Grant Lewers Interviews DC Cordova

Grant interview me because he wanted to share with the world about left/right brain teaching techniques — about “Excellerated Learning” and to show many others that when they don’t succeed in School is not because they are not smart, it’s just that their style of learning may not match our traditional school’s way of teaching.

He was so happy to have found me, since he had heard so much about me/Kiyosaki as he was growing up, and he interviewed me for his show in The Room Live.

Mahatma Gandhi – Food For Thought

Words of wisdom

Mahatma Gandhi gave his grandson Arun Gandhi, The Seven Blunders of the World… on their final day together, not too long before his assassination.

The Seven Blunders Are:

  1. Wealth without work
  2. Pleasure without conscience
  3. Knowledge without character
  4. Commerce without morality
  5. Science without humanity
  6. Worship without sacrifice
  7. Politics without principle

This list grew from Gandhi’s search for the roots of violence. He called these acts of passive violence. Preventing these is the best way to prevent oneself or one’s society from reaching a point of violence.

To this list, Arun Gandhi added an eighth blunder, rights without responsibilities.


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A Wealth Expert’s Perspective

Lee Brower is a multigenerational wealth expert and founder of The Quadrant Living Experience, LLC, an internationally recognized educational and philanthropic organization teaching a radically successful system called The Brower Quadrant. Lee offers realistic roadmaps for achieving a lasting legacy that can stand the test of time.

Lee is a noted authority on helping prestigious families create enduring legacies that flourish generation after generation, he is also an accomplished teacher and mentor for entrepreneurs and CEOs. Most recently, he was featured in the blockbuster book and film The Secret, where he shares invaluable insights about gratitude and other tools to success.

With more than 30 years experience, Lee utilizes his transformational Brower Quadrant System to guide people on successfully protecting, empowering, and honoring their “true wealth”—which isn’t just about money and property. Put simply, he helps people recognize and tap into all of their assets, including those one doesn’t typically think about, such as wisdom, experience, reputation, networks, health, skills, talents, values, and habits.

Lee shares how Money & You® has impacted his life:

Gunderson, Author of Killing Sacred Cows, Interviewed on ABC News

New Money Rules to get rich are focused on personal responsibility, not magic bullets, says Garrett Gunderson, best-selling author of Killing Sacred Cows and graduate of the Money & You® Program. ABC News recently interviewed Garrett Gunderson to discuss the new economy and new money rules to create riches. He shares that to create wealth one must invest in alignment with their own personal purpose and knowledge. According to Garrett, if you were to invest in areas where you have little control and little knowledge you are basically gambling.

He goes on to share that Win-Win-Win investing is the only ways to ultimately create wealth that is sustainable long-term. The zero-sum game approach to investing is dead. A few of the principles we teach at Money & You® are here for you to see as Garrett Gunderson is interviewed on ABC News.

Congratulations to you on your success, Garrett!


Click the image to watch Money & You® Graduate Garrett Gunderson on ABC News

Watch Garrett Gunderson, Money & You® Graduate on ABC News

Learn more about Garrett Gunderson at his Web site.

With loving thoughts,

DC Cordova
CEO, Excellerated Business Schools®/Money & You® Program
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Doing Life? How One Woman Saved NY State $1 Billion

Crime Cutting

Doing Life?

How One Woman Saved NY State $1 Billion

“As of 2008, there were 2.3 Million in prisons in the United States, that is one in each 100 people in the United States. With just 5% of the word’s population, the US has the highest incarcerated population in the world. I have worked in this system since 1973, focused on one intention: to transform prisons from places of punishment to places of healing. Throughout my journey, I  have been blessed to learn from the best, to study and apply the most effective strategies to my work.

Interpersonal ResponsibilityWhen I attended Money & You® for the first time in 1982, with 66 of my core staff at the time, I experienced that it encompassed the best of all that I had learned so far. After more than 27 years of continuing to work with DC Cordova and these distinctions, M&Y remains the best of phenomenal opportunities I have had.

In three-and-a-half days, Money & You® offers an elegant, efficient and highly-effective process that works in any environment. It is also a portal to so many other resources, including The Quantum Learning Network of Bobbi DePorter, the co-creator and one of DC’s original partners in this work.

Money & You® was the first step into an area rich with opportunities and world-class leaders  who have greatly enriched my life, and that of the more than 6,000 staff and more than 40,000 graduates of the Total Learning Environments I created and implemented in prisons.  By 2004, with 35,000 graduates, the Shock Incarceration program had saved the State of New York more than $1.18 Billion, to say nothing of the families and children affected by their parent’s success.

