The Prospering Power of Perception


Being fortunate is first and always a state of mind and so is misfortune.

In an instant, one can become fortunate with the right attitude or unfortunate, just like that, because they believe they have lost someone or something they value. You can be feeling wonderful and then get a phone call from someone who criticizes you. Right then, if you do not keep your mind in a good place, you can become hurt and dejected and lose your motivation to do anything for the rest of the day or longer.

One day a while back, I mentioned to my friend that I was surprised how dark and gloomy the day was. She laughed and pointed out that it was a very sunny day, but I was wearing dark glasses. Taking off the glasses, I realized that she was right. This was such a good lesson for me to remember. Most of what we believe is happening is really the result of our perception. Perception determines what we think, feel, and do. From one point of view, the glass is half empty, and from another, the glass is half full and both are right according to their perception.

A lucky person thinks, “I am lucky,” and they always find a way to be a winner in every situation; whereas, an unlucky person thinks, “Nothing good ever happens to me” and will find a way to be a loser in every situation. Both are right because this is how they see things.

A friend of mine, who worked in an automobile agency, told me about one of his co-workers. Every morning the co-worker would check the coin return in the coke machine, and if he found money there, he would say, “Today, is my lucky day and would sell two or more cars that day.” After a while, the manager, who was smart, would put money in the coin return and the man would find the money and say, “Today is my lucky day and he would sell 2 or more cars.” On the other “unlucky days,” he didn’t sell any cars or perhaps one.

You may be thinking, “Yes, but, some people actually have won the lottery, prizes, and such and others have lost their jobs, mate, house, etc., so how can you say good and bad luck are the result of one’s perception?”

Right perception makes the difference between a loss or gain. For example, losing a job seen in the right fortunate way means that the universe is kicking you out of one situation because there is a much better position for you somewhere else.

Perhaps it is time to go into business for yourself rather than depending upon others. You are ready to do what you love and prosper from it, rather than being in a stale, dead-end, and unsatisfying job.

If you hadn’t lost the job, you might have just remained there, because you were afraid to venture out, and now you are free to do whatever you have always wanted to do.

With this attitude of good-fortune you will be enthused and fired up to live the life you have always dreamed of living by being your own boss, or working in a field that has always interested you. On the other hand, if the person is dejected and sees this as rejection and a loss, he or she may think. “I’ll never find another job, I will become penniless, be on the street, and lose my relationships.” With a negative and defeatist attitude the person will not even endeavor, because in their mind they are a loser, when everyone is actually always a winner.

You can’t get any better than being a child of God, now can you?

Another example of the prospering power of perception is that the person may have lost their house, but it may have been a burden to them and was a constant source of worry. Sometimes we appear to lose something only because we were too attached to it, and we know we are too attached, when we live in fear of losing it. Providence may give us an assist by co-creating a situation, whereby the very thing we were afraid of losing, we lost.

In hind sight, whatever it appeared at the time that I lost always turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Now a person could think, “You are justifying your loss by saying it was a gain, when it was really a loss.” To me this person is a negative thinker, as they are not willing to rise above the situation and find a blessing and lesson they can apply later on and prosper from it, perhaps much more than from the previous situation.

Why should we feel bad for the rest of our lives, because of something that happened yesterday? Mistakes, perceived losses or ill fortune when used correctly, cause us to seek knowledge on the subject and find answers and solutions. Isn’t it better to find the blessing and lesson and go forth into the future with confidence, courage, and enthusiasm? Instead of giving up and hiding in a corner in shame, change your mind and your daily practices and become instantly lucky in everything.

Good fortune is not just about money, winning the lottery, or prizes, although that is part of it, it means to be in the right place at the right time, working with cooperative and supportive people, having great opportunities fall in your lap and money and things coming to you out of the blue, it means having the solution pop into your mind, finding something fabulous at a garage sale for a couple of dollars, and attracting great people.

There are certain practices that build the consciousness that attracts the right people, situations, opportunities, gifts, prizes, free trips, clothes, and things, including money, a great job, and properties. Life is not a game of chance, but there is a proven spiritual system for successful living.

Many people are fearful thinking they will not have enough money, when the consciousness of good fortune surpasses the benefits one can obtain with material wealth alone. Truly fortunate people are constantly showered with blessings that come to them often without money.

Money is not the source of our good, nor is any government, organization or person, but God or Spirit is. However, since God helps those who help themselves, we must do our part, if we want to be happy, healthy, and prosperous and obtain our heart’s desires. “Heaven will be inherited by every person who has heaven in his or her soul.” Henry Ward Beecher

Want to attract that right person? Want to take a free trip to Hawaii? Want to obtain a whole new wardrobe, free” Want to feel the presence of Spirit within you and be divinely guided?” Are you ready to name and claim what you desire in your heart of hearts and manifest it immediately?

Anyone can learn to become highly fortunate and prosperous, by learning and applying the proven, dynamic spiritual practices that I will be sharing at the seminar. Come and join in and I guarantee you will be very happy that you did. You will leave with a proven system to become highly fortunate right away.

“This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

By: Terry Cole-Whittaker
Rev. Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker will be speaking at the following Churches in the near furture…

SEPTEMBER 9th Cincinnati, OH
12, 13th Unity Retreat N. Carolina 731.780.1618

16th Unity Church of Dallas 972.233.7106
23rd Palm Desert, CA Religious Science 760.346.4649
30th Unity in Chicago 773.973.0007

OCTOBER 7th Seal Beach, CA 562.598.332514th Farmington, N. M 505.326.5103
20 Anaheim Learning Light 714.533.2311

21st Claremont, CA 909.624.3549
28th Grass Valley, CA Unity in the Gold Country 530.274.2463

NOVEMBER 11th Naples, FL Unity 239.775.3009
25th Encinitas, Ca Seaside 760.753.5786

2nd St. Petersburg, Fl

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