The Four Agreements at Work

agreements for a workplace

The Four Agreements at Work
As a personal, professional, and organizational guide, can you imagine how much better businesses would function and the workplace would feel if we used the Four Agreements from the best selling The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz? The Agreements are so simple, yet so powerful.


  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions
  4. Always Do Your Best

Now let’s take a brief look at how the Four Agreements might apply in the workplace (from my book The New Agreements in the Workplace).

1. Impeccability of the Word:

Impeccability of the word addresses the power of speaking with integrity. Possibly even more important, it means remembering to think before we speak and choosing words that come from love rather than fear. Remember, every word starts with a thought. To be impeccable with the word starts with being impeccable with our thoughts. In some cases, being impeccable with our word means choosing not to speak if that is most appropriate to the situation. Can you see what this one agreement might do to reduce miscommunication, politics, and gossip in the workplace?

2. Personal Affronts:

We must realize that what others say and think about us is not important. Their words, politics, and gossip have nothing to do with who we really are in the workplace. When we become unattached to what others say, think, and do, we need be concerned with only ourselves and the meaning and quality of our work. This frees us to be more alive and energetic both in the workplace and at home.

3. The Trap of Assumptions:

Making assumptions is one of the fastest ways to create miscommunication and drama in our work lives. In most workplaces, we waste a great deal of time and energy dealing with politics, gossip, and solving problems that were created because we made assumptions that weren’t true. We should take actions based upon good data whenever possible and avoid making assumptions, especially those that are fear-based.

4. Doing Your Best Work:

Most of us do the best we can under the circumstances. Our best will vary from time to time, but if we know we’ve done our best, we can be kind to ourselves regardless of the results we create. We must remember that we can be only as kind to others as we are to ourselves. In a “Four Agreements” workplace, kindness to self and others will become a way of operating.

Can you picture everyone in your workplace being impeccable with their thinking and words? Not taking things personally? Not making assumptions? Doing their best all the time? Imagine what it would be like if everyone in all workplaces behaved that way. Incorporating the Four Agreements into the workplace is a great idea, but they must become more than an idea or concept to bring value to the workplace. We must begin by practicing what we desire to become: We must become living role models and conduct our lives according to the Four Agreements. We must become the Four Agreements.

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