“If you want a Millionaire Mindset, you must attend Money & You. I did and it was fantastic.”
Gerry Robert – Bestselling author – The Millionaire Mindset

“Money & You changed my life. The program is more about discovering ourselves than it is about money, yet in the process I learned more about money than I ever dreamed possible.”
Robert T. Kiyosaki – Best-selling Author, Rich Dad/Poor Dad Book Series

Here’s a list of our notable graduates of the Money & You program…

Roger Hamilton, Social entrepreneur talks about Money & You and his success from the program.

Bobbi DePorter: Founder of the Learning Forum and SUPERCAMP for Teens – and now the Quantum Learning Network for Teacher Education. Bobbi is author of eight books and training materials and has programs all over the world. Learn more at http://www.qln.com

Robert Evans: Educator, Harvard Graduate, International Business Consultant, founder of Accellerated Solutions Environment and Cap Gemini.

Dr. Sonia Powers: Leading Psychologist, Speaker, Trainer, and business owner of Power Presentations.

Rick Mars: Former drummer with “Surfaris” known for “Wipe-Out, Businessman, and consultant.

“I was able to immediately start implementing some of the techniques. This had a dramatic effect not only on our profitability but also on the harmony with which tasks were done.”
Kevin Bailey, Regional Manager – Monitor Money

“Without Money & You, I would not have had the courage to open offices and retail outlets in Australia (we now have four there), Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. In business, it is not tasks, money, or products that make the biggest difference. It’s the people, and relationships. In Money & You, I learned a framework, and a technology that I apply and am constantly using every day.”
Dato – Dr. Jannie Tay – Vice-Chairman, The Hour Glass

“I came to Money & You as a former Minister with the belief that God did not want me to be rich. Through the exercises and the teachings, M&Y has set me on a course to realizing that God desires me to be rich. I am now a successful, full time Real Estate investor and well on my way to contribute and help others. Because of what I learned at M&Y I was able to acquire over 40 properties in my first year of Real Estate investing.”
Gary Williams, Former Minister – Real Estate Investor, Los Angeles Area

“Before I attended M&Y and BSE, I was scraping by with only $200 dollars a week. And within two years, I had achieved more financially than I had thought possible. I became a millionaire within those two years, earning between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 per month. I say this course as a must for anyone – whether they want to be a millionaire entrepreneur or just become financially comfortable.”
Andrew Barron – Business Manager

“I first attended Money and You in 1979 and have rarely missed one in California since that time. Over the years I have spoken to tens of thousands of people around the world and whenever asked about recommendations for some of the best classes or programs for personal and professional growth, I always and without hesitation recommend Money and You. It truly enriches your mind, body and spirit – What more could you want?!”
Dr. Sonia N. Powers – Licensed Psychologist, Trainer, Author, TV Show Host

“I learned the Entrepreneurial skills I could put into my business.”
Arthur Benjamin – Business Owner – DataMark – a US$74 million dollar company

“I attended Money & You with my 22 year old daughter – It was a great bonding experience and I was surprised how, even with the long hours it included, we could look back at the end and wonder where the time went! What I enjoyed as a father was being able to see her rise to the challenges that the games provided. Every father says they wish their children could go through the hardships that helped make them successful. And as I saw how she was able to learn and apply things in the games it warmed my heart to see the learning that occurred as she experienced these games and went forward. I would have wanted her to learn all these things, but I couldn’t always be there to teach for her. There she could learn and apply it. And it meant a lot as a father.

For me, I was able to see things through different eyes. A Nobel Laureate Albert Georgi once said, ‘Discovery consists of seeing things that everyone has seen and being able to think things that no one has thought.’ When you see principles you always knew was true but are able to see them through new eyes. Being able to come back and meet other leading professionals who have become successful in all aspects of their life because of what they learned from Money & You makes me very impressed. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their life, improve their relationships and improve their financial situation.”
Lee Brower – President – Empowered Wealth – International financial and business consultant.

