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Nov 2023

Connect with your classmates/other graduates and share your breakthroughs, experiences, insights, knowledge, resources, networks and support each other! 

• Exchange direct contact information with your classmates/grads.

No individual class Money & You Social Media groups can be created. Links for Social Media platforms will be listed below. Next week you will receive an email listing a Web page with all live links.

• Money & You® Zoom Reconnection Conference – Pass the word to M&Y grads!

Wednesday, November 29, 5 pm (PT – California) ­– 7 pm (CT) – 8 pm (ET).  90 to 120 mins. 90 to 120 mins.
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Meeting ID: 882 3194 3074

Passcode: 787570

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+16694449171,,88231943074# US

• For an overview of Doria Cordova and the work – www.MeetDoria.com

• Next Money & You San Diego, California May 1 – 4, 2024


Register your family members, business associates/friends for only $2,295 until Nov. 29 – Use Coupon Code: MY2295 – http://www.MoneyandYou.com/myregistration-2

(For public Early Bird:  $2,495)

Share these great short reels/testimonials:

Jason Estes https://vimeo.com/782040857/b44ea590b0

Forbes Riley   https://vimeo.com/691631409/95b32730e3

ALWAYS CHECK for dates of all programs globallyhttps://www.moneyandyou.com

 • A GIFT FROM US – Book your CLARITY CALL with our expert Craig Doyle. One of the wonderful benefits of being a participant/logistics member is for you to have a complimentary VIP “Clarity Call” with our partner in Australia, Craig Doyle (Ryll’s husband/business partner). These up to 60-minute calls are designed to support you in debriefing the huge few days to make sure you get truly grounded in all you discovered and implement immediate changes back in the ‘real world’. Go to the link, and book yourself in right away. Hours are available to suit the US. Craig is very experienced in supporting M&Y graduates in getting the most out of this entire experience. He’ll also help you assess what’s next for you, including specific actions, even whether the Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs is a fit for you.



Expand what is possible for yourself, your business, and life. Meet and work with subject matter experts, self-made entrepreneurs, multi-millionaires, and inspiring global leadership to take your business to the next level over this live-in 8-day immersion program.

The curriculum also covers some of the world’s fastest trends and growing industries: New Technologies Renewables Impact – which are predicted to be US$90 trillion industries, thus, they are the subjects covered in this world-renowned program that started the entrepreneurial, experiential, transformation training industry!

The next program is being held in gorgeous Phuket, Thailand on Nov. 2 – 9, 2024. We recommend that you arrive early (or extend your stay) to enjoy this beautiful country, as well as the 5-star resort, and to get to know your classmates better.

The full investment is US$16,880. Save $2,000 and benefit from the program for just $14,880 thanks to the Special Class of November 2023 M&Y Discount. Secure your place with a $500 deposit. Payment plans are available.

Or to set up a conversation to see if this program is for you, scan the Calendy QR code at the end of this document, and/or in the back of the BSE brochure.

To learn more –  http://www.GlobalExcelleratedBusinessSchool.com

• Leadership Mastery/Instructors’ Training Program (Instructors Training Program) – “Your life will never outstrip your leadership”, Kerry Zurier. You’re invited to join this breakthrough program and lift the lid on what’s possible for your leadership, impact, and influence at home and work. Meet, learn, and partner with other leaders from all over the world. If you would like to find out more please email – craig@90degreesglobal.com

• Go overseas and expand your markets globally. Your promotional materials are welcome on all Network Tables. Review – Be in Logistics – Be a Receiver!

• Join our next San Diego program Super Logistics Team. Thank YOU for letting us know you wish to join us email – info@moneyandyou.com

We’ll be following up with you soon. Tameka Vasquez and/or Rachel Best will keep you posted with future correspondence as to what is expected of you!

• Revised Book Series in Amazon: Access To Cash – It’s Not What You Think! Learn more about it – www.AccessToCashBook.com

You can also search for it by the title and my name:  Doria Cordova (this helps with algorithms – much appreciated). Sharing it with others will support many to experience SUFFICIENCY! Thank you. Book is available in other languages.

