At Excellerated we are very happy to have the Global Entrepreneurial Business School which is held throughout China/Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia with participants from all around the region, including Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and even from North America.

As the CEO, and one of the leading instructors along with Willson Lin, we look forward to having you participate. For those of you who haven’t, we look forward to having you join our worldwide network of successful entrepreneurs.

-DC Cordova
CEO, Excellerated Business Schools

Money & You®的課程和Excellerated企業商學院,創立於西元一九七八年,多年來已廣為世界各地的教育培訓業所認同,並深受亞洲地區學員的喜愛。
我們的合作伙伴DC Cordova與所有工作同仁都非常高興,能進一步將Money & You®和Excellerated企業商學院的中文課程,推廣到北美洲和其他世界各國,讓更多人能分享,並從這個課程的學習中受惠與成長。
期待未來在Money & You®和Excellerated企業商學院推廣的某個國家中,能和您相會﹗
敬祝 順頌

DC Cordova、
林偉賢老師Willson Lin、
郭騰尹老師Robert Kuo、
和所有 Excellerated團隊的中英文工作伙伴

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Our graduates in the Asia Pacific Region always WOW me at our 8-Day Business School for Entrepreneurs! As part of the school, students work in groups to create a conceptual business from scratch.. with amazing results.

If you are looking for the ultimate in support for the “Perfect Desk,” search for my Money-Making Systems Manual, now available in Chinese:

Money-Making Systems Manual - Chinese

I think the Chinese are just innately great marketers and I’d like to share with you some of the wonderful pieces they have created – for our programs and for their own companies!


Money & You® – Sponsored Student Ad

M&Y Family Assoc-Ocean Fam

Money & You® Brochure Example

New Beginning - Money & You Seminar

Money & You® Front Page of a beautiful brochure!

Engineer Your Success - Money & You Seminar

The Chinese go all-out in creating stunning marketing pieces!

Chinese Money & You - Success Principles

This is an informational page from one of our Chinese brochures. Our grad network is lovely.

Instructors at the Chinese Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs and Money & You®

Dr. Willson Lin


  • President of Doers Group
  • Promoter and Leading Instructor of Chinese Excellerated Programs in the Asia Pacific Region
  • President of Doers Knowledge Management Group
  • Editor-in-Chief of ChengGong Publications
  • General Manager of Mandal Action Power Training
  • Certified trainer of ChengGong Consulting

Money & You Star - WIllson Lin

Willson is well-known in the training field in the great Asia Pacific Region. He has been delivering trainings in Taiwan, throughout China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Brunei. With 16 international training licenses and certificates, Willson not only has the inter-personal skills to facilitate the learning process, but also has the humor, passion, and ability to motivate learners to develop themselves.

The trainings Willson currently delivers, are centered around Money & You®, Sales and Negotiation, General Management, Behavior Management, Time Management, Direct Selling, Training for Trainers, Hypnotherapies and Personal Development.

With his well-deserved reputation, Willson initially became the only Chinese Instructor for the worldwide prestigious program, Money & You®. A brilliant, engaging, and entertaining presenter and speaker, he mesmerizes the audience to want to learn more.

The great achievements of Willson also extend to his personal involvement with several non-profit organizations for children, adults, and elderly people. Owing to Willson’s hard work and commitment to learning, he is both a thinker with wisdom and a doer with passion.

Robert Kuo

  • Vice President Doers Group
  • Co-Promoter of Chinese Excellerated Programs Asia Pacific Region
  • Chief Editor of Training Magazine (Chinese Edition)
  • General Manager of Buoguan Consulting
  • Certified trainer for Behavioral Learning.

Robert’s training is centered upon the concepts of reflective learning and creativity, with great sense of humor to enhance the learning process. Having been in the training industry for more than 15 years, his training events are well received by many international companies such as Acer, Asus, TSMC, Microsoft Taiwan, 3M, Seven/Eleven, ING Bank, etc.

In addition to training, Robert also devotes himself to writing. He has so far published 18 books and several series of articles in diverse ranges of newspapers and magazines. Moreover, he also spends his spare time practicing stage performance in the theater. He is not only the trainer with great passion, but also a writer and a philosopher with the great wisdom.

His main training courses include:

  • Behavior Learning
  • Creativity
  • DISC
  • Personal Development and Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management
  • Team Building and Development
  • Finance Management
  • Learning How to Learn


Dianne Butler

  • Worldwide Program Director Leader for the Excellerated Business Schools® for entrepreneurs and the Money & You Programs
  • Systems
  • Managing Partner of Law Firm, Perth, Australia

Dianne’s forte is in systems, working with the Excellerated team as they expand their programs throughout the Asia Pacific Region and the world. She has maintained and advanced to excellence all Excellerated Production Manuals, which ensure the success of all programs by documenting step-by-step every action to produce excellent results every time, anywhere in the world, in any language.

