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Just What Is A Socially Conscious Entrepreneur?

CompassionHappens was formed to establish, strengthen and expand a global community of socially and spiritually conscious people, united around the belief that together we can re-define the role of business in the world . . .

The Conscious Capitalism® movement is gaining momentum as more and more businesses seek ways to stand for a deeper purpose — providing harmonious collaboration among all stakeholders, including investors, employees, team leaders, suppliers, community, environment and humanity. Businesses of all sizes now recognize they can make a profit AND a difference in the world.

It's making a difference in the world today and you can be part of it!

In the following 3 videos Jerry Conti and Ed Rholl explain what it means to be a  Socially Conscious Entrepreneur.

We'd really like to hear your thoughts on being a Socially Conscious Entrepreneur…

How do you see the concepts revealed to you in these videos applying in your business's future?

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