Ways To Keep Our Connection Alive!

Connect with your classmates/other graduates and share your breakthroughs, experiences, insights, knowledge, resources, networks and support each other! 

1st: Exchange contact information with your classmates / grads in class before leaving the event. No individual Money & You Social Media groups can be created. See links below for current groups.

2nd:  Money & You® Zoom Reconnection Conference – Pass the word to M&Y grads!

Wednesday Oct 2 – 5 pm (PDT) – 8pm (EST)  https://zoom.us/j/87867067 or

Phone:  +1 646 558 8656    Meeting ID: 878 670 673

3rd: Money & You – Next USA Program: March 19 – 22, 2020 again in Oceanside / San Diego Register your team(s) with your $900. discounted tuition code: MY1595 – valid until Reconnection Conference on Oct. 2: http://www.MoneyandYou.com/myregistration

ALWAYS CHECK for dates of all programs globally: http://www.MoneyandYou.com

Go overseas and expand your markets globally. Your promotional materials are welcome on all Network Table…  Review – Be in Logistics – Be a Receiver!

Next dates for English M&Y’s: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia October 10 – 13 – http://www.moneyandyou.com.my

Tokyo, Japan (translation) Nov. 7 – 10, 2019

Sunshine Coast,  Australia Nov. 14 – 17

For Chinese programs see www.MoneyandYou.com

For the next San Diego program Super Logistics Team, contact our office: admin@excellerated.com and Tameka Vasquez will send you an Invitation with detals.

Eric Mowrey, the Logistics Supervisor you met in So Cal, will get in touch with you and respond to all your inquiries. His email: askericmowrey@gmail.com

4th Join us in Vietnam for the 8-Day Global Excellerated Business School – July 18 – 25, 2020 Apply at: http://www.GlobalExcelleratedBusinessSchool.com

New Technologies – Renewables – the world’s fastest-growing industry – predicted to be a US$ 90 trillion industry.

Secure your place with a $2,500 deposit and can have an installment plan: US$11,995

Pay upfront and save a further $1,000 and pay only US$ 10,995.

5th: Money & You Part II – Creating Wealth – Oct. 25 – 27 www.CreatingWealthandYou.com in Brisbane, Australia. This program was created by Robert Kiyosaki and myself to answer further questions that M&Y grads have specifically on money, wealth, building a legacy business.

6th: Online Money & You Inner Circle – https://moneyandyou.com/innercircle/

An on-going educational series with some of Excellerated’s best experts, mentors & Influencers. This is an online Mastermind to support your financial / business / influence goals

7th: Access to Cash Webclasshttp://www.MoneyandYou.com/online

Six+ hours of deep and detailed teachings by Doria Cordova. Excellent class to introduce your teams / young people to understanding how to build businesses / organizations and being a Social Entrepreneur.

8th: Money & You Book Series in Amazon – Pass the word to your network & friends – http://www.MyAccessToCash.com – Do the Magical Exercises in Chapter 7!

9th: The Excellerated Business Success Model book can be found at: https://amzn.to/2v8FQN4 – Current Free-Offer: www.MoneyandYou.com/free-offer

10th: The revised version of Money-Making Systems Manual will be available online soon.

Download it to support you in building your organization / business!  http://www.moneyandyou.com/money-making-systems/

11th: Check out our Renewable Energy endeavors and partner, Huang Ming, one of the world’s leading solar entrepreneur. We’re working on Foundations distributing solar cookers & products to emerging nations: http://www.SolarValleyChina.com


Flipboard Solar Wonders online magazine:


12th: Keep reviewing the principles!

Watch educational videos about key principles taught in M&Y / Other: http://www.moneyandyou.com/rulesofthegamevideo/



More found in YouTube:  Dame DC Cordova / Money & You

13th: Join us in Social Media – Start with Doria & find other M&Y team members!

http://www.Facebook.com/DCCordovaFriends (LIKE)

http://www.Facebook.com/DCCordova (Follow)

http://www.Facebook.com/MoneyandYou (LIKE)

http://www.Twitter.com/DCCordova  @dccordova  #dccordova

http://www.Twitter.com/MoneyandYou  @moneyandyou  #moneyandyou


https://www.instagram.com/damedccordova/ @damedccordova

There are several M&Y groups in Facebook. You can find them in my postings when I have many SHARES. Some are “Secret” so you’ll have to request to be accepted. IM Adelene Bek in Facebook to request to be accepted in the M&Y Worldwide Secret Group: https://www.facebook.com/adelenebek

14th: Download Flipboard App – Subscribe to Money & You Magazine


15th: Listen to http://www.MoneyandYouRadio.coma series of audio interviews with Money & You Notable Grads and friends that use M&Y Principles in their successful businesses and lives.

16th: Kerry Zurier is a masterful coach. If you wish to have a 30 minute conversation with her to determine if her coaching services are for you, email her: Kerry.zurier@accomplishmentcoaching.com

17th: Send your teens / young friends to Bobbi DePorter’s work www.SuperCamp.com

18th: DISC Distinctions & Information – Carol Dysart:

http://www.peoplesmartworld.com/   DISC for Kids: http://www.DISCforKids.com

19th: Please support awesome non-profit projects created by M&Y Grads/Friends in alignment with our Mission:



















Thank YOU! We are here to support you in being an awesome socially-responsible entrepreneur and member of a powerful global team!

For any support or registrations feel free to email our office: admin@MoneyandYou.com

Call, text, WhatsApp our awesome office manager, Tameka Vasquez: 1-619-224-8880.

Aloha Nui Loa,

Doria Cordova / Kerry Zurier and the M&Y Team!         http://www.MoneyandYou.com