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6 Steps to Create Happiness and Wealth – Part 3

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Third Step: The Universe supports your wish

The Law of Attraction tells us that the Universe is our greatest supporter and supports us in any wish we have.

Show the universe that you know you trust the support, by sitting on your throne; the King or Queen always sits on a throne. Feng Shui requires that you feel the support of the universe in your life. Remember you need to act as if. When you sit in a way that you feel support in your back, you are acting as if the universe is supporting you and IT WILL.

1/ Sit in a solid, high–backed chair.

2/ Sitting with a solid wall behind you also provides support.

3/ If you sit with your back to a door or window, make sure you have a solid, high–backed chair or a tall round-leaved plant behind you.

4/ If those are not possible, make sure you hang on the back of your chair an image of a mountain or a mentor or an angel, so you are symbolically supported by someone representing the Universe.
Fourth Step: Be open to the gifts of the Universe

The Law of Attraction tells us that you need to be open to the gifts of the universe. You need to be in a receiving mode. If you are not opening yourself to what the universe has as insights or as taps on your shoulder and you turn yourself away from the possibilities, you will not see the gifts coming to you.

Show the universe that you are open to receiving. The King or Queen sits in their throne in a way that allows them to see the incoming flow from the universe. By sitting this way, they are open to the gifts that the universe is in process of manifesting. The gifts can come as physical gifts, in the form of relationships with the right people, or the perfect insight or information you need. Feng Shui requires that you feel the support of the universe in your life. Remember you need to act as if. When sitting in a way that you feel support in your back and are open in the front, you are acting as if the universe is supporting you and IT WILL.

Position your Chair as the throne of the Queen or King

Wherever you sit: your desk, on your couch, in a restaurant, or in meetings, position yourself like a queen or king to see the incoming flow. If you can see the incoming flow where you sit, you can see the opportunities the universe is sending you. You will make the right decisions, as your senses will capture all the messages the universe sends.

Extra tips:

1/ Make sure you have a solid wall behind you for support or a high-backed chair.
2/ Make sure images hang behind you that are supportive: as mentors, mountains, angels, family members or partners that support you.
3/ Remove any sharp-leaved plants from your area.
4/ Remove all clutter around you.
5/ The main breadwinner or head of the family needs to sit in the best position – not your children or your dog or cat or your mother in law: you need to be in charge of your home.

Position your Bed as the bed of the Queen or King

The universe also sends messages at night because dreams and inspiration can help you direct your life to make the right decisions. You need to clearly see the door when you wake up to the messages of the universe in the morning.

Extra tips:

1/ Make sure you have a solid wall behind you for support.
2/ Try to sleep in a good direction for you personally: the top of your head needs to point to a good direction.
3/ If your bed is placed into a corner for sleeping in the right direction, make sure you have a headboard or a screen behind you.
4/ Make sure no mirror is reflecting your bed.
5/ Sleep in a queen or king sized bed even when you sleep alone.
6/ Do not hang images of water above your bed: you drown – no images of big rocks – you are squashed.
7/ Put images above your bed of what you wish to manifest: romance, health, wisdom, success, so your unconscious mind can focus on them during your sleep.
8/ No headboard made of slats or you will cut to pieces your energy for manifesting.

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Good Fortune,

Marie Diamond

Copyright Marie Diamond USA 2006

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It IS a Small World: the “6 Degrees of Proximity”

It is a small world

It IS a Small World: the “6 Degrees of Proximity”

Do you remember the last time you were on a holiday and met another compatriot? Ten-to-one you discovered you had a mutual contact and that one of you made the remark:

“It is a small world, isn’t it?”

This happens a lot on holidays. It even seems that this happens more abroad than in our daily lives. Is this a coincidence? Or is there more?

It is not that odd. We indeed live in a small world. The first person who started doing research in this area was Stanley Milgram. In his 1967 “small world experiment” the theory of the “6 degrees of separation” was born. This theory states that everybody in the world is connected via 6 steps (read: people). Several other studies between 1967 and today have proven that this is indeed the case.

Let’s also look at this theory from another angle, from a more mathematical one. Let’s assume that everybody has on average 250 contacts (professional and private ones). Each of these 250 contacts also has 250 contacts. If we conservatively assume that you know half of those people yourself then every contact of yours knows 125 people you don’t know yourself. This means that in the second degree you have access to 31,250 people. And that is where the real power of networking is: in the second degree. You don’t only have many more opportunities, you also have a bond of trust via your mutual contact.

If you can contact anyone in the world via only 6 people you are rather connected than separated, aren’t you?

This principle of the “6 Degrees” that I call the “6 Degrees of Proximity” can also be found in online networking Web sites like LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com), Ecademy (www.ecademy.com) and Xing (www.xing.com). You don’t only see how many people you can actually reach in the second degree, but also who these people are!

What is the value of this insight for me?

That we can deal with each other in a different way on events, cocktail drinks, online networks and other networking functions. Too often participants of events don’t feel comfortable because they feel like having to “sell” themselves or their organizations (see the article about “The Difference Between Selling and Networking”). And because they don’t like someone else approaching them with this attitude they don’t want to radiate this themselves to others as well.

But if you know that the greatest value of the network is in the second degree, you can deal with people in a different way than “selling”. In your next conversation at a networking event, look and listen for what the other person can do for your network and what your network for his of hers. And the other way around: what the network of this person can do for you and you for his or her network. You won’t only discover more opportunities, but also have another kind of conversation and more enjoyable one !

PS: If you discover that you and the person you are talking to can help each other or can do business with each other, don’t miss this opportunity! You don’t have to exclude yourself and only think about the needs of your network instead of your own. However, by starting your conversation with this networking attitude, you can get another kind of conversation with surprising results!

Jan Vermeiren is the Networking Coach and author of the network book “Let’s Connect!” (soon also available on Amazon) and the CD “Let’s Connect at an event”. Jan and his team don’t only give presentations, training courses, workshops and personal coaching concerning networking and referrals, but also advice organizations how to stimulate networking at their events and how to integrate networking in their sales and recruitment strategy. The Networking Coach team works for large international companies like Alcatel, Delta Lloyd Bank, Deloitte, DuPont, EDS, Ernst & Young, IBM and SAP as well as for small companies and freelancers.

Go to www.networking-coach.com to get your FREE networking e-course and a light version of the book.

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