Di has been responsible for the continued success of Excellerated Programs in the Chinese language through her documentation and training of the Program Directors in a different culture. Her professional background includes having worked as a Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Department in Canberra, Australia. She has a teaching degree and Bachelor of Education, she has run Conflict Resolution Seminars; and has successfully raised a family while building her professions and businesses. She is also a Managing Partner in a Perth law firm with her husband, John Butler, a great advisor and supporter of the Excellerated organization.

Jason Zeck Lee

  • Chinese Excellerated Programs Malaysia Promoter
  • Chinese Money & You® Program Director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Trainer/Consultant

The first Chinese Money & You® Program Director for Excellerated Business Schools®, Jason brings an immeasurable list of skills that serve him well as a creative individual, trainer, and coach. Jason has held positions as a journalist, columnist, reporter, writer and speaker. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Creative Group and is a corporate coach/trainer for Creative Knowledge Management Sdn Bhd and the Creating Training Network.

In addition, he holds the position of director of Creative Academy. A successful corporate coach and trainer, he has been involved in Corporate Training since 1998 in the Asia Pacific Region such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other parts of China, Singapore, and Brunei. Under the tutelage of Roger Dawson, the famous US Premier Business Negotiator, he is a certified Instructor for ‘Secrets of Power Negotiating.’

Adelene Bek

  • Entrepreneur
  • Money & You® Program Director

Adelene has been involved with Money & You logistics since 1998. Through her working in a voluntary position and participating on staff with several Excellerated programs, she was invited to train to be a Money & You Program Director. She possessed the essence of a leader and has been one of its most dependable, responsible and organized Program Directors.

As a graduate of Visual Arts Management, Adelene has always shown passion in many forms of arts. She is a very creative individual and artist. In addition to being artistic and creative she is also highly organized. These qualities and assets combined relay into her leadership role within the programs and in her business.

Her forte is in art exhibition management. She was an art therapist with a non-profit organization for mentally challenged clients and spastic children. In addition, she was a gallery manager and assistant curator in a private art gallery in Singapore.

第二屆 Money & You 上海年會特別報導
文 / 林懿宏
還記得數年前,林偉賢老師帶著一顆沉痛的心,失去了合作伙伴,失去了事業,失去了對自己未來的方向,在無意中參與了友人推薦的馬來西亞Money & You,也因這個發人深醒、具教育理念的潛能啟發課程,為林偉賢老師帶來了事業的第二春,也重新找到人生、事業、與家庭的方向,成為國際企業經營者,與擁有十七張國際證照的亞洲十大名師之一 ﹔更以助人、愛人的觀念,在無數的公益活動中熱心參與和贊助。
Money&You從林老師第一期在亞洲創辦以來,至2005年九月三日和四日的兩天上海年會時,已有106期,並由林老師一個人身負全球華人的唯一講師,誠如國外Money&You的合作伙伴,亦是課程設計人之一的Dianne Butler,對林老師多年的努力,予以正面肯定,並描述道﹕「林偉賢老師是個很有朝氣與活力的人,他更致力實現夢想,並付諸行動力與執行力,也因和林老師的合作,讓我的視野拓展得更寬廣,更看到亞洲許多美好的人、事、物。」本文將針對2005年九月的第二屆上海年會,做精彩回顧與剪輯,與更多的讀者和朋友,分享這一個會讓您有哭、有笑、有成長、有自我啟發的課程,與其所帶給人課程以外的省思。
Money & You年會由來與創立宗旨
實踐家知識管理集團的成立,為了整合、服務並創造更多實踐家,形成跨世紀的大中華學習成長競爭團隊,為開創人類心智科技新世紀、回饋社會建立真善美人生而共同攜手努力!本集團是由全亞洲最受尊重敬愛的林偉賢老師與郭騰尹老師,偕同數位有心的親友一起創辦的,Money & You是集團下推廣的主力課程之一。
第一屆Money & You年會是去年,在杭州舉辦,除了讓所有大中華的家庭成員聚集一堂,分享與交流經驗,也因大家的愛心,共同捐建了海洋實踐家希望小學, 讓目前為止的幾百位小朋友,能有更好的學習環境,這是林偉賢老師所秉持的「知識改變命運」的人生觀與處事觀,也是創辦人之一郭騰尹老師所深信的,「命好不如習慣好」,自我要求的哲學觀。
Money & You從林老師第一期在亞洲創辦以來,至今已是第106期,目前從該課程畢業的,已有超過一萬三千名來自大中華各地的精英,成為Money&You的家人。和一般教育訓練課程最大的不同點在於,不論您是來自不同工作領域的企業家、商人、管理者、專家、學生、教育者、投資者、或是想共同學習成長的夫妻,皆適合參與此課程。此外 Money & Youu的畢業生,除了可獲頒由美國總部所簽署的
原版Money & You結業證書,憑此證書每位畢業生都可以享有終生免費,參加在全球各地舉辦的Money & You課程,讓學員們更能輕鬆地拓展國際視野,和廣結全球人脈。
有鍵於大中華市場的快速發展,林老師與郭老師皆認為,能讓來自各地的朋友聚集在一起,學習彼此的專業,交換彼此的經驗,落實「獨樂樂、不如與眾樂樂」的真意,應是Money & You在課程外,所需延伸出的史命和責任﹔也因此,從去年的第一屆杭州年會,到今年第二屆上海年會,這只是個開端,林老師和郭老師深切期望,更多有心人 能積極參與,讓Money & You的影響力,薪火相傳、永續經營﹗
李先生並不忌諱說出自己的家世背景,甚至於有人告訴他,您做到了總裁的位子,何必再去想過去貧困的日子,甚至說出來和外界分享。生性樂觀的李紹唐告訴與會者,自己九歲時父親過世,母親身為飯店清潔員把他和弟弟撫養長大,雖沒有豪門的氣派和平步青雲,但讓他更感激母親的辛勞,更懂得體會人世間的冷暖, 努力學習、走出自己的路來。
主講嘉賓之二潘建亭先生,是上海三盛宏業投資集團副總裁,上海三盛宏業科技產業投資公司總經理,亦是北京豐收企業管理顧問有限公司副董事長。在年會中 潘總以其多年的管理經驗,和與會者分享經營實戰的個案討論,並舉出企業從優秀、成功、到卓越,所擅長的決策力與組織實施方案,並對效率溝通和團隊激勵, 給予了獨道的建議。