Dr. Cherie  Clark
President/Co-founder Doing Life® International Inc.

Cherie Clark

For more on Dr. Clark’s extraordinary results, see her profile below

Dr. Cheryl L. Clark
As well as President and co-founder of DOING LIFE!® International Inc., Cherie Clark is also the Director of Shock Incarceration and the Willard Drug Treatment Campus (DTC) for the New York State Department of Correctional Services (NYS DOCS).

Shock Incarceration is internationally recognized as the leading program of its type in the world. In 2004, research documented more than $1 billion in cost savings to the taxpayers of New York State for the institutional phase alone.

Dr. Clark has worked in human services since 1966, first in Social Services then Juvenile Justice. She started in Criminal Justice in 1974, where after other management positions, she researched, designed and implemented a Total Learning Environment™ (TLE™) for the NYS DOCS, the Network Program.

In 1985, Dr. Clark was appointed Director of Staff Development for the NYS Division of Parole, to assist with the implementation of the Division’s Regional management system. She developed supervisory and Management Training Programs for the Division, in addition to streamlining and improving training programs for all levels of Parole staff. She considers one of her most significant accomplishments for that agency the design and implementation of the first Street Survival course for Parole Officers.

Dr. Clark returned to DOCS in 1987 to develop the Shock Incarceration program and has directed this initiative since its inception. Because of the outstanding, unprecedented success of Shock, in 1995 Dr. Clark was asked to design the Willard DTC and expand Shock staff training to include all staff of the DTC. The Willard DTC is unique as a stand-alone correctional Drug Treatment Campus. Based in both military and Network community models, Shock Incarceration and the DTC have an equal emphasis on self-discipline, treatment and life skills education.

Dr. Clark earned a Ph.D. in the School of Health and Human Services at Columbia Commonwealth University and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY. She has studied accelerated learning and transformation technologies for more than 30 years. Her doctoral dissertation, 12° Of Freedom: Synergetics and the 12 Steps to Recovery , is considered a ground-breaking work in the field of substance abuse treatment. It includes a comprehensive overview of the model she named Social Synergetics™, offering an innovative, fully integrated model for recovery from addictions.

In 1990, Dr. Clark was awarded the Governor’s Productivity Award for outstanding contributions to State Government. In 1995, the American Correctional Association acknowledged her for her outstanding contributions to corrections, as “Best in the Business”. Dr. Clark is internationally recognized as a leader in her field and an expert in substance abuse treatment. She is the principal author of DOING LIFE! A Life Skills Program for Recovery From Addictions® and SMART Choices: A Guide for Making Choices That Work .

The WorldGAMES Story: How 15 Minutes Changed My Life

World Success Story

The WorldGAMES Story


DC Cordova

In 1992, after years of success, I was in a real mess. A good friend encouraged me to attend a training program that was to literally change my life. Up until then training programs to me had been boring or ineffective. Even with the most engaging presenter, I had found that the information just did not stick. I would leave the program with my notes which I then filed unread and, hopefully, a desire to put at least 5 things into action. By next morning I could possibly remember one of them, which I may or may not have used.

My friend told me that this program would be different, and it was! It introduced me to the power of games, what I now know as experiential learning. One fun 15 minute game just blew me away. It showed me clearly why I was in my mess and what I needed to do to change it. Just 15 minutes to solve a problem I had struggled with for more than 2 years!

A day or two later and wham! A second fun, engaging game provided another one of those light-bulb-in-the-head experiences. I subsequently changed my behaviour, my results and, not surprisingly, my beliefs about training.

The program (Money & You®) that began my journey was not all fun and games. There were huge chunks of data interspersed with relevant games and exercises. I found that my data retention soared. 17 years on, I can still remember most of the key points, but it was the games that were the difference that made the difference.

I started to think about the purpose of training. In a nutshell, it must be to encourage a change of behaviour. After all, if people are already doing things the most effective way, why would you train them? I already knew that bored people learn very little, very slowly. I knew that good training games and exercises are fun, engaging and encourage learning. What I did not know is whether games, exercises and simulations could be used as the primary building blocks to create highly effective training programs.

WorldGAMES began as an experiment to see if they could.

Very soon two things became obvious. On the positive side, initial results were excellent. The learning processes WorldGAMES created were fun, active and very effective in terms of learning outcomes and retention. The bad news was that there were very few games around that had learning outcomes relevant to the workplace. That was the start of our games designing process, the task of creating games that were fun, simple and safe yet are powerful business metaphors.

