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Unlocking Your Potential

Money & you potential

Unlocking Your Potential

by David Womack

We are locked into thought patterns that were formed during our compulsory attendance at life’s, “School of Hard Knocks”. In places where we already have one of these thought patterns installed, it is almost impossible to learn anything new. The new idea we have can not get into the place where it will fit because that place is already occupied.

For example, sometimes we try and merge the old pattern with the new into an unhappy marriage. The old ideas are often locked in place by pain or painful emotion, giving one a mindset that seems to be carved in stone. In areas where we have one of these grooves in our thinking we can not learn, grow or change. We try to overlay our old ideas on the new ones without fully examining and discarding the old ones first. When we get under stress we either revert back to the old ideas and patterns or we become paralyzed with indecision, because the two ideas can not be reconciled.

For example: If school was arduous and stressful there will be many areas later in life that inhibit our success in business and life.

Example 1:

Joe was teased relentlessly at school as a youngster. This ruined his concentration, made him very unpopular and his grades suffered. Of course that earned him a beating from his dad who believed that you can and should try to knock some sense into childrens’ heads. In later years, whenever Joe had to study something he felt scared and humiliated before he even began to study it.

He concluded he had an unsolvable study problem. With this conclusion he limited himself to work that required little or no book learning. This put a considerable cramp in his lifestyle. He had to depend on others for many things, for example accounting.

This in itself would not have been so bad, but he felt inadequate to even oversee the work. This left him at the mercy of unscrupulous accountants and employees and lacking trust. Working hard but not succeeding, eventually Joe gave up being in business and took a job where he did not have to deal with any of these headaches.

Example 2:

Mary had a fear of offending others that stemmed from an abusive childhood where any hint of self willed action was severely punished by her overprotective parents. This resulted in her having a very shy and timid personality. Mary would take no action that she thought might cause an upset.

She opened a flower shop with 2 employees whom she relied upon to make all the decisions for her. This worked for awhile, but they also made decisions about how much they should be paid and were rather generous with the flowers to the point the shop rapidly became insolvent. Mary observed what was going on, but could not make herself say no to them. Fortunately, she married a fellow who could – and did – say no. This action helped reverse the situation.

However, Mary felt dreadful when her employees became upset, therefore causing her to nag her husband for being so harsh with the employees. Of course this made him feel she did not appreciate his efforts to save her bacon and, subsequently, their marriage suffered. Her driving need to be liked and be safe from attack made her quite incompetent to lead or even allow another to lead in a decisive manner. Ironically, due to her obsessive desire to placate others she alienated the one person who loved her the most and was most important to her happiness.

Example 3:

Colin, through his successes as an athlete, had learned that you can always succeed if you just overwhelm the opposition with more effort and forcefulness. This worked very well in sports, but was not as successful selling insurance. When he saw he was not reaching the level of success he desired he worked harder and harder, longer hours, pushing himself more and more. As he did this he became more and more forceful with his customers causing them to avoid him as much as possible.

Colin refused to quit because he KNEW he could do anything if he just worked hard enough and put more effort in it. Eventually he suffered a heart attack and was forced to quit.

What do these people all have in common?

In each of the examples described above, none of these people could change. Their fixed ideas prevented them from learning and successfully making a change. Their ideas were so engraved they defied inspection, besides they had worked before, so they were “givens”. A “given” is an idea one does not inspect because it is so much a part of one’s thinking that one never even considers it. You just KNOW its right. In any area where one can not seem to grow or improve, despite heroic efforts, it’s most likely there are a crop of “givens” that need to be found and inspected.

This original text and more can be found in the book by Enid Vien titled, In Search of the Golden Nuggets

Dynamis Coaching and Clearing

Dynamis coaching and clearing is based on the idea that you really do know what you are doing and thinking, you’ve just simply buried the knowledge.

In times of stress, loss or moments of anguish you came to some conclusions and probably learned some lessons that are no longer appropriate to the circumstances.