遠從美國專程來中國的丹尼斯魏特利(Denis Waitley)博士,和瑪莉安羅傑森(Maryann Rosenthal)博士,以多年來個人的教育培訓經驗,和讀者分享親子教育和個人與企業學習的新趨勢,並將會場的氣勢帶到最高點,尤其是和瑪莉安羅傑森(Maryann Rosenthal)博士,以幽默風趣的方式,將幾天來學習的國語,努力在台上和大家分享,並以其經驗描述道,不論任何一個課程或策略的推廣,「在地化」是一個方案執行的重要關鍵,人與人的交往在於一個「真心」,或許她的中文不夠流利,也或許透過翻譯,我們能了解她想分享的演說內容﹔但就很可能因這幾天的中文學習,不經意卻很用心的幾個片語,拉近了人與人的距離,也可以讓人發自內心感受到她的努力,這個態度如瑪莉安羅傑森博士所言,才是企業成功的要件,更是領導人贏得團隊認同的關鍵所在﹗
面對地球村的經營,在地化的管理,從這兩天的年會,在與學員的互動,和主講人的議題中,都深刻地勾勒出未來企業致勝的關鍵在「核心力(Core Competence)」﹔而領導人贏得認同的關鍵在,在比別人努力去用心去體會周遭的人事物。有人說成功是偶然的,也有人說得到權力,就可以指揮他人做事,把位階當令牌,從這些演講者與成功企業家的身上,正印證了相反的說辭。換言之,一個企業若不了解自我的核心競爭力,就沒有辦法去運用適當的人力、物力,將組織運作做最佳的效率管理。

天涯若比鄰,Money & You的年會讓所有畢業生有機會齊聚一堂,因為這是個大家庭,不管您走到哪裡,都能找到Money & You的足跡,從課程中有所體悟和改變自己,並把自我期與徹底落實,為自己的夢想做規劃,並與學員分享這些寶貴經驗。誠如Money & You的宗旨,其目的就是要啟發自我的潛能,打開心扉,讓自己走出去,重新出發,積極面對未來的挑戰﹗
若說「樂善好施」是美德,Money & You的許多同仁、學員、和老師致力於公益活動的心,更讓人體會到「推己及人」的真意。的確,幫助人是不需要先問自己有沒有時間,重點是「自己有沒有心」。再者,受人幫助不但不認為是應該的或理所當然,更能將所得到的,在過程中將受益的經驗實際反饋,落實於行動中,才是大愛的表現﹗這一次的實踐整合第二屆年會,讓實踐家找到了新的生命力,也更期許能在教育訓練的這個領域,或公益活動上,幫助更多的人,誠如實踐家董事長亦是Money & You唯一華文老師林偉賢所言﹕「行動力與執行力並非難事,重點是 您有沒有這個心,和您的心準備好了嗎﹖」
這一次第二屆Money & You 上海年會實踐整合論壇圓滿落幕,並為實踐家的未來帶來更新的啟示與激勵,如林偉賢老師所言,「好還要更好」﹔郭騰尹老師更強調,成功需要準備,除此之外,了解未來的趨勢、合作、與利基,找到志同道合的伙伴,更能締造雙贏的契機﹗從兩位老師樸實的風格,印證了務實領導與前瞻經營的前景,更說明了領導人更需要「用心傾聽」、「用心體會」、和「用感覺去了解每一件人事物」,並綜合理性和邏輯能力,將組織經營做最好的策略佈建與永續管理。