“Our corporate team really clarified the essence of Essence. We experienced who we are to other people, we realized how powerful our vision has become; from that we were able to come up with a more effective way to express our company mission statement. We also experienced a deeper insight for our individual weaknesses and strengths. Such awareness will undoubtedly enhance our growth as a company.”
Dr. Serge Gravelle- General Manager of MTA Licensing, LLC

“The impact your seminar had and continues to have on my business and personal life cannot be measured. My staff looks different, react differently and now pull together as a team, rather than as individual players. What was so stressful to understand before now is so natural. My family life has never been more rewarding. I feel that I can handle just about anything with ease.”
Steven B. Sobel, President – S.B. Sobel & Associates

“After Money & You, I discovered a whole new world in my organization: the importance of systems, teamwork and the power of leverage. Now, the business works for my spirit and me is freer than ever before.”
Frederique Deleage, 1996 Winner of the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award (HK)

“A unique program for good exploration of the self and purpose for being.”
John Ewing Chow, V.P. Head of Special Projects, OCBC Bank

“I had lost S$250,000 in business several years ago. Since attending Money & You, I have started several businesses with little or no money down. One of my businesses is featured in an eight-part TV series, Start Up, in Singapore. I would not have done it without putting Money & You and Money-Making Systems principles into practice.”
Jerome Tan – Director – Executive Directions Pte Ltd

“I did M&Y the first time in April 2001 in San Francisco. I came at the request of my new boss when I was just joining David Barnes Company as a financial analyst because he thought it would benefit our relationship and growth in my role. While I had no knowledge or expectations for the program, being an analytical person, I expected it to be about money and how it comes and goes in your life and why you see it as you do. But instead, and more importantly, what I learned was about ME.

I learned that it is critical to understand the emotional sides of the decisions you make, and the emotional way you acquire money and how you can use it to benefit others. For me it was a great program for personal growth and how to express myself emotionally. It allowed me to make more friends and become more social – something that wasn’t easy for me before. You learn a lot of new terms – precession, leverage, and alignment – as well as some non-technical terms as ‘yuck berries’ that you probably won’t hear anywhere else, but won’t forget. I encourage my friends and co-workers and anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and overcome barriers in their own lives to take the risk and do it.”
Phil Rauch – Financial Analyst – David Barnes Company

“In this world we live in, many of us seem to float around completely disconnected to what is really happening around us. We do not understand the language of engaging in real communication, we many times tend to judge others on behavior versus their essence. I work internationally and love the interaction with people worldwide. I enjoy saying little things that awaken people into my space and create awareness of the moment. I have always embraced eternal principles of success and thank my parents for teaching me those principles at such a young age. But it has always been difficult to discuss this sense of ‘the big picture’ with most people who may be less aware of certain powerful concepts that tend to hide from mainstream society.

It was at M&Y that I learned the simplicity of the words and language of these concepts and a great way to communicate the very essence of something to people that otherwise would have no idea what I am talking about. I made a decision to go to M&Y but was really dreading it and almost backed out at the last minute. It was the last place on earth that I felt I needed to be at that time. I was really just too busy to be there. But I also believe that before something really good is about to happen, we tend to be bombarded with the most opposition and it becomes very convenient to make excuses not to continue on. At such times it takes a great deal of commitment, effort and confidence to push through and make something great happen.

M&Y teaches importance concepts through powerful interactive activities. You expose yourself to your true nature of performance and become more aware of your power and weaknesses and how others see you in the business world.

Learning fun ways to express complex business concepts that can enhance your performance in your career is really a plus. I witnessed many people go through a complete transformation at M&Y. I saw them grasp concepts about themselves and their inner strengths that they may have never been made aware of any other way. That is powerful. Too many people don’t know what they don’t know. M&Y is a good starting point. ‘Did I like it?’ Yes. ‘Would I recommend it?’ It would be selfish of me NOT to recommend Money & You.”
Ralph W. Thompson Jr. – Manager for Novus Promotions, LLC.

“I learned about Money & You from my husband. Even though I was hesitant in going, I’m really glad I went. What I learned at M&Y is to focus on the NOW. In the past I had been hard on myself and focusing on what had NOT worked. But now I was able to start focusing on the good that we HAVE done and not to focus on the past. So now we are focusing on turning our business around and rather than blaming our problems in the past, we now have conquered something that most people wouldn’t have said was possible.”
Leonore Arnold – Co-owner a Semi-conductor company