From these conclusions and lessons you formed principles to operate by. They probably worked for you at the time, but in examining them you will find they are definitely working against you now. They have become blocks, barriers, or invisible ceilings. They’ve become so much a part of your operating principles that you can’t put your finger on them.

Part of the function of a Dynamis Clearing Practitioner is to help you find, uncover and re-examine those old lessons, conclusions and “givens”.


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Proven Business Relationship Agreement – Part 3

Proven Business Agreements

Proven Business Relationship Agreement

6 More Key Questions – Part 3

By DC Cordova

Will this really help you make more money, be happier and have more fulfillment? If you’ve ever been in a relationship before – whether business or personal – you know how to have a good relationship. Very few know how to have a great relationship.

Anthony Robbins, the world-renowned success teacher and Money & You® graduate, says it best. Your success is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. If you’ve read my previous two posts on creating a profitable business agreement (read the first Post here: Proven Business Relationship Agreement – Part 1 and the second Post here: Proven Business Relationship Agreement – Part 2), you’ll quickly realize that I outlined a series of questions for you to ask yourself and to ask your potential business partner(s).

Now we’re getting even more detailed and focused on some specifics. I find many people don’t want to deal with these. And I would ask you to take a look and see if you really applied these questions to your relationships in business, would you have more clarity? Would your planning change? What I’ve seen over the last 30 plus years is that what it takes to be an entrepreneur – not just an entrepreneur, but a successful builder of businesses that grow and thrive – is these questions are inherently a part of the way of thinking or planning.

If these posts make you think, GREAT! I’m having an impact on you. Now we’re going to take a look at the next 6 Key Questions you need to ask yourself in creating a success business relationship…

10. Know your partner

___ We have discussed and know if there are…

___ Habits they currently have and have had in the past that we might want to know about.

___ Complaints and “stories” from their past

___ Any bankruptcies and/or negative business dealings?

___ What they learned from those experiences?

___ Which ones were they able to correct?

___ If they blamed another person?

___ Were they able to take responsibility for it?

11. Personal responsibility and integrity

___ We know that personal responsibility and integrity underlies all successful partnerships and organizations. When these two distinctions are equally important to each member, everyone knows they are personally responsible for what is happening in their own lives.

___We agree not to blame and take full responsibility for our part when things don’t go the way “they are supposed to”…

___ We know going into this agreement that when we hear repeated blaming of others or constant justification of self, then we can pretty well predict the future.

12. When Money is Involved – The GREED Factor

___ We understand that a business relationship is similar to a marriage and we both are hoping that all is going to work out great. We know that it can actually get more intense when large amounts of money are made and that it can bring up negative and limiting subconscious beliefs about money, success and prosperity.

___ On the other hand, for some, the more money they make, the more the greed factor comes into play and our styles could change;  if we have blocks to having lots of money we get greedy.

___ To prevent the effects of any of these changes, we have written agreements in place and are constantly in communication with each other, because we know that maintaining alignment is essential.

___ We have met with our Professional Accountant or successful Tax Lawyer who has given us advice as to what to do with future profits.

___ What percentage of it to be reinvested in the business?

___ How much to be saved?

___ How much each of us should be taking out as profit?

___ We have met and decided in advance how the profits will be disbursed in the short and long term.

___ We agree to re-visit this and update it every six months.

13. Making Long Term Decisions

___ We see ourselves working with each other at least five, ten, twenty years from now, but if not, we have put together an “exit” agreement as well as another agreement for the possible sale of the share of the business to the other partner.

14. More than two partners

___ If there are going to be more than two partners, if any one of us is hesitant to do something, we agree to honor that person because we don’t have total alignment.

___ If this doesn’t work we agree to get the advice of a third party we all trust.

15. Personal Decisions

___ We have discussed that if one of the partners decides to get married (or divorced) what will happen with the spouse in terms of the business.

___ If one of us decides to have a child, we have discussed how it is going to affect our participation?

___ We know what each partner is personally committed to and what the business represents for them.

Wow! I actually enjoy writing these because I know this is what works. Now, ask yourself: Do these questions make sense? If I’m going to create a business with another partner, does it make sense to know the answers to these questions? Ask yourself, what if I didn’t know the answers and wasn’t prepared? Could I lose my interest in the business?

