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Need Organization, Control and Profitability in your Office and Organization - Do You Want The Secret To Creating Wealth?

"Brilliant! It should be required reading for anyone who runs a business." S. Davis, Franchise Consultant

Money-Making Systems:
For People Who Work With People

By D.C. Cordova with Carol Dysart

Money making System Guide"Work on Your Business -
Not in it!" Michael Gerber

Tools to bring you more peace of mind, prosperity, efficiency and control.

This is the complete system for business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, free agents, business students, office managers and professionals.

This is a guide to help you improve your productivity and performance, reduce you team member turnover, and leverage all the human resources in your organization and network. Once you apply this system, you will get more done in less time, enjoy greater peace of mind, have more time, and make more money!

Jack Canfield


“I encourage anyone to take this program, for it will not only show you how to do a minor vector in your life – it will re-vector your entire life and you will be grateful for it.”
— Jack Canfield, Teacher, self-esteem consultant, and co-author of the 140,000,000 copy best selling series of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books and author of many other popular books including “The Success Principles.



WHAT are Money-Making Systems?

It is THE "Entrepreneur's Desk Reference" which offers fundamental and advanced principles for building a successful business, organization, profession, or practice. The principles shared in this book have been distilled by D.C. Cordova through the hands-on experience of running a global entrepreneurial education business since 1979; and learned in the Court and Legal Systems in her profession as a Court Reporter, Interpreter, and assistant Legal Secretary.

These are some of the best-kept secrets from some of the world's most organized and successful people. Utilizing these Best Practices will ensure you have the systems and skills to achieve wealth and success.

WHO is Money-Making Systems for?

All change-seeking professionals and entrepreneurs: including lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, accountants, and students preparing for a professional or entrepreneurial career. Anyone who wants a successful business and wants to understand "success habits" will find the Money-Making Systems invaluable for their current or future business.

WHY read Money-Making Systems?

To learn about the systems behind successful businesses. This 'manual' responds to the need in every country in the world for practical business education that is simple to use and makes sense. It teaches you how to create your win/win environment. It teaches you how to build a business around your own personal areas of interest and learn what is in place behind the scenes of many successful businesses.

HOW can the systems be applied?

The program has sample charts, worksheets and forms for you to print out and use. Each principle guides you through step-by-step instructions on how to implement the methods in your business that facilitate profit and position your business for success. You have the power to implement these successful principles - start today.

DC CordovaAre you ready to learn the powerful tools for the secrets of wealth? In my Money-Making Secrets program, I pull back the layers of success, wealth and business building breakthroughs so you too can put yourself on a path to a better life…and be transformed with a new understanding of exactly what it takes to succeed, as well as a new personal road map for creating and living with wealth.

Imagine being permanently re-wired to think like a multi-millionaire!

With over 95,000 Graduates from almost every corner of the planet, you're about to discover
the program that has quite possibly created MORE MULTI-MILLIONAIRES than ANY other single event in existence today...

Are you ready to redefine your success?

Learn the same exact strategies that have helped industry leaders, influential experts and extraordinary people from all over the world to create the life they deserve.

LEARN HOW to instantly attract more money into your life.

DISCOVER the secrets of building success and wealth.

BREAK FREE of your self-imposed blocks And FINALLY live the life you've dreamed of living.

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With The Money-Making Systems Guide You Get a Mini-Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs!

Discover the Most Powerful Wealth Secret Used by Over 100,000 Successful Entrepreneurs from 65 Different Countries Worldwide... Learn the same exact strategies that have helped industry leaders, influential experts and extraordinary people from all over the world to create the life they deserve.

People such as Robert & Kim Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad Series; T. Harv Eker, best-selling author; Morry Fraid of Spotlight Stores, one of Australia's leading billionaires; Dominique Lyone, Mega-Entrepreneur… plus many others are graduates of the Excellerated Business School® For Entrepreneurs.

The Money-Making System Includes:

Money making System GuideorderThe Comprehensive Money-Making Systems Manual - a 207 page guide to organizing you, your people and your business so it is operating at peak potential. Once you apply this system, you will get more done in less time, enjoy greater peace of mind, have more time, and make more money!

orderA Money-Making Systems Tele-class where DC Cordova will go into details about the most important areas in building/creating an organization and business so that it has a proper foundation for a systems-based organization that will become an automatic money-making “machine”. Systems are key to the success of any business/organization. MMS will offer Tools to put Systems in place.

orderA 4-part recorded series with Experts/Masters that will support you as to what to do once your business reaches the expected success after applying the tools and systems taught in Money-Making Systems. What you need to do with your organization — what to have in place to have the Business Success Model active and ready to sell or to have “automatic Money-Making Systems”.

A Comprehensive Manual of Systems to Empower
& Support Income-Generating Activities, Teamwork
& Productivity in any Organization or Office

Regularly Priced at US$197.
Get the Money-Making System
and the bonuses for only US$77!

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"I was fortunate to be personally trained by D.C. Cordova in the art of getting teams of volunteers to work together and get fast powerful results with low effort in short time periods. Since employees are easier to organize and work with than volunteers, and because world competition is forcing all businesses to become better at quickly serving customers well, D.C.'s experienced, honed, practical methods may well improve your business or organization (and its cash flow)."
Rolf Parta, Investor

"I learned a new method for cleaning my desk, reinforced skills in time management, and got me interested in personality types and learning procedures - all important steps to power. Very intense and worth-while. The attention to detail, through organization, exercises and commitment made for a good learning experience."
G. O'Flynn, Accountant

"My desk looks like it belongs to someone else since I applied the technology in this book. The flow of information, in and out, and what needs to be handled now, is so clear that the familiar clutter of my desktop has gone. My secretary loves working with the new organized me."
A.W. Wayland, Director

Money making System Guide

Regularly Priced at US$197

Get the Money-Making System
and the bonuses for only US$77!

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