“I have a debt of gratitude to offer to Excellerated Business School and Money & You. I had been challenged with physical conditions and limitations in my business. As a result I was introduced to Money & You in 2003 and I took my wife and we were able to attain a ‘grounded state’ while literally re-tooling our business and taking it through extremely difficult times. We have now emerged stronger through the storm and are more financially whole. I attribute it to what I learned at M&Y and I love meeting the other grads and share our experiences to help each other. We continue to grow on our experiences started in the course. This program changed my life – and feels that now it is just beginning. ”
Brett Arnold – Co-owner a Semi-conductor company

“I discovered why I was unhappy with my relationships and financial results. I fully understood that for things to change, first I must change. I am very happy that I am creating my life exactly the way I want it now, thanks to Money & You.”
Joe Lee – Founder and Lead Trainer

“Being on the logistics team this time compounded the experience and benefits of what I originally got in the course. When I first took M&Y, I was at a crossroads in my business and decisions about my career. On a daily basis, my life has been so impacted – based on decisions I learned to make from M&Y. Now on the logistics team, I see the implications of the concepts learned as they apply to groups is really extraordinary. The people I’ve met and the network I’m developing has allowed me to progress and increase my cash flow. This has come from my ability to build on what I learned there and apply it to other information I have gotten from other courses in a way that I can apply to make a difference.”
Cathleen Murphy – Entrepreneur

“As a successful business owner, I created a successful company but wanted to know how to create something new but re-create the success I had had with the first one. There is a saying in M&Y – Clarity leads to power. And that’s what I got out of the program – a lot more clarity – how I built it and how I could do it again. I saw I could, and I did. What keeps me coming back to M&Y is the people that I’ve met – there are a lot of wonderful people here – business people, healers, people who are out there making things happen. And that’s what I love coming back and networking with this great group of people because we share a set of principles and a set of ideas that we can make the world work through business!”
John Cook – Entrepreneur

“So much has happened in such a short period of time and I find myself especially fortunate to be able to contribute ‘behind the scenes’ of Money & You in KL and to see how lives have been touched… and this has reinforced my love for M&Y and other programs as well dedicated towards uplifting the lives of people all around us.

I’d like to share some of my WINS with you, WINS that I attribute to the possibilities, the opportunities which Money & You made me realize was there all the while – right before me, if only I had seen it earlier. Now I have made a CHOICE – there will no longer be anymore “If only’s” in my life. The only regret that I have is not doing the things I’ve always wanted to do. The things I’ve thought were IMPOSSIBLE for me to accomplish because I believed I didn’t deserve it or that my dreams were just dreams. I sincerely hope that by sharing my WINS you may just uncover WINS of your own.

Money & You was the beginning of a very profound process… I had a really good look at my ‘old’ structure. Then, I started growing and my old structure was slowly breaking down. When I realized that this was happening, I resisted because I believed I was not ready for the change. I wanted to remain safe in my comfort zone and yet something inside me said that I’m capable for much more. I have begun the process of expanding my structure with much less ‘resistance’ now.

M&Y made me ask more specific questions and showed me what is it about me that doesn’t work… Other programs we offer to follow it up now have helped me find the answers and got me moving towards my goals much faster.”
Jacy Wee – Marketing Executive

“Before Money & You, in 1980, life to me was about looking good and making as much money as I could – taking advantage of anyone/anything at any time because money was the measure of success. In M&Y, I learned how to be of service to other people, ‘win/win’ transactions, etc., as well as many business tools, and by so doing, learned about ‘true wealth’ and that ‘true wealth’ was possible for me. My life was completely altered.

Now I teach the principles I learned in M&Y internationally. I have what I would call ‘true success’ far more than I, or anyone, can have just driving for financial wealth.
Attending that program so long ago turned me into someone who has a life to be extremely proud of. It reset my priorities and gave me a ‘higher’ set of standards to live by.”
Randolph Craft – Artist, Author, International Business consultant, Instructor, Entrepreneur

“I want to thank you for all the support I received during the registration process for Money & You. You were so right about the power of this course. I got exactly what I said I would get – Who I am. I am power, love, and attraction. I can see myself in everyone I meet. I have been talking to strangers on the street, in stores and in my neighbor hood. I got work out of it on Monday. I got fun out of it on Tuesday. I got related to neighbors on Wednesday. I got a good business tip out of it today. I learned to ‘Pay attention!’ when my money is on the line. Look for a win/win in business. I learned results move up in a group. I mostly got that people very much want to love and support. No matter how it looks, deep down the world is for me/us winning. I look forward to the results that are going to keep flowing from this course forward.”
John Matsch – Businessman