So, I’d like to have some of your feedbackWe still have 5 more Keys to creating a Successful Business Agreement – and I’d like to know your thoughts. What has worked for you in business? What has caused upsets?

I look forward to sharing the next and final segment with you. Until then, I challenge you to take these questionnaires, print them out and actually go through the checklists.

And I’d like to give you a gift: Your Personal Entrepreneurial Strategy

With loving thoughts,

DC Cordova

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Proven Business Relationship Agreement–Part 2

Secretary Clinton and Romanian Foreign Minister Sign Agreements

Proven Business Relationship Agreement

Part 2

By DC Cordova

In my first post of this series “Proven Business Relationship Agreement”, I discussed and listed the key points to beginning to work in business with partners. The first steps of the Proven Business Relationship Agreement can be read here. You need to be willing to make your partner happy – much like in a personal relationship like a friend or marriage. Next, I want you to create joint ventures first to allow you to learn how you work together. One of the distinctions we cover in my program Money & You® is how you establish trust – you make small agreements. And keep them! This is exactly what a legal contract is… a series of small agreements.

The reason why Money & You® is so powerful is the way it is taught. Most people have experienced learning and education to lectures and notes. For many, this can be extremely tedious, frustrating and boring. We “excellerate” your learning in an experiential environment; it is proven that students learn faster (accelerated) when the medium is auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Meaning they not only hear and see the information but they also experience it.

In this article, you’ll learn the next seven points to creating your Proven Business Relationship Agreement. This series is all about clarity – clarity on purpose, clear rules, clear goals, clear money habits, clear financial habits, clear communication, and clear job descriptions.

If you like what you are reading, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. And to continue from the last post, here’s steps three through nine (3 – 9):

3. Get clear on your purpose

___ We have fully discussed why we are choosing to be together and want to do this particular venture or business.

___ We both know how each other feels about it and have stated out loud why we want this partnership — whether it is:

___ just to make money

___ to learn a new business or skill

___ to learn from our partner

___ because one is providing the funds and we need that money or we won’t be able to do that business.

___ because one is providing the expertise that, without which, we would not have a business.

___ We agree not to keep any secrets from each other. (We know they will come out in the light sooner or later, and later could be detrimental to the trust in the partnership as well as to both of our financial well being.

4. Establish the “Rules of the Game”

___ We are both believers in creating “Rules of the Game” – or policies for our partnership.

___ We have compared our values and found that we are not on opposite ends of the spectrum in what we believe.

___ We know that one of the “Rules of the Game” is to focus on what works.” In other words, each of us has to “get off” our position when something we are doing clearly is not working. Put simply, if there is something not working in the partnership or in the business, we agree to look at it and correct it.

5. Get clear on goals

We have thought about the following and each of us has answered…

___ What are the goals for the business relationship?

___ Why have you chosen to do business together?

___ To learn?

___ To network?

___ To team up with someone that has attributes that you don’t have?

___ What are our financial goals?

___ How much money we want to make together.

___ If we want to sell the business after a certain period of time?

___ If we want to have financial independence out of the business?

___ If we think combining your strengths will give you an advantage over what you could do alone?

___ If it is to take advantage of our differing styles?

6. Where is the money coming from? and who is going to manage the money? We have discussed what Money Habits will be important to each of us and know…

___ Where the money is coming from to capitalize the business.

___ What “learning experiences” each of us has had around money.

7. Financial habits

___ We have looked into my own and my partner’s habits to see…

___If they are similar

___ If each of us save, tithe and invest part of their profits?

___ If we can be confident that we are being mutually responsible and taking care of our selves financially?

___ If we can be confident that the other will not put pressure on the company later to handle any financial obligations they may not be able to meet.

