throughout California with a production of over US$5 million annually.

Through the principles I learned from Money & You, I was able to change the lives of thousands of people while leveraging myself to explore other passions. A successful dental office treats an average of 35,000 patients over the span twenty years. Our offices have treated over half million underprivileged children since 1980.

Working closely with Money & You for the last 38 years has been one of the most significant experiences of my life. While the financial results allowed the freedom to live the life I wanted, the best part was the relationship with this network that continues to manifest miracles in my business and personal life. I would make this program mandatory for any entrepreneur who wants to live their dream and attain the liberation of success.”

Dr. Jeff Alexander – Founder & Creator Youthful Tooth Co. – Warrior Spirit Programs

“I took the Money & You program back in the early 1980’s – and I was running a growth center at the time, was a therapist, and doing consulting for school systems. What I got out of M&Y that was so profound for me was I saw that I was someone who was really into making a difference in the world but I didn’t have a clue how to make money out of it. At M&Y I saw I could do good and do well at the same time.

As a result I started three training companies, a consulting company, written over 80 books and sold 30 million copies world wide in 31 different languages. I realized that I didn’t want to focus on money. I wanted it but I didn’t want to think about it – I had myths and misconceptions that if I was spiritual I couldn’t have money. I also realized that I was running a lot of games I didn’t realize I was playing. I think I came out more authentic and was more clearly aligned with who I really am. I learned how to take it and leverage it out in the world so I could have an even much larger impact than what I was having.

To this day I am still using the principles and strategies that I learned to build this publishing empire we are now doing and I keep coming back as often as I can. I now have over 39 licenses – we even have a Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers Soul with dog and cat food suppliers – none of which would have happened without the experience and what I learned at Money & You. I encourage anyone to take this program, for it will not only show you how to do a minor vector in your life – it will re-vector your entire life and you will be grateful for it.”

Jack Canfield – Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, The Success Principles – Businessman and Entrepreneur

“Many people have read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad/Poor Dad, and would be familiar with the diagram featuring; Employees, Self-Employed, Business and Investors.

Over the past 20 years I have travelled through all four of these stages, including helping my husband build a multi-million dollar business in the anti-aging and wellness industry, and then 5 years ago, I set out to make our money make money by investing in residential property (now a modest NZ$12 million dollar cash flow positive portfolio).

After doing the Money & You program, light bulbs came on for me. I had believed we were very well leveraged in our main business, however I could see how our leverage could be even more leveraged. I can not put into words how this program helped open up my mind to possibilities I hadn’t considered, in so many different area’s of my life.

I am also currently rebranding and looking into new ways of growing our businesses, as well as in the process of writing a book as wanting to share my story and leave clues on how anyone can break free – having both time and money. My special interest is in helping women become independently financially free.

One last thing which impacted me me was how I could impact humanity. I truly want to use my wealth to leave our planet better for our future generations.

Money & You has got me actively thinking again and I love it!”

Donna Ghaemaghamy – Founder, Focus On You Limited

“As a housewife exploring entrepreneurship in Singapore, I was very inspired attending Money & You in Chinese in October 2002. Within 2 months of attending the program, I launched one business idea that I got at the program, that fetched me an ROI of more than 100% of my investment to Money & You in 8hours. It was a huge self-esteem booster. Life has never been the same again. One of the greatest reward has been the global community of like-minded friends who further inspired me to do soul-searching and live my purpose.

I learned the various foundations to business and the importance of continuous learning.Being in the Instructors’ Training Program has supported me to dwell further into self, and to get the clarity of my life vision. Right now, I have embraced my calling to be a catalyst in uplifting Asian business communities globally. Starting with India, we have launched various unique business development programs and supporting the growth of business leaders, creating conscious bankable business models that contribute to global prosperity.

Fundamentally Money & You has empowered me with powerful generalized principles that I use and reflect upon, correct and constantly apply, and create the results I want in my life. Money & You and the various Excellerated Business School programs have added huge value to my life – in aligning my team and my business partners, so we are able to constantly learn and live a harmonious a purpose-driven life that is filled with love, peace and prosperity.”

Azeeza Jalaludeen – Co-Founder – SHINE ADA – Entrepreneur

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