Ways To Keep Our Connection Alive!

Connect with your classmates/other graduates and share your breakthroughs, experiences, insights, knowledge, resources, networks and support each other!

1st: Exchange contact information with your classmates / grads in class before leaving the event. No individual Money & You Social Media groups can be created. See links below for current groups.

2nd: Money & You® Reconnection Teleconference – Pass the word to M&Y grads! Tuesday June 27 – 8pm (EST) 5 pm (PST)/ The Zoom link will be provided to you by email 48 hours before the event.

3rd: Money & You – Next USA Program: Atlanta, Georgia September 7 – 10: Register your team(s) with your $300. discounted tuition code: MY1595 – valid until Reconnection Teleconference – June 27.

After that time, register your associates with the MY1795 code for a $100. Discount.

ALWAYS CHECK for dates of all programs globally: www.MoneyandYou.com

Go overseas and expand your markets globally. Your promotional materials are welcome on all Network Tables!
Review – Be in Logistics – Be a Receiver at any M&Y in the world – even in Chinese.

4th Join us in Cancun, Mexico for the 8-Day Global Excellerated Business School Retreat – November 11 – 18 http://www.GlobalBusinessSchoolRetreat.com

Put a deposit of US$ 1,500 by 6/27 and receive an additional $500. off the Pre-launch special price!

DC Cordova and some of the instructors of GBSE will begin Webinars in August.

5th: Money & You Book Series in Amazon – Pass the word to your network & friends – http://www.MyAccessToCash.com Do the Magical Exercises in Chapter 7!

The Excellerated Business Success Model e-book can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/Money-YouTM-Excellerated-Business-Success-ebook/dp/B01CYR8QU2/ref=sr_1_1

6th: Check out our renewable energy endeavors and partner, Huang Ming, one of the world’s leading solar entrepreneur. We’re developing the distribution of solar cookers & products to emerging nations!



Join us at http://www.AREDAY.net this coming week – if possible, in person – if not, Livestream! Latest education on renewable energy and protecting the environment – the world’s fastest growing industry – predicted to be a US$ 90 thrillion industry.

Read the book Climate of Hope by Bloomberg & Pope and learn how businesses and people can save the planet!

7th: Keep reviewing the principles!

Watch educational videos about key principles taught in M&Y / Other: http://www.moneyandyou.com/rulesofthegamevideo/



More found in YouTube:  Dame DC Cordova / Money & You

8th: Join us in Social Media – Start with DC & find other M&Y team members!

http://www.Facebook.com/DameDCCordova (LIKE me)

http://www.Facebook.com/DCCordova (Follow me)



There are several M&Y groups in Facebook. You can find them in my postings when I have many SHARES. Some are “Secret” so you’ll have to request to be accepted. IM Adelene Bek in Facebook to request to be accepted in the M&Y Worldwide Secret Group: https://www.facebook.com/adelenebek


http://www.Twitter.com/MoneyandYou   @moneyandyou  #moneyandyou

http://www.Twitter.com/DCCordova  @dccordova  #moneyandyou

https://www.instagram.com/damedccordova/ @damedccordova

9th: Nicola Smith-Jackson

Web site: http://www.SuccessWithNicola.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/nicolasmithjackson @nicolasmithjackson

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasmithjackson

10th: Download Flipboard App – Subscribe to Money & You Magazine


11th: Download & share the 4-Session Business Make-Over – great teachings by M&Y Grads: http://www.MoneyandYou.com 

12th: Listen to http://www.MoneyandYouRadio.com a series of audio interviews with Money & You Notable Grads and friends that use M&Y Principles in their successful businesses and lives.

13th: Check out our alliance partners –  http://www.TheFamilyBankGame.com

See interview w/ $&U Grads, George Antone & Haider Nazar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QGTlFLaQPE 

14th: DISC Distinctions & Information – Carol Dysart:
http://www.peoplesmartworld.com/   DISC for Kids: http://www.DISCforKids.com

15th: Please support awesome non-profit projects created by M&Y Grads/Friends in alignment with our Mission:

















Thank YOU! We are here to support you in being an awesome socially-responsible entrepreneur and member of a powerful global team!

Questions?  admin@MoneyandYou.com +1-619-224-8880

Aloha Nui Loa,

DC Cordova & the M&Y Team!