8. Get clear on your lines of communication – We have discussed and know…

___ How frequently are we going to communicate?

___ How are we going to work together?

___ Are we both in the office?

___ Is one on the road and the other “home” in the office?

9. Who is going to do what?

___ What are the clear job descriptions of each partner?

___ Who is responsible for what?

___ Are your personalities complementary? Or is one better at one job than the other?

As you’ll learn, being on the same page, or in alignment, is absolutely essential to create synergy and the results you want in your business. Again, if you missed the first post or just want a refresher, read here my first post in this series of creating a Business Relationship Agreement.

I’d love to hear your comments, I do read them, and I look forward to providing value to your business, your family, your personal relationships and in creating the life of your dreams.

With loving thoughts,

DC Cordova

Creative Commons License photo credit: U.S. Department of State

It’s Everywhere – And You Better Know What To Do With It!

find energy business

By Glenda Feilen

It’s everywhere! It’s in you, on you, and around you. And what you do with it makes a huge difference in your world. If you use it to your advantage, you can expect cash flowing into your life, great relationships, and vibrant health.

However, if you are oblivious to its presence, you could be in big trouble and facing a downward spiral.

So, what is it that is everywhere and so life altering?

It’s energy. Do you know how important the Law of Energy is in your life? It’s affecting you every single moment that you breathe. You can take it in and create great things with it or just ignore it. If ignoring it has been your habit, you just might want to make an immediate U turn in your behavior.

Recently a man told me, “Oh, I’ve heard about energy. I know all about that.” At that moment his business was anything but booming, his marriage was ending, and his bank accounts were busted. “Hearing and knowing about energy” didn’t help him at all. It’s how you are using this invisible, magical power that creates happiness in your life. It may be hidden from your eyes, but it is present literally everywhere in your life.

How do you use the energy ‘in you’, ‘on you’, and ‘around you’ to create some miraculous happenings in your life?

Difficult as it may be to believe, even though the law of energy has a huge impact in your life, only small changes need to be made to begin seeing its beneficial effects. You can easily harness that great hidden power and use it to your advantage in every area of your life.

I say ‘hidden’ because you can’t see it. If we could see it, we would certainly be mindful to the energy that is flowing and when it is flowing right, everything else follows!

Let’s talk about the hidden power within you.

The energy you put out from a soul level is what you think, say, speak, and feel. Napoleon Hill said it best in his book Law of Success. “You have a genius lying within your brain.” Wake up your genius and get it to work for you. The creative power of your soul will lie dormant until you take control of that genius in your mind. Then you will see immediate changes in your life.

What about the energy on you?

Who would ever think that the way you look makes a difference in your success. It does make a big difference. The colors, textures, designs, fabrics, and accessories you wear either attract others to you or repel them on a vibrational level. Instead of trying to create an image to impress others, dress so that others can see the real you inside. When you dress according to how you radiate your energy, others see you – instead of your costume. Dress so that the ‘outside you’ reveals the ‘inside you’ to step into your power. When you do, others take you more seriously, you sell more products, have more customers, and attract empowering relationships. You are never as powerful as when you are being yourself.

What’s this around you energy?

It’s your playing field. Where you live and work. That’s right. Energy flows into your home and office and the way you arrange your environment can make an immediate difference in the happiness of your family, the profits in your business, and the quality of your relationships. Is your sleeping direction attracting positive relationships? Are you attracting money with the current direction your desk is facing? Are the colors and objects in your home and office energetically bringing you customers? Donald Trump said, “If changing the direction of my desk can bring be another million, why not do it!”

A client of mine recently moved to San Diego because her life had taken a turn for the worse. She had been fired from her job, evicted from her home, and had just gone through a family crisis. She began to consciously apply the law of energy to her thoughts, feelings, and words. She stepped into her power by radiating to the world her true self by using energy principles from “Fashion for the Soul’. She also made some energy changes in her home and office to create a warm, friendly environment. Today she is in a fulfilling relationship, has a job which pays double that from which she was fired, is happily reunited with her family. Her life has completely turned around. All she did was to make a personal turn around in the way she was applying the law of energy in her life.

If you are not taking the best advantage of applying the law of energy in your life, it’s not too late to let Glenda Feilen put you on the fast track. No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. Contact Glenda today at www.ContactGlenda.com

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