附註﹕錢與你 (Money & You)簡介
Money & You讓您不需重複繳費,
• 和一般教育訓練課程最大的不同點在於,Money & You的畢業生,除了可獲頒由美國總部所簽署的原版Money & You結業證書,憑此證書每位畢業生都可以享有終生免費,參加在全球各地舉辦的Money & You課程(食宿自理),是您拓展國際視野和全球人脈的最佳選擇。上課不滿意百分百退費保證!!!
• 不論您是來自不同工作領域的企業家、商人、管理者、專家、學生、教育者、投資者、或是想共同學習成長的夫妻,皆適合參與此課程。
• 實踐家知識管理集團董事長
• 非凡商業讀書Club、飛碟電台一點關係主持人、Money & You全球唯一指定華語首席講師,擁有十七張國際證照。
• 國際企業經營者、亞洲十大名師之首。
1. 改變管理學
2. 價值創造學
3. 心靈圖像思考法
4. 掌握競爭優勢
5. 相互作用的力量
6. DISC性格特質分析
7. 理財致富學
8. 加速企管學
9. 規劃你的理想生活
10. 成功的方法與關係的支持
11. 創造水果杯的遊戲規則
12. 企業知識系統的建立
13. 金錢遊戲規則
14. 情緒管理學
15. 完整迎向新生命
16. 創造綜合效益
17. 事業永續成功的模型
Money & You精神導師富勒博士獲頒有48個榮譽博士學位,他畢生研究實踐的精華,被證明為有史以來影響人類發展最重要的人之一,與愛因斯坦及愛迪生齊名,而Money & You的課程架構正是以其理論基礎用深入淺出的方式來教導給大家。
Money & You的創辦人馬修.賽伯博士本身以不到三年的時間,從二萬五千元美金的投資,到擁有美金六千萬(約合新台幣20億)的事業,這完全是因為他了解錢與人的關係並加以應用,而他對全球頂尖成功人士的研究中,歸納出您可以運用的方法、策略與實務操作資訊,要幫助您開創非凡的快樂與財富。
Money & You的授課方式非常特別,全程中僅有15%是訓練講師在講授觀念,60%是透過活動讓學員去體驗及發現,25%是分享活動的重點及意義;比較起一般著重單向講授的課程或錄影帶教學,要更有趣並實用得多。每位學員在經過三天兩夜的緊密體驗及分享相處後,都會建立起一輩子最堅強的行動支援體系。
Money & You擁有一套最完整的課務系統,所有的支援系統都是依照人們的生理及心理特殊需求而設計。使您的學習效果能發揮到極致的最大保障!
只談「MONEY」的課程,往往會使人汲汲於追求財富,卻失去了心靈的平衡,只談「YOU」的心靈成長課程,又往往會在無所求的認知下,失去了賺錢的動力,「Money & You」是全世界唯一能融合這兩者,讓您同時擁有財富與快樂的課程,也是全球最多頂尖人士親身參與且公認最重要的生命與生活課程。
Money & You對講師的要求及訓練非常嚴謹,不僅要求講師要擁有豐富的教學經驗,要經過完整的教育培訓,具有受人尊敬的風範特質,對於Money & You方法的熟練運用,更要求講師本身必須是一個傑出的企業家,經過最嚴格的探訪及篩選,並經雙方長期的溝通互動與瞭解,才指定邀請林偉賢老師成為Money & You

請聯絡實踐家台北、上海、北京、深圳 、馬來西亞、和新加坡等分公司,洽詢最新上課日期。
興趣﹕ 看書、聽音樂、聽演講、國外旅遊。
英國蘭卡斯特(Lancaster University)大學商業教育學博士
英國蘭卡斯特大學(Lancaster University)人力資源碩士
英國新堡(University of Newcastle upon Tyne)大學企業管理碩士(MBA)
英國MLS學院(MLS College)商業先修文憑(Diploma in Business Studies)
榮獲美國國際名人錄西元2001年Who’s Who of Professional in Management的認可
連絡方式: Mobile: +886-952-926-838 E-mail:

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