“At the time I attended, I was in real estate and not long ago have started another business providing special services to attorneys. What I learned in M&Y was how to begin to leverage my business, how I could look at the business and find a niche to enhance my business. It made me take a look at myself – and I truly did – how to operate in integrity with trust, adding value. It made me understand the importance of being honest – to myself. It made me take a look at where I was. I could see where I was in the process but that there was so much more to the process and finer distinctions in them that I didn’t realize before (nor could I see the first time through.) What was great was the opportunity to go back through the program as part of the logistics team and get even finer distinctions. I’m at a different point in the process now. I have shared this with many people and was quite surprised that they were open to it. But I think it is a really great thing.”
Gregg Moses – Businessman

“I have learnt how to differentiate great opportunities from bad opportunities. Money & You has given me a strong platform so I can build winning teams and to add lots of value to my clients.”
Ken Chee – Director – Just Media and Just Jester Pte Ltd

“I use the gifts of this program daily. They are embedded into my life and into my work. They are embedded into my marriage and my family and my friendships and my very spirituality.”
Dolly Garlo – Business Owner – Attorney – AllThrive.com

“Money & You completely changed my life. It looked like it was a seminar from a financial perspective – about how to achieve financial success. But what it really did was teach me, not only about business principles, but the principles of life that would make me successful in my interactions with other people.”
Nate Ross – Business Owner

“Money & You and BSE had made a change in my life. I am more connected spiritually with myself. It certainly opened up many pathways for me to choose from that I may never have seen. I really don’t know how to repay you.”
Steven Song – Entrepreneur

“I highly recommend and believe in the power of the program called Money and You. It was a life changing experience for me, my partner, Barbara, and for many of my immediate family members and friends (I’ve recommended it to about 30 other people so far!) Please take the course for what it will do for your life. Call me if you would like any further conversation about the program. ”
Christiaan Carillo – Entrepreneur

“I’m a graduate of the very first M&Y in Melbourne, Australia in September 1985. I still have a photograph of the participants in that seminar on the wall behind me, including DC Cordova and Robert Kiyosaki. A few months after that, in November of ’85 I flew to San Diego with a few other graduates to attend the first Creating Wealth and as a result of that co-founded with Jo Rawson, another graduate, a teenage program called Discovery. They were exciting times, which hold special memories for me. It was a life changing experience, which has impacted on the rest of my life. It’s twenty years now since I participated in M&Y and the memories of it are still very strong like it happened only yesterday. I still value the friendships I made there and much of what I learned has been carried forward into my life. I’m now 76 and only today a salesman in a retail store guessed my age as 56, which is how old I was when I attended that first seminar. That’s what M&Y does for you.”
Andrew Wade – Journalist – Author

“Money & You started the quest of what I want to do with my life. I grew tremendously and have been an Entrepreneur since doing it in 1982.”
Beryl Dorsch – Entrepreneur – Investor

“I did Money & You first in Anchorage, then the rest of the curriculum and was active on the assisting teams. I am still in Family Practice medicine and this program has made me a much more aware, sensitive, and caring person – a bigger person – richer, fuller, and better!”
Dr. Peter Power – General Family Practice

“I have never invited someone to come to Money & You that they didn’t thank me for it. It is the best!”
Rick Mars – Businessperson

“I loved learning that mistakes are natural and for things to change 1st I must change.”
Bill Clum – Retired Business Owner, Entrepreneur

“I woke up and realized I could do whatever I wanted to do in my life. Started a publishing company and have published 200 books as a result 20 years later. So it was an incredible experience.”
Carol Holand – Business Owner

“Money & You transformed my life and business. Learned Excellerated/SuperLearning principles. The networking principles are fabulous.
Marianne Hagen – Business Consultant

“What I learned changed everything I do in my life and how I go about doing it. I supported Bucky in his work for several years. Designed and built a 10,000 sq ft geodesic dome house in Malibu.”
Jerry Weinerth – Business Owner