The rest, as they say, is history. WorldGAMES now has over 800 games, exercises, simulations, management tools and programs that are all workplace relevant and have been played in some 44 countries that we know about. Participants in our programs are in action for themselves about 95% of the time and they love it.

So, I am sure, will you.

John Radclyffe, founder and Managing Director, WorldGAMES Pty Ltd

Creative Commons License photo credit: felipesp

Hamburger Heaven: What Mustard and Ketchup Did for Me


Hamburger Heaven: What Mustard and Ketchup Did for Me

I found the secret to creating Heaven on Earth in the oddest of circumstances: A backyard barbecue.

While setting the table with condiments for our hamburgers, my friend Cherrie said,

“Don’t put the mayo out for me; I don’t use it.”

“Me, neither,” said Jim.

“It’s for Glenn,” I replied, as I placed it on the table.

Next, I put out the ketchup and barbeque sauce.

“Just mustard for me,” said Jim cheerily.

“Me, too” said Cherrie.

“Mustard? Really?” I said wide-eyed. How interesting. I never think of mustard when I’m constructing a delicious, juicy burger. Hot dogs, yes, hamburgers, no. Hmmm… So, ok, I got out the mustard.

Ketchup for me. No… today I think I’ll use Thousand Island dressing. Mayo and barbeque sauce for Glenn. Mustard for Jim and Cherrie. Okey dokey.

That’s when the BFO hit me. (BFO: “Blinding Flash of the Obvious”) What would life be like if I could view all choices people make with the same interested yet dispassionate way as I did with choices for hamburger toppings?

“I’m going to the XYZ church/mosque/temple this weekend,” someone might say.

“How interesting,” I would think.

“I don’t know much about that denomination. What’s it like?”

When I hear, “I think the federal government should stop funding education/nuclear weapons/environmental controls/business loans,” I would say, “How interesting. Where else could the money come from, or are you thinking that we don’t need…”

“I’m Pro-Choice/Pro-Life.” “How interesting,” I’d say.

“Do you mind sharing your thoughts on that?” (“Get rid of the labels!” I remind myself, thinking of some labels that have been laden with inaccurate and hurtful assumptions about me.)

This condiment-approach to others’ choices opens the door to building relationships beyond labels, beyond stereotypes, beyond pre-conceived notions of what someone is like. It replaces self-created drama, angst, and negative thoughts with an unattached interest in another, opening unlimited pathways to expanding my world.

Please note this distinction: Honoring others’ choices is about being accepting of others, not dispassionate about life. I’m not suggesting that we become disinterested in issues of importance to us. As rEvolutionaries, we are called upon to offer our thoughts, feelings and actions to make our world a better place. Now, with this hamburger helper, I can do it even better by forwarding positive ideas without making anyone else wrong.

How interesting.

By Marian Head, 1985 Money & You® Graduate
Reprinted with permission from Revolutionary News (

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Share Your Success

Share your success

Whether you have created a hugely successful business…  Competed in the Kona Ironman… Created a wonderful relationship that works… Have created a new life with happy, fulfilled children… Taken your talent around the world… Became an educator or motivator… Written the book you knew you had inside you… Followed your heart no matter where it lead you… Are living the life you were meant to live… Are singing your song out loud… They’re the stories we ALL want to hear!

Don’t be SHY! We’d love to help you tell the world how you’re helping to change it or how your world has transformed since your completion of Money & You®.

True PurposePlease send DC Cordova your “share” at and your story could be featured here if we feel others would be touched, moved and inspired by hearing it! Or let us know on the blog by leaving your story in the comments section.

I leave you with this from R. Buckminster Fuller:

“You do not have the right to eliminate yourself; you do not belong to you. You belong to the Universe. Your significance will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting your experience to the highest advantage of others.”

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Social Entrepreneur Success

Social Entrepreneur

Twenty years ago Susan Barton was working in an orphanage in Sri Lanka. There, she took to a baby that was severely malnourished and realized that even though it wasn’t her child, she had a responsibility to this baby. Her life would never be the same. At that moment her path to becoming a Social Entrepreneur Success began.

She nursed this child all afternoon and looked into the baby’s eyes all afternoon. Later on that night she found out the baby died of malnutrition. This experience rocked her soul. She says she was “just a naive girl from the suburbs” and she came back to Australia a very different girl. She started fostering every child she could upon her return.

At that time when she began to “save every child in the world” and the more she looked, the more she found. And then she got to attend an entrepreneurship program called Money & You®, held in Australia. While she was at Money & You®, she learned some incredible distinctions. What happened then was a group of business people, who were Money & You® grads, began to form around her project to ensure it would keep running if anything were to happen to Susan.

