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Tips On Global Entrepreneurship

Global entrepreneur

By DC Cordova, CEO and Co-Founder Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs

The following tips will be important information if you want to grow and expand your business, especially if you want to bring your business overseas.

These are Key Distinctions I learned from traveling and teaching overseas for over 20 years and bringing my San Diego-based business in NZ, AU, HK, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Brunai, and Eurpose.

The world is becoming one in many ways, but it is still very separate in that people do not understand the different cultures and nationalities and religions that are represented in all the countries they may be interested in.

My mission is “Uplifting Humanity’s Conscientious Through Business” so this purpose takes me into all areas of the world.

I have seen business meetings where people of multiple cultures were doing business and interacting with total understanding and respect. This is what will be necessary for everyone to do business globally.


Become aware of the world of Entrepreneurship

Read global magazines

Watch global TV coverage – CNN International and BCC carry global news

In America the news is very one-sided and people don’t get a realistic picture of what the countries overall are like if they depend on what is reported here and overseas about us. It is the same for Muslim, Chinese, other nationalities and religions. Media creates a very skewed perspective

Travel – You have to actually travel to the countries of interest to you to get the real picture.

Go to our Web site at www.excellerated.com to see where our programs are held. Once you have done Money & You and BSE, you can travel to every city we are in and be connected immediately with other graduates. Even if they are teaching the program in Chinese. someone always speaks English. BSE Graduates can sit in the back of the room or re-do the school, which bonds the students throughout the activities of the program. Once you connect with people from the other countries, your perspective begins to shift.

You need to be there, to connect and to hear different points of views and to see what niche’s can be created there. Then you will find opportunities overseas that you never have seen in your own hometown. If your business is flat or you can’t quite get it going to meet your vision, try going overseas and see the opportunities there. You meet people in the airports, and airport lounges who can be very helpful to you and you can learn from them as you go also

Telephone Pre-fixes show you are a Global Businessperson: +1 is the US code, 65 is the Singapore, 60 is Malaysia. This indicates which country you are from.

Business cards show you are doing business globally, especially if you can get a mobile phone number in other countries.

Use the word MOBILE on your card – not Cell or Handphone. MOBILE is a word understood everywhere.

How you hand your business card: While in the US, we hand over our cards very casually, whereas, in Asia, they hand over the card, like it is a special gift you are giving to the person. Both people look carefully at the card and talk about it which gives you a connection and immediate rapport with the person through forming a common ground of known information.

Dress: Women should dress like the other women in that country. They are often flattered when you wear their type of clothing and costumes. Men should not wear short sleeve shirts in most cultures. Get tips on how to dress in the country you are going to via articles on the Internet. There is also a lot of great information in the internet about doing business in every different country. GOOGLE “Doing Business in ____”

Think about what you would like to do with your business to create it as a global business. Start expanding your vision to becoming a global entrepreneur. People do not go to war with people they are doing business with. And you gain confidence by being a Global Citizen, for should anything happen in the geographical area you are from, you know you can live and flourish your business anywhere.

For further information about the Global Opportunities for participating in programs by Excellerated Business Schools and Money & You in other countries, visit the Web site at www.excellerated.com.