• Money-Making Systems Manual – This revised version of this timeless work will support you in providing the “nuts & bolts” of building a business or organization whether for or non-profit – http://www.moneyandyou.com/money-making-systems/

• Excellerated Business Success Model Book in Chinese – Timeless, proven formula to create, build, and grow a socially responsible organization. Chinese associates and friends can purchase at – https://www.moneyandyou.com/Business-Success-Model-Chinese/

• LEVERAGE LEVERAGE! In this easy-to-follow Online Course you will learn distinctions for leveraging your time, money, resources, networks… your energy!

Doria shares distinctions to be more productive which will support you in staying focused on more income-generating activities. You will learn how to separate the activities you are doing that generate CASH and focus on them. Finally, you will learn the ultimate lesson in LEVERAGE which is to move your business past yourself – https://www.LeverageTo.Cash

• Access to Cash Online Entrepreneurial Course – 6 1/2 hours – 44 years+ to support you to create your profitable business/organization (for and non-profit) that will add value to humanity – and create wealth for YOU – http://AccessToCashCourse.com

• Work Further with Your Instructor: Kerry Zurier – A Master Coach who works with high-level individuals. She also leads the Excellerated Instructors’ Program (ITP). She is now creating new online experiential courses as we move into a new paradigm of education. If you wish to have a 30-minute conversation with her to determine if her master coaching services are for you, email her – Kerry.zurier@accomplishmentcoaching.com

• World’s Leading Renewable Energy Entrepreneur – Huang MingRight Livelyhood Prize Winner (equivalent to the Nobel Prize for those who make a major contribution to the betterment of humanity). Doria Cordova is an Ambassador for his http://www.SolarValleyChina.com

Great overview of the Solar Valley – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6gMBD5tMnA

http://www.SolarValleyChina.com/solar-cookers check out these cookers that can be provided to emerging nations and reach one of the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


• Excellerated Business Success Model Book Gift – To support you/your associates in Building an Economic Engine Around Your Life Purpose. Timeless, proven formula to create, build, and grow a socially responsible organization. Download at –https://moneyandyou.com

• Fridays With Doria & Friends Global Platform – Join us and meet our global network and expand your INFLUENCE, IMPACT, WEALTH… We have interviewed great masters/experts –https://fridayswithdoria.com

REPLAYS AVAILABLE: When you sign up for any Fridays With Doria & Friends event, you will have access to the Replays. And you will be notified of any upcoming events.

Fridays with Doria & Friends can support you to immediately take your business/life to your next level of success…

In that Platform you will also find:

  • Magical Recovery Exercises – do these easy exercises to support you in clearing multi-generational financial decisions that have been activated from the pandemic or in life…

This process has been done by some of the most successful financial masters/experts/best-selling authors –  https://fridayswithdoria.com/magicalexercises/

Ho’oponopono Prayer – once a month Doria Cordova will lead the prayer on Zoom and in CLUBHOUSE at 11 am Pacific.  The next prayer: Friday, November 24.  Would love to see you there! To learn more about the hybrid of this Hawaiian process –https://fridayswithdoria.com/resources/hooponopono/

Tools / Products / Programs We Highly Recommend:

See more at: https://www.accesstocashbook.com/resources/

• DISC Profile System Products / Information – connect with Carol Dysart: carol@caroldysart.com and Download Gifts https://globalsparks.com/DISC/MY

• Excellent Program for Teens / Young Friends – Bobbi DePorter’s work (co-creator of Money & You / Excellerated Business School) www.SuperCamp.com Gift: www.8Keys.org

• Jerry and Jessica Conti lead the Legacy Live Education Platform – an educational platform that will encompass the most important area of education for entrepreneurs – to be launched in 2024 – https://legacyliveeducation.com

• Maria Simone and Chad Warren of ZenMoose Capital are leading an impact business to support eradicating homelessness – https://unitedtinyhomes.com

• Dr. Serge Gravelle’s www.GlobalSparks.com educational platform has millions committed to education. Dr. Gravelle is also the Executive Director of the Doria Cordova Foundation

• Tom Chesser, PR Specialist – Rise Up Media & Marketing – working closely with Doria Cordova and Excellerated Business Schools https://riseupmedia-marketing.vcardinfo.com

Moe Rock is a great friend and supporter of our work – follow his work through www.TRIBUNELA.com – he / his team host events with experts / masters to support your entrepreneurial journey

• Peter Swain, CEO – Expert in applying AI systems to your business/organizations. Check out his work. He offers 2-weeks free trial mastermind – https://roaimastermind.com/

• Marjah Simon, CEO – Simon Media Group/Author Writers’ Academy. Helps successful, busy entrepreneurs become published, marketed best-selling authors – https://www.awa4life.com/

• Joel Yi – Sales Systems and Revenue Recovery Expert – https://joelyi.com

• Legal Shield is a great membership service for quick legal support and forms as part of the low-price fee. This service doesn’t replace the need for great legal support global888enterprises.wearelegalshield.com

Social Media

Start with Doria Cordova’s pages and find Money & You Grads / Other Influential Friends!