They created the Lighthouse Foundation ( and incorporated as a charity. Then they looked at franchising and how to develop structures, procedures and policies, and to actually move forward in training – to leverage her project to save children all across Australia.

To this day, the outreach program has affected over 500 young people.

They are alive today in the world because of the outcomes I learned at Money & You®. I can’t begin to tell you how much Money & You® has meant to not me, but 500 young homeless people in Australia,” says Susan Barton.

Susan is one remarkable woman, steely and gentle all at the same time, her love and compassion for society’s ‘forgotten children’ is as inspiring as it is touching.

Video Interview

In February 2009, Susan sat down with Money & You® Australia Director, Jane Jordan for a two-part interview.

Watch them here:

Part 1

Part 2

Susan Barton

Susan Barton AM, Founder and Executive Director, Lighthouse Foundation

Susan’s Bio:

Susan Barton is a Melbourne woman with a passion for young people. With six children of her own, she has spent the last 20 years providing homes for damaged young people so that healing can take place. She is the founder of Lighthouse Foundation, one of Australia’s finest examples of social entrepreneurship.

Susan began her work 23 years ago. While working in an orphanage in Sri Lanka, a baby died in her arms, changing the direction of her life. On her return to Australia, Susan began fostering children in her own home. In 1991 with great support from the business community, the Lighthouse Foundation was formed to support and expand Susan’s work.

Susan’s vision is to establish Lighthouses across Australia, all offering the unique Lighthouse Model of Care. No one doubts she will do it.

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Ten Top Differences Between Selling and Networking

selling techniques

The Difference Between Selling and Networking

Networking often has a negative connotation. This is due to the fact that many salesmen abuse networking to sell.

The main difference between selling and networking is that in a sales process the goal of the interaction between two people is the sale of a product or service. When networking, this sale could be the consequence of a contact that is built with respect and care. Hence, it is clear that the sale is not the goal of networking.

The comparison in the table (below) goes into the details of the difference between selling and networking. The table shows several elements of “negative networking” by hard sellers and “real networking”.

# Hard sellers who network Real networkers
1 Are focused on the short term Are focused on the long term
2 Try to detect a need that can be satisfied by their product or service Share any information that can be interesting for the other party
3 Only give when they have an immediate profit Give without expecting something back (and in the long run this usually pays off better too)
4 Listen in order to get the deal Listen to help
5 Ask questions in order to be able to position their product or service better Ask questions to be able to be better of assistance
6 Find people interesting only if they are a potential customer Find everybody interesting as a contact. You can never be certain of who they know and what they know.
7 Want to collect and distribute as many business cards as possible Ask and give business cards to people with whom they really made contact.
8 Talk often only about their product or service without listening to others See to it that others always talk more than they do, listen carefully to them and encourage them to tell more.
9 Try to bring the attention to their product or service. Recommend products or services of people in their network (and only if they are relevant for the people they talk to)
10 The goal is the sale. People are a means, a resource (sometimes even a necessary evil) to reach that goal. The goal is to establish and maintain contacts. One of the possible consequences is a sale.

An example of the difference between selling and networking.

Situation: a salesman of fire extinguishers meets the manager of a local affiliate of a bank company at a reception of the Chamber of Commerce.


The salesman does his sales magic to convince the manager to buy fire extinguishers for his office. He is a good salesman and he manages to sell 5 fire extinguishers.

The evening of the salesman is a success.


The salesman is interested in the manager as a person. Amongst other things he learns that the manager is an active sailor and that he is looking for a new boat. The salesman remembers that a friend of his has a boat for sale. He not only tells this to the manager, but also provides them with each other’s contact details the following day. A week later the boat has a new owner.

Four months later the salesman receives a phone call from the manager. The manager asks him to deliver new fire extinguishers for the office and for the facilities of the sailing club of which the manager recently became chairman. Moreover the manager proposes to write a letter to all members of the sailing club with a recommendation for the fire extinguishers of the salesman.

The year of the salesman is a success.

At your next networking event, remember this difference between selling and networking. You’ll be surprised!

PS: Get your FREE networking e-course at

Jan Vermeiren, a Money & You® Graduate, from Belgium, Europe, is thé Networking Coach and author of the network book “Let’s Connect!” He will give a one-day, one-time only Accelerated Power Networking Training Course in San Diego on July 13. If you want to boost your business or career dramatically, you hàve to attend this course. Register now via or call Aggie Kobrin locally at 949-727-1211.

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