“Money & You … is one of the most powerful, life-changing events that I have ever attended – it”s the program where I met my husband Ty. For me, the games were the best part – it is 60% games. I got to see my non-supportive beliefs and behaviors around money and relationships, and then learned many effective tools, techniques, and systems in the game debriefings. If you attend Money & You, riches are bound to flow to you in more ways than one. If you are seeking financial freedom, investors, investment opportunities, or you’d like to expand your community – locally or even globally – you owe it to yourself to check out Money & You. If you value personal growth, if you want to increase your business acumen or you want to spend a weekend with quality, like-minded individuals – some of whom just may become your best friends for life – you owe it to yourself to check out Money & You.”
Mari Smith, Entrepreneur, Success Coach and Trainer

“Money & You changed my entire life. I went from one type of person to a completely different type of person. I became a giver and I have devoted my life since that day to giving of myself wherever needed. I use my plumbing company to support that. What I learned from the program was that I could be Paul Phillips and make a difference in this world.”
Paul Phillips – Business Owner

“DC – Congratulations on a fabulous program – you produced an awesome, awesome weekend for all concerned. My hat’s off to you – you should be very, very proud and pleased with what you are doing for the world. It is a privilege to be connected to such an awesome group of people. Thank you for your gift that you so joyfully and playfully are giving to the world.”
Kristina Catalina – Author

“Money & You changed how I think of myself – it is what turned me into a global citizen. Because of it, I”m a bigger person, a more loving person, and I have an extraordinary life.”
Nancy Hartland – Philanthropist

“Assisted by the Money & You program and so much of your encouragement and inspiration, today is my last day as an Admissions Counselor at Cal State San Marcos. I am trading in this “self”prostituting” job for my life passion and making sure I follow through on my promise to you. Being a singer/songwriter full-time is something I have thought about every single day for the past four years. Thank you for helping turn my dream into reality. Now that I will have more flexibility in my life and energy, I will be better able to keep connecting with you all and helping you accomplish your dreams too! Hooray for synergy!”
Tiamo Devetori – Singer – Musician

“If you wish to reach a higher level of excellence in your life, Money and You is for YOU.”
Mark Posties, D.C. Bendga Chiropractic Care

“To me Money and You is more than a seminar. It is an experience. Personally, one of the most powerful experiences ever encountered.”
Dolores Cavanah – Dolman Associates, Inc. Realtors

“Money & You enabled me to create a much more positive atmosphere at work and has helped me motivate the people who work for me. The program also helped me in becoming better organized and more effective in accomplishing my objectives at work.”
Bernard Bays – Carlsmith, Wichman, Case, Mukai and Ichiki, Attorneys At Law

“I was broke 4 years ago and after attending Money & You, I turned my business into a great success by applying the valuable principles found in all that the program covered. I would like to attribute my Spirit of Enterprise Award 2004 to Excellerated and Money & You! A big thank you to DC Cordova and team!”
Wendy Kwek – Director – Executive Directions Pte Ltd

“Money & You is the one of the most brilliant trainings on the planet. I took it, learned it and earned vastly more because of it. You can do the same – or more!”
Mark Victor Hansen – Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series; One-Minute Millionaire; Businessman, Entrepreneur

“Money & You was the beginning of an exciting, challenging series of accelerated learning training I received. From the introductory Program, Money & You, to the Excellerated Business school, Secrets of Powerful Presentations, Future of Business, Global Educators’ Program and others in their repertoire, I learned more in these trainings than I did in years of college. The programs are dynamic, innovative and masterful. I have applied everything I learned in the programs to my work as Director of Shock Incarceration for the New York State Department of Correctional Services and in my private business, DOING LIFE International, Inc. We have saved the State of New York over US$ 1 billion in prison rehabilitation. I have incorporated the principles in the books I have authored and in training programs I lead for businesses and public service agencies.”
Cherie Clark, President, DOING LIFE International, Inc.

“Money & You is a life changing program. I have attended over 50 seminars in the last 15 years and Money & You is the granddaddy of them all. No matter where you are in your life, your relationships or your financial life, Money & You is the best of the best. You will come away with a whole new set of paradigms and tools that will take you to the next level. If you do no other seminar this decade, do Money & You! It WILL change your life.”
Keith Cunningham – Entrepreneur, Author, Keys to the Vault Program

“I’ll double my annual income this year – the funny thing is, I used to think the course was terribly expensive. Now I realize it’s a bargain!”
Ko Hayashi – Executive Vice President, Stanford Group, Inc.

Here’s a list of our notable graduates of the Money & You program…

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