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A Message for At-Risk Teen-Agers —

The Great Gifts of Loss, Sadness & Separation

Hang in there… this story is going to have a happy ending… and it was pretty tough getting there.

I was born and raised in Santiago, Chile until I was 12 years old when my parents brought me to the States. In those days (the 1960’s) the USA had a call worldwide for immigrants since it needed many workers. We were very welcomed; we had a green card right away, and it was easy for me to become a citizen by the time I was 21.

I was a typical LA kid. I went to a nice diversified school, Belmont High, which was near downtown. It was a relatively nice neighborhood. We had a big gang of friends. We went to the beach on the weekends, danced, we played as usual teen-agers.  I was just a bit different though because I had a 2-year old sister that I cared for all the time – she was the “pet” of the group – she was constantly being held by one of my teenage friends; she was a happy child and a happy person to this day… Amen for that! Read more

Why Entrepreneurial Education is Key

DC recently attended the Business School For Entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was asked to do an interview on The Business Station on how entrepreneur education is key in obtaining success.

You can listen to the interview here:

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You can get DC's Money Making Systems here:


Grant Lewers Interviews DC Cordova

Grant interview me because he wanted to share with the world about left/right brain teaching techniques — about “Excellerated Learning” and to show many others that when they don’t succeed in School is not because they are not smart, it’s just that their style of learning may not match our traditional school’s way of teaching.

He was so happy to have found me, since he had heard so much about me/Kiyosaki as he was growing up, and he interviewed me for his show in The Room Live.