When you post in all Social Media about your experience of #moneyandyou – thank YOU for using that hashtag!


Jason Estes / Aligned Earth –




There are several Money & You / Excellerated Groups in Facebook.

You can find them in my postings when I have many SHARES. Just click on the SHARES link. Some are secret so you’ll have to request to be accepted. You can also go into some secret/private groups and let them know that Doria Cordova recommended you.

Money & You Graduates Worldwide:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/180548935306537

Instant Messenger Adelene Bek in Facebook to request to be accepted in the M&Y Worldwide Group: https://www.facebook.com/adelenebek

Money & You USA: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180548935306537

Official Money & You Virtual Networking Group:

Official Money & You Page: https://www.facebook.com/moneyandyou

Money & You YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MoneyAndYouEducation

Doria Cordova’s YouTube Channel – an Awesome Interview with a High-Tech Social Entrepreneur, Jorge Yant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVX2lVYLsLw


Happy to Announce that the Doria Cordova Foundation has been approved to be a 501(3)(c) (tax-deductible) organization.  We will keep you posted of our charitable endeavors.  www.DoriaCordovaFoundation.com


















Doria’s Favorite Health Recommendations:

• LifeWave’s Nanotechnology – Stem Cells Activator / Immune System Boosters – Light-based Patches for Health, Vitality and Youthfulness.

I have been using these wonder patches from the beginning of the Covid Pandemic which support me in keeping my immune system strong. The stem cell activators (we stop creating them at 25 years old), X39 are the best! I love them!

Read more: www.X39Start.com  and  https://lifewave.com/ChrisMentzel

Connect with my beloved, Chris Mentzel, for more details: LifeWave@Mentzel.com

This 4 minute video shows the success of relieving pain on horses and animals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ8EA0fANl0 If you know horse owners, pass the word!

• Practicing TM Meditation twice a day. One of my Spiritual Mentors, www.DrSananda.com is an excellent teacher of this life-changing practice. I have never missed in over 13 years of practice – it has been so supportive of my well-being and has had positive effects in every area of my life.

Dr. Robert Young’s – Doc Broc’s Power Plants Powder supplement (he was the original creator of green powder supplements over 3 decades ago) www.PhMiracle.com  I have been using them since 1997.

There are additional wonderful mentors / products / supplements / regimes / habits that I will be sharing about when my personal Web page www.MeetDoria.com is updated in the near future.

• Quantum Energy Wellness Bed – is a titanium-lined wellness bed that uses heat, sound, and quantum energy to create a standing quantum field, supporting the body to reach optimum wellness: https://voidspacetech.org/products/qewellnessbed

• Void Space Tech Products – Jason Estes’ and team’s additional products complementary to Wellness Bed to support the body to reach optimum wellness.  https://voidspacetech.org/products/

Want to Support the Work further?

Aside from joining our Super Logistics Team which allows us to present the best program possible, you can join our Affiliate Program. You can use any affiliate fees to offer a discount to your referrals or prosper yourself.  You can be an affiliate for any of our free offerings shared earlier or  www.MoneyandYou.com or www.GlobalExcelleratedBusinessSchool.com or other Excellerated products. Sign up at:  www.MoneyandYou.com/affiliate-registration

That will keep the work expanding since 95% of those who attend M&Y are sent by graduates!

Thank YOU! We are here to support you in being an awesome socially-responsible entrepreneur and member of a powerful global team!

For any questions / support feel free to email our office: Info@MoneyandYou.com

Or call, text, WhatsApp our awesome office manager, Tameka Vasquez: 1-619-224-8880

Aloha Nui Loa,

Dame Doria Cordova / Kerry Zurier and the M&Y Team!