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It’s Everywhere – And You Better Know What To Do With It!

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By Glenda Feilen

It’s everywhere! It’s in you, on you, and around you. And what you do with it makes a huge difference in your world. If you use it to your advantage, you can expect cash flowing into your life, great relationships, and vibrant health.

However, if you are oblivious to its presence, you could be in big trouble and facing a downward spiral.

So, what is it that is everywhere and so life altering?

It’s energy. Do you know how important the Law of Energy is in your life? It’s affecting you every single moment that you breathe. You can take it in and create great things with it or just ignore it. If ignoring it has been your habit, you just might want to make an immediate U turn in your behavior.

Recently a man told me, “Oh, I’ve heard about energy. I know all about that.” At that moment his business was anything but booming, his marriage was ending, and his bank accounts were busted. “Hearing and knowing about energy” didn’t help him at all. It’s how you are using this invisible, magical power that creates happiness in your life. It may be hidden from your eyes, but it is present literally everywhere in your life.

How do you use the energy ‘in you’, ‘on you’, and ‘around you’ to create some miraculous happenings in your life?

Difficult as it may be to believe, even though the law of energy has a huge impact in your life, only small changes need to be made to begin seeing its beneficial effects. You can easily harness that great hidden power and use it to your advantage in every area of your life.

I say ‘hidden’ because you can’t see it. If we could see it, we would certainly be mindful to the energy that is flowing and when it is flowing right, everything else follows!

Let’s talk about the hidden power within you.

The energy you put out from a soul level is what you think, say, speak, and feel. Napoleon Hill said it best in his book Law of Success. “You have a genius lying within your brain.” Wake up your genius and get it to work for you. The creative power of your soul will lie dormant until you take control of that genius in your mind. Then you will see immediate changes in your life.

What about the energy on you?

Who would ever think that the way you look makes a difference in your success. It does make a big difference. The colors, textures, designs, fabrics, and accessories you wear either attract others to you or repel them on a vibrational level. Instead of trying to create an image to impress others, dress so that others can see the real you inside. When you dress according to how you radiate your energy, others see you – instead of your costume. Dress so that the ‘outside you’ reveals the ‘inside you’ to step into your power. When you do, others take you more seriously, you sell more products, have more customers, and attract empowering relationships. You are never as powerful as when you are being yourself.

What’s this around you energy?

It’s your playing field. Where you live and work. That’s right. Energy flows into your home and office and the way you arrange your environment can make an immediate difference in the happiness of your family, the profits in your business, and the quality of your relationships. Is your sleeping direction attracting positive relationships? Are you attracting money with the current direction your desk is facing? Are the colors and objects in your home and office energetically bringing you customers? Donald Trump said, “If changing the direction of my desk can bring be another million, why not do it!”

A client of mine recently moved to San Diego because her life had taken a turn for the worse. She had been fired from her job, evicted from her home, and had just gone through a family crisis. She began to consciously apply the law of energy to her thoughts, feelings, and words. She stepped into her power by radiating to the world her true self by using energy principles from “Fashion for the Soul’. She also made some energy changes in her home and office to create a warm, friendly environment. Today she is in a fulfilling relationship, has a job which pays double that from which she was fired, is happily reunited with her family. Her life has completely turned around. All she did was to make a personal turn around in the way she was applying the law of energy in her life.

If you are not taking the best advantage of applying the law of energy in your life, it’s not too late to let Glenda Feilen put you on the fast track. No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. Contact Glenda today at www.ContactGlenda.com

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