Notable Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs

Instructors Since 1978

2024 – 2022 — 2018 — 2017 Instructors listed on

Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller – Inventor, Futurist, Philosopher, Humanitarian. Creator of Synergistics, Geodisic Domes technology. Coined word Synergy.

Marshall Thurber – Co-Founder/Creator of Burklyn Business School, Money & You, Powerful Presentations programs 1978 – 1995. Edwards Deming technology expert; consultant.

Bobbi DePorter – Co-founder Burklyn Business School; Quantum Learning Network, Supercamp Programs; leading teen education expert. Best-Selling Author

Bill Galt – Founder of Good Earth Restaurants, Ambassador for Peace Initiatives. Past Burklyn Business School partner

Pete Wanger – Co-Founder of Granny Goose Potato Chips. Past Burklyn Business School partner, Consultant

Robert T. Kiyosaki – Co-author of best-selling Rich Dad/Poor Dad Series. Partner of Excellerated Learning Institute with Doria (DC) Cordova and Leading instructor of all Excellerated Programs from 1985 – 1994

Dominique Lyone – CEO/Founder Complete Office Supplies (COS). Leading Instructor of Excellerated Business Schools®, Money & You®, Creating Wealth Programs since 1992 through present

Willson Lin – founder of Doers Group, Leading Instructor of Chinese Excellerated Business Business Schools®, Money & You® and other entrepreneurial programs. Best-selling author

Michael D. Basch – Co-founder /Team Member of Federal Express

Jac Holzman – Creator of Panavision, Founder Elektra Records, Manager of legendary Doors music band; humanitarian

Jim Halcomb  – Creator PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) System used by NASA in the successful landing of man on the moon in 1969

Dr. Jannie Chan (formerly Tay) – Co-founder of The Hour Glass, President of the Singapore Retailers Association and the Asean Business Forum; Leading Singapore and Asian Entrepreneur

Elena Lim – Chairman-Emeritus, Solid Group, Inc.; Chairman Starworld Corp. and Chairman Laguna International Industrial Park. Leading Philippines and Asian Industrialist and Entrepreneur

Datuk Maznah Hamin – Executive Chairman, Securiforce Group, Chairman of Uniutama Property Sdn Bhd, Member of Boards, Women Groups, Politician, Leading Malaysia and Asian Entrepreneur

Anthony Robbins  – Best-selling Author, World-Renown Success Consultant

Mark Victor Hansen – Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series

Tony Buzan – Best-selling Author, Using Both Sides of Your Brain. Mind-mapping expert.

Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder  – Best-selling Authors, SuperLearning Experts

Peter Russell – Best-selling Author – The Global Brain

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake – Best-selling Author – Morphic Fields (M-Fields)

Ida Rolf  – Creator of the Rolfing Method

Jamie Fuller  – Buckminster Fuller’s Protégée, Grandson

Jay Abraham – World Renowned Marketing Expert

Sondra Ray – Best-selling Author, Founder of The Loving Relationship Training, Pioneer of Emotional Intelligence

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniywaswami (Gurudeva) – Leading Hindu Master Teacher

Reverend “Ike” Frederick J. Eikenrenkoetter II – American Minister and Evangelist

Terri Cole Whittaker  – Minister, 1st Female TV Science of Mind Celebrity, Best-selling Author

Thomas Crum – Best-selling Author, Aikido Master, Co-founder with John Denver of Windstar Foundation

Dame Marcia Martin – Mega-Speaker, Thought Leader, Executive Coach

Keith Cunningham – Creator of Cashflow Quadrant, Co-founder Prime Cable, Investment, Mentor

Nyhl Henson – Chairman, DJ Central, Cable industry pioneer

Bill Allen –  Founder Hawaii Care & Cleaning, CEO i-Mop, Ultimate Solutions, Co-Owner Big App Lab. Serial Entrepreneur; Business Educator

Dr. Amy Edmondson – Synergetics Protégée of Buckminster Fuller. Best-Selling Author

Jim Channon – Strategic Designer, Founder of First Earth Battalion,

Michael Shultz – Director, Film Maker and Producer

Paul Horn – Renown Musician

Paul Williams  – Renown Musician

Gabrielle Roth  – Dance Master, Artist, Theatre Director

George Lazenby – Actor – Australian James Bond; humanitarian

Linda Chandler – Founder Core Value Training, Financial Strategist, Best-Selling Author

Janet Switzer – Revenue Strategist, Marketing Expert, Best-Selling Author

Dwain Jeworski – Web / Marketing / Advertising Expert. Excellerated Business Schools® Web Consultant

Dr. Norsaidatul Akmar Mazelan – Managing Director, Think Plus Group of Companies

Bill Shopoff  – Shopoff Realty Investments, Venture Capitalist, Real Estate Development

Mark Long – Attorney, Best-selling Author, Investments Expert, SuperLab Specialist

Dr. Dolf  de Roos – World Renowned Real Estate Investment Authority. Best-Selling Author

Al Huang – Tai Chi Master, Best-selling Author, Philosopher, International Speaker

Brad Sugars – Business Development; Founder, Action International

Steve Curtis – Curtis Marketing Group, Business Consultant

Blair Singer – SalesDogs Best-Selling Author, Rich Dad Advisor. Former Money & You®, Instructors Training Program, other Excellerated Program Instructor

John Burley – Real Estate Investor’s Summer Camp. Best-Selling Author

Stan and Jane Jordan – Business Consultants. MC of Chinese Excellerated Business Schools, Artist

Joe Chapon – VP of Quantum Learning Network, Strategic Planning, Marketing Expert

Jody Colvard – CEO/Founder of FMG TV/Radio & Voices of Women Media

Eric Lofholm – Master of Sales Training; Best-Selling Author

Loy Young  – Best-selling Author, Relationship Consultant, Master Teacher

Peter Meisen – Energy Sources, Executive Director GENI Organization

Jerry Speiser – Synergetics, Physicist, Drummer of Men at Work Australian Band

Dan Osborne – Foreign Currency Derivative Trading Expert

Nigel Brunel  – Derivative Trading, Options Expert’

Dr. Enrique Teucher – Emotional Intelligence, Personal Mastery

Ko Hayashi – Investment/Entrepreneurial Consultant

Mark Reardon – Leading Educator in Quantum Learning, School Principal

Mark Lefko – Raising Capital – Investments

Peter Ho  – Chartered Accountant – Revised “Accounting Game”

Eric Jensen – Author, Co-founder SuperCamp, Turning Point for Teachers

Sanford Drucker – Entrepreneur

Joseph Heller  – Creator of Heller Body Work

Andrew Walsh – Creator of One-Day in Prison Program for Teens at Risk

Arthur  Bornstein – Best-selling Author, Memory Expert

Peter Powers, MD – Health, Wellness. Medical Breakthroughs

(Not included in this list are the Notable Chinese Leading Entrepreneurs and Experts that have taught in the 89 Chinese Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs held since 2001)