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The Only Way to Save Maui’s Economy

Maui faces an epochal choice between Wealth and Health. How will our leaders decide? Will they protect the health of our residents by keeping tourists out? Or will they restart tourism in order to protect the economy, which will bring back COVID?

The Most Lucrative “Entrepreneurial Window” The World Will Ever See!

3 “Global Super Factors” are currently aligning that will create an unprecedented explosion of newly-created billionaires in the next 5 to 30 years. Here’s what’s happening and how you can position yourself to capitalize through this “Perfect Storm”, build your legacy – and – make a real difference in the process… Dear successful entrepreneur, If […]

Solutions from China: Huang Ming of Himin Solar

Aspen Public Radio’s coverage of AREDay begins with a presentation by Huang Ming of Himin Solar. Ming has been a major player in the solar energy industry in China for years. He explains his goals and methods. After, he is joined by Chip Comins, the founder of AREDay and Daniel Fung of the USDP Peace […]

A Message for At-Risk Teen-Agers —

The Great Gifts of Loss, Sadness & Separation Hang in there… this story is going to have a happy ending… and it was pretty tough getting there. I was born and raised in Santiago, Chile until I was 12 years old when my parents brought me to the States. In those days (the 1960’s) the […]

Money and You Reviews

Reviews of the Money and You Program Money & You showed up for me at the perfect time in my life. Over the years, I’ve seen it happen over and over again with friends, family, colleagues, and people I meet for the first time in Money & You.  I was in year four of manifesting my […]

Tips to Overcoming your Personal Financial Crisis

Would you like to know the secret to overcoming your personal financial crisis? How would your life be different when you no longer “worry” about where your cash will come from? DC Cordova has assembled a list of 10 distinctions she’s learned from her own personal path, distinctions that have served her well through many […]

7 Powerful Principles Entrepreneurs Live By

by DC Cordova In my program, Money & You®, we teach entrepreneurs, business professionals, salespeople, doctors, attorneys, alternative health care providers, engineers, scientists, writers, networking professionals, business owners, and many wealth gurus – you name them, we’ve taught them – how to live a principle-filled life based on the teachings of R. Buckminster Fuller, W. […]

Keep Saying “YES!”

Louis Lautman shares his thoughts with you in the first of our guest series of inspirations, which we call our Entrepreneurial Stimulus Plan” If you are reading this right now you are strengthening your competitive edge, not only in your business, but in life as well.  We probably know countless people in our life who […]

The Illusion Of Money

Most people think that wealth is only a matter of money; they overlook other resources. Money is just part of wealth. We like it because it is an objective measurement, making it easy to draw conclusions and evaluate alternatives. The most valuable resource we have is our time, not our money. It is the only […]