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Mind over Matter or Matter over Mind?

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Mind over Matter or Matter over Mind?

When one thinks one is basically a body then the universe seems quite frightening. One believes death is the end of everything and one is a creature. One wants to survive at all costs.

We live in a society that virtually worships the physical and for most people science rules. This means that for the more enlightened it is quite oppressive. Watch TV for an evening and notice all the drugs being advertised. Notice all the illnesses and ailments being advertised too. It is amazing how many fantastic malfunctions one can catch. The tremendous group agreement on what to eat or not eat and care of the body in general is enough to keep one totally busy from dawn to dusk. The medical profession and the drug companies together with the insurance industry work very hard to instill both the fear of illness and the urgency of putting yourself in their hands. So get your checkups so we can find out early if you have some dire disease. Of course, this generates much business for them.

Usually they are sold on their own products and services and believe they are doing the right thing with a fervency that is positively cult-like. Even a Sovereign Being when surrounded by well meaning script writers advising him or her to be careful, to take care etc. can fall for this and become unstable. The first symptom of this is worry and doubt of one’s ability to rise above the physical.

When one thinks one is basically a spiritual being one has a different attitude. One expects the universe to co-operate and so it usually does.

At the root of Dynamism is the idea that one is creating one’s own universe however bad or good it may seem at any given moment. The Rapport Course exercises, when done enough times, demonstrate to the person that he can control his emotions and is in fact able to shift them at will.

The big argument about “when is a fetus a live person?” is easily answered when you consider the being as the source of life energy (dynamis). Obviously it is a live person when the person, the being, arrives to enliven it. (The mother, if at all psychic, usually knows exactly when this happens).

Within our society we have a lot of fixed ideas about the nature of reality. If one does not realize that agreements shape the world, it can seem as though those ideas are simply the way it is. When we are young we absorb these ideas. Until we inspect them newly in a new time and space they lurk in our mental basements ready to trick us later. This creates an insidious situation because we don’t really know they are there until under stress we find ourselves doing or thinking things that we consciously know are wrong or stupid.

When we dare to disagree with some of society’s sacred cows we are often told to face reality or that we are in denial. Anyone who has had metaphysical experiences or spiritual revelations finds himself at odds with many of the sacred concepts that our culture holds dear.

People that believe in matter over mind often get very passionate about their beliefs and thrust them upon you with tremendous passion. You could DIE if you don’t do this or that medical procedure. That the medical procedures are often simply increasing the agony and stressing the person seems to escape their notice. Because Doctors and medical personnel are so sure they are doing the right thing (after all they spent years in school being indoctrinated in the current belief system) the patients are often found to be almost hypnotically obeying orders without taking control of their own fates.

The certainty of their rightness and “knowledge” the medical personnel project is VERY hard to withstand.

The oddity is that we are all suggestible. We detest admitting this. That a suggestion carries extra weight due to all the agreement along with the respect we give to those who have studied and worked so hard to learn the system adds even more power to the suggestions gets overlooked. This is to say overlooked by both patient and doctor.

I have recently become aware that many children are being drugged to make them more controllable. They get told they have A.D.D. or some such and are put on mind altering substances. It is also amazing to me that so many adults are on some kind of mind altering substances, prescribed or otherwise. The agreement seems to be that a pill can handle anything. This is based on the idea that emotions are chemical in origin.

None of this is meant to say don’t use doctors when you have a health crisis.

For example modern medicine has come a long way in dealing with epidemics. Hygiene and inoculations have done a great deal to relieve us of the virulent plagues which once raged through whole populations. If you are exposed to such a sickness or in a region where certain ills are prevalent simply take your shots. Grin and bear it.

Too many spiritually aware people deny medicine its place, this is unwise; some ailments are physical in nature and must be dealt with as such. First aid when needed is essential in handling a crisis. However, even it should be used with the idea of getting the individual back in control of his body not with the idea that he must be drugged for the rest of his or her life.

Enid Vien

Dynamism tip: Sovereignty is the state of full responsibility for ones own existence and interactions with others and the universe.

Enid Vien, “The Sovereignty Manual”

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