Politics and War – Lethal Scarcity

why war and politics hurt us

A guest article by Randolph Craft.


We have politics as we know it and war only because of the “lethal scarcity – Malthusian economics” syndrome. Politics (as we know it), war, weaponry, and deceit become obsolete with the discovery that through human intellect's exponentially multiplying know-how and the exponentially multiplying more-with-less production and service- capabilities, including continual and growing recirculation of the physical materials, there is an abundant capability to support and to accommodate all humanity — if it stops wasting its resources for military purposes and for exclusively one-sided monetary and political profits. (Listen to the mind's willingness to believe that the above mentioned could never happen!)


As long as people everywhere believe that there is not enough to go around for adequate life support and that “that's the way it is,” just so long is selfishness to be rationalized as being not only “realistic” but essential in securing the “bread and butter” for those dependent upon the family “bread- winner.” Those who eschew selfishness and commit themselves to the golden rule are considered to be either ignorant, foolish, and/or strange or gifted in some way — not one of “us.”


Since, however, it is now looming into ever more widely held knowledge, made available by international computer “bulletin boards,” computer news wire services, a vast and growing number to media alternatives, and the increasing ease with which people can publish their point of view, that there is and can continue to be ample life support for all, both today and tomorrow. For the first time in three million years of known human presence on this planet, selfishness can no longer be rationalized as inherently valid.

This is one of the most dramatic changes in all history. It could thus be seen that the realism of the Austronesian water people and their cultivated wisdom may (again) integrate synergetically to lead into noncompetitive, problem-solving human life styles that integrate with, support, and abide by the laws of regenerative nature.


It is interesting to note that since the fall of ancient Troy and establishment of supremacy of “the lines of supply,” except for the subtle growth of the “business” man's complex credit and finance accounting system, there has been no fundamental change in the grand economic strategy of the power structure governing world affairs throughout the intervening 5,000 years. Whoever has controlled the line of supply has dominated. Only now controlling of the line of supply has come to include the air fleets and the intercontinental nuclear bombs, space platforms, Star-wars systems, etc., all guided with pinpoint accuracy by the instruments of a now 99% invisible reality. “People don't get out of the way of things they can't see..


Who can kill and destroy the most with the least is “on top” in the arms race. The scientific discovery or technical invention of ways of “doing more with less” constitutes the most highly “classified” of secret information of the most powerfully armed political states. Because all the governments hold all such information secret, society fails to realize that there is a swiftly accelerating accomplishment of the more-with-lessing which has led to a present ability to provide ample life support for all humans on earth and those to come in the future.

This “ample-life-support” information does exist in many “pockets” around the world, but is yet to find popularity as a political issue because political issues are usually supported by a source of money — money which usually comes from some “business” source — business which runs on the supply-demand- scarcity syndrome. The system makes the information of it's undoing difficult, if not impossible, to support!


The “business” man's business and its invention of abstract banking credit, finance, interest, deposits, coinage, economics, foreign exchange rates, balance of trade, insurance, bookkeeping, and above all uncontrolled “pricing” obviously prosper most when “goods” are scarcest. Scarcities are most certain of occurring when governments spend the most on armament production, which production tends to render scarce all peaceful life-support items and services. It becomes obvious why no book on economics ever mentions “doing more with less.” “More with lessing” is thought to be by many paramount to giving more and better goods and services for ever lower prices, whereas money-making business is enchanted only with giving subtly ever less for ever higher prices. It is obvious why the stock market prices climb whenever the prospects loom for more war preparation or for relaxation of any restraints upon “big” business.


Throughout the three and one-half million years during which humans now are known to have been aboard “Spaceship Earth,”  (a term coined by R.B. Fuller in the early 1960's) none knew that humanity had an option of total economic successes. Therefore, the selfish viewpoint has always been rationalizably justified. Known to less than one percent of world people, we nonetheless have come into a new relationship with Nature — a relationship wherein the cause of the struggle to survive economically can been dispensed with.


This is always the question that comes up after information of this nature comes to the surface. In my 30+ years of study and investment that made me aware of this point of view, I found myself angry, feeling helpless, wanting to join some protest group, participating in politics, etc. Playing the game of making a difference is the best game in town as long as you don't get stuck on the results.

For me, what to do about “it” has become a simple matter. I just make sure that this point of view is one of the ones – the primary one – I use to observe the reality of the world around me. I then “do” what I am moved to do. Then I look to see if what I did is appropriate and effective for me and those around me at that time. I look and listen “out” to my surroundings – to my environment. And guess what?… People – especially people – really like it when you look and listen to and for them. Go figure…;-)

This point of view allows me to feel a deeper understanding of world events. I have more compassion for world leaders and people in general – they are usually doing their best using what they have “learned” from wherever they came from and their “education.” I see the news differently than I used to. I view the stock market in a totally different way. I notice, as much as possible, what I do and what others do to contribute to and perpetuate the “scarcity syndrome” unconsciously. My attitude about “earning a living” has definitely and radically shifted.

It’s funny… now, when I look for abundance in my world – the world I live in, it’s here! Go figure… 😉

Randy Craft Buck FullerRandolph Craft is the director of The Fuller Edutainment Company, President of AMP, Advanced Management Planning, founder and director of the Pacific Planning Institute, a consulting principal of QHM, Quality HealthCare Management, founder and President of Ke Wai e Ola – The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center, and partner with his brother, Greg, in The Art of Craft.

In 40 years of business, Mr. Craft has managed over 500 projects from inception to completion in both business and the arts, and provides education in these fields in programs sponsored internationally.

In his business career, Mr. Craft has developed or co-developed technologies which provide operational project planning, project management, computer-driven sales-tracking, quality control programs, values integration technology, and general business management systems (QTM). He provides business consulting, computer consulting, business plans, sales, planning, and quality integration workshops, line-of-balance analysis, and database architecture and production. His client list reads like a Whos Who of the “magic” success stories of the late 80s and early 90s His business and life mentors include, and are not limited to, Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller and Dr. Edwards Deming.

In his art career, which began in Hawaii in 1968, he has become an internationally collected sculptor and painter, designer and builder of “famous” commercial establishments, and currently with his brother in The Art of Craft, have an active and thriving art business in Hawaii that produces “jewelery for buildings” and serves clients mostly locally and increasingly internationally.

His work with Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, which began in 1980, is the foundation for his continuing studies and teaching in the field of scioeconomics and the development of efficiency and productivity tools for business and education. He conducts several programs annually throughout Asia, including the PRC.

Currently living on the “Big Island” of Hawaii’ at Puako Beach, he is an avid outrigger canoe paddler and surfer, rides his Harley in the “high” country of the “Big Isle,” enjoys making his “Mana Cabbage” (Green Papaya Salad) for friends and loved ones, and is a 40+ year resident of “Paradise,” the state of Hawaii’.

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