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Apply to join us in Vietnam for the 8-Day Global Excellerated Business School – July 18 – 25,2020. Expand your capacity, grow your global network, learn from masters and experts, explore new technologies and renewables: the world’s fastest-growing industry – predicted to be a US$ 90 trillion industry.
Discover breakthrough communications techniques, true personal alignment and acquire the skills to deliver powerful presentations no matter ­– whether on stage, online, to large audiences, smaller teams or one-to-one.
Recommend the program next year to your beloveds, associates and teams that are Money & You Graduates (or get them to participate in Money & You first). Join us in Logistics and experience the program from a completely different view!

Masterdojo – Money & You App

You have complimentary access to all the Money & You Distinctions via the Masterdojo Mobile Phone App for FREE! Soon the Creating Wealth Distinctions will be available as well.

On it you will find the various flip charts and distinctions of Money & You, as an easy to access reminder of all your learnings from the program right in your pocket anytime you need to draw on this experience.

Apple App Store –

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Once you download the app, its SUPER EASY:

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Dame Doria Cordova’s Biography to get the big picture of the different endeavors she and her organisation are involved in globally.

Access to Cash Webclass – Six+ hours of deep and detailed teachings by Doria Cordova. Excellent class to introduce your teams and young people.

Online Money & You Inner Circle – An ongoing educational series with some of Excellerated’s best Experts, Mentors and Influencers. This is an online Mastermind to support your financial, business and impact goals.

Doria Cordova’s Book Access to Cash link to Amazon and Bonuses.

You received the handout in Creating Wealth. Your family / friends / associates can download Chapter 7 from my Access to Cash book. This is a great team exercise to do with your teams / family / children / friends!

The Excellerated Business Success Model book can be found at:  Currently there is a free offer available to you:
The revised version of Money-Making Systems Manual will be available online soon.  This includes the Organisational Systems Manual for People Working with People – download it to support you in building your organisation and business!
Buckminster Fuller Library with many links to his works.
Check out our Renewable Energy endeavors and partner, Huang Ming, one of the world’s leading solar entrepreneur – a billionaire with heart. We’re working on Foundations distributing solar cookers & products to emerging nations:
Great interviews with friends of Doria Cordova.
Chinese programs and network for you to connect with grads in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia and other AsiaPac countries.

Heather Yelland, Melbourne Australia
Renewable Energy Network – Experts who meet yearly for comprehensive awareness of solutions to world problems
John Gray’s work on relationships and health products
Book:  Drawdown – solutions for today’s world challenges
Jim Collins – Good to Great Book – Articles
Abundance Insider, Peter Diamandis
For further personal development, originally created Werner Erhardt, a global transformational leader

ORGANISATIONS WE SUPPORT:  Buckminster Fuller’s Foundation  Buckminster Fuller’s Work Lynne Twist’s Organisation

SOCIAL MEDIA –– Join us @ these sites to connect with many graduates and awesome friends of the organisation!

Be sure to request to join the Creating Wealth Private Group and add all the different photos and all of your wins – Share Share!  thank YOU: & You® Grads Australia/New Zealand

There are several M&Y groups in Facebook. You can find them in my postings when I have many SHARES. Some are “Secret” so you’ll have to request to be accepted.

Do join the M&Y Worldwide Secret Group:

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