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Peace of Mind – With Fries?

The other day I was noticing how much more I enjoyed getting a hamburger at In-N-Out Burger than I did at McDonald’s. Obviously the simple taste of the food, price and time of delivery were all important. I noticed another even more important aspect of my visit… the young people who worked there truly enjoyed […]

Why I Am Optimistic About the Future

As the world continues to face monumental challenges, I thought this article would inspire you to face things a little differently… it’s just what we need to hear today. By: John Mauldin I am optimistic by nature. An entrepreneur friend of mine gave me a term that I have grown to love. She calls it […]

Huang Ming Shares His Dream

Huang Ming, China’s Leading Solar Entrepreneur, shares his dream… I have a dream, a common dream of the people devoting to renewable energy source around the world, that for the blue sky and white cloud of the later generations, qualified products are used to realize renewable energy substitution. I have a dream that one day […]