… Below is the recording for the second Business Make-Over class with Mega-Entrepreneur, Dominique Lyone.

Session 2:
Understanding and Using Leverage.

Dominique Lyone Graduate/Leading Instructor of the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs, whose company went from $6 million from late ’80’s to $100 million a year in business today, will show you how to leverage and reinvigorate your passion for business into a money-generating automated machine.

If you missed the first Session with Maria Simone, you can listen to it here: www.moneyandyou.com/4-Session1/

FREE Business Make-Over Series:

DC CordovaThe Business Make-Over Series:

This Free Money & You introductory tele-class series is designed to help you create the essential entrepreneurial foundation for mega-success… in the shortest time-frame possible!

Session 3: Creating and Empowering Wealth.

Graduate Lee Brower is very successful entrepreneur, business consultant to the wealthy and teaches families how to set up legacies so that their wealth will continue and expand through future generations. Lee will walk you through the steps to clearing your blocks to money. Lee will show you not only how to have the mindset to having money, he’ll also show you how to keep and grow your money. You’ll learn the dynamics and systems that successful people use to manage and handle money.

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Session 4: Bringing It All Together.

DC Cordova will show you how to bring the lessons you’ve learned together to create a new foundation that will help you find the success you’re seeking. You’ll be empowered to make the changes ion your life, your business and your goals, that will start you on a new road to achievement. DC will share her formula, that for the past 34 years has worked for the mega successful entrepreneurs around the world…

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