Once you accept money, you have to give something UP Law Of Exchange

Right now what I’d like to do is I’d like to talk about the law of exchange.

See, one of the things that people don’t understand is that once you accept money, usually there’s something you’re going to have to give. You’re going to have to either give up or create, generate something. The law of exchange is that I give you something, and you give me something. So, when someone offers you money, you need to be very clear what it is that you are going to be giving to them. Is it going to be your time? Is it going to be part of your business? Is it going to be your body? Is it going to be part of your life? Is it going to be your reputation, your integrity, your contacts, your health? What is it that you’re going to be giving to someone when they offer you money?

Now, this sounds a little bit crazy, but it comes up a lot, and I’m particularly talking to young people that haven’t been around enough to understand that there’s always an exchange. When I was little, that was one of the biggest lessons that my mother taught me, which is when somebody offers you something for free, there’s no such thing as free. The love of your mother or your father or your family and friends that have gone through a lot with you, business associates and employees and people in your circles that have already shown to be trusted? Yes. Probably there is already the exchange has been established. But when you see an advertisement, when somebody approaches you, and when it looks like that all of a sudden you’re going to have this free something, no. There is no such thing. There’s always an exchange.

You can handle it very elegantly. You can say, “Well, just let me know, what am I going to have to give up? What would you like from me? What is it that you want from me?” because there’s no such thing as free. I actually say that. I actually say that to people, and then we kind of have established kind of like, okay, this is where we’re working from, this is how we’re understanding. And I’m happy, happy, happy to give people things. I’m happy to give them my time, give them my money and give them something. What is going to be the exchange? And vice versa. One of the greatest lessons I learned from my Mamacita.

I remember seeing advertisements, “Order this and you will get this for free, and you will get this for free,” actually yes and no. Yes, I am going to get something for free, but what are they getting from me? They’re just getting me to buy as soon as possible, which is fine but don’t believe that there’s such a thing as free. I think that once you have that understanding your life is going to change radically. You are absolutely going to have a new understanding of marketing, and you’re going to have a new understanding of some people that maybe don’t have your highest good in mind, which actually ultimately you are 100% responsible for. Just remember that. Whenever I have met people that felt like they have been robbed or they’ve been ripped off or something has gone wrong, when we really dissect the situation, we find that they were a little bit naïve and really, really believed some of the great lines that were given to them.

So, once you understand that there’s nothing for free, that there’s always an exchange, life is going to get a little bit easier for you.

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