Expanded Curriculum – Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE)

The following curriculum is an example of what can be expected at a BSE. It changes from School to School due to scheduling and the various entrepreneurs and business masters that are invited to teach – depending on the subjects, presenting styles, the schedule may change, but the results created are always extraordinary.

Throughout the entire program there are regular breaks that include hot/cold drinks and refreshments, plus meal breaks. Because the School is taught through teams, at times, there will be assignments or group meetings that the participants will schedule with their various teams during breakfast.

During lunch and dinner breaks, the participants have the opportunity to sit with the various Instructors and ask questions, discuss their own business or entrepreneurial questions and/or challenges.

Frequent breaks are scheduled. The various instructors determine the timing of each break, therefore the timing is not listed here.

First Day

Registration and Networking Luncheon: 12:00 noon – 1:45 pm

Session starts: 2:00 pm

  • We open the doors and welcome you to the Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs (BSE) with beautiful leis.
  • We introduce our lead instructors and they will give the history about their background, their purpose, and why they chose to teach this unique Excellerated Learning curriculum.
  • In the same manner that Money & You Program is introduced, the leading instructors remind the participants of the importance of a strong “context”. The leading Instructors go through the contextualization of the Business School curriculum.
  • Participants are numbered off and put into exercise teams. This is one of teams that will work with you throughout BSE, meeting each morning to exercise, which could include running, swimming or other athletic endeavors.
  • The program is designed so even persons that have never had exercise routines will adapt easily – and for some, this becomes a life-long habit – so don’t let the exercise portion of BSE discourage you from attending this powerful Entrepreneurial Program!
  • Cash is discussed. Many of the games and exercises will be done with real cash – the participants would have been asked to bring a certain amount of money – and two teams will have an opportunity to win these contributions to the “kitty” through the eight days – there has been times when there has been enough money for each team member to cover the tuition of the School!
  • You are introduced to the unique learning environment all Excellerated programs enjoy. We welcome our returning graduates and logistics teams, and begin the discovery into self – the decisions that you have made through your life that affect you and your money, your business, your relationships – ultimately – your life.
  • We encourage you to look at how your beliefs support or inhibit your success. Through the School you will have an opportunity to clearly see how you make decisions. In this School you see the elements of human behavior that contribute to the success or failure of all organizations and relationships.
  • This leads to discussions throughout the eight days – and past it – that go beyond entrepreneurship and how you can differentiate yourself and your business from your competitors.
  • DC Cordova presents the best system to being organized, efficient, identifying the different personality types, which supports the process of making money in any business or organization. She presents more of her Money-Making Systems secrets – beyond what you find in her book. This information will not only help business owners to organizing themselves way after they leave BSE, but also how to be organized through the School.
  • Following is Randolph Craft, the first Business School instructor. He presents a fun, creative, simple and accelerated learning method you can use on Planning and you will be using to create your plan throughout BSE and on the last day of the School, you will complete and take the final/completed version home with you which will guide you for years to come to accomplish your business and personal goals.

Day Two

  • Each day starts with the power of journaling where you write and document your feelings and thoughts that occurred the day before. You remember the instructors from the day before and give your opinion of the difference it made in your life; how you will be able to use it in the future and apply it to your everyday life.
  • Daily, the lead instructor then debriefs the exercise teams and support them in any issues that may be coming up. This begins to teach all the participants the power of being in Alignment and clear Communications.
  • Randolph Craft now moves on the next powerful subject in the School, Buckminster Fuller’s generalized principles which can be fully applied to your business and life – this will support you in having a greater understanding of Wealth, Abundance and Money.
  • Sales – you learn what your Income-generating assets are. You see what proven systems there are that can help you to master your finances. You begin to discover how to create immediate cash flow. The Business School Sales instructor shares his/her secrets to Sales Success in this competitive entrepreneurial market.
  • The Marketing/Business Teams are now chosen, and they will have an opportunity to win the cash contributions that are made through the week on the various games and exercises around business and building an entrepreneurial empire.
  • Throughout BSE, we demonstrate many of the secrets of how to build high-performance Teams. In the process, you dramatically see how money is made – and lost – when teams are not in Alignment!

Day Three

  • Daily journaling in your life – personally and professionally. Following the journal exercise, you are led through a stretching exercise before your time with your exercise teams.
  • The lead instructor goes through team debriefs, sharing and the contextualization of the day.
  • This is the day you learn about Marketing. You discover creative, unique and successful strategies that will help you in all your marketing. You will learn how our most successful graduates and business entrepreneurs have marketed their products, how they have built their organizations and companies from the ground up – how they became millionaires.
  • You will learn about how to market your products on and off-line. A leader in television advertising teaches how to sell and market your product in television and in infomercials. Your instructor shares how you can bring a product to television through creating relationships with the television direct response industry or through the Internet using state of the art e-commerce platforms or retailers.
  • After dinner break, begin the subject of Communications where we teach you how to create optimum results in your personal and business lives. You learn how to create synergized teams, create an aligned vision, and how to increase productivity.
  • Through the School you are encouraged to write additional items on your on-going plans that you started on the first day of the School. A PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) Chart is being created for your future life including business, financial, health and other personal goals.

Day Four

  • Daily journaling in your life – personally and professionally. Following the journal exercise, you are led through a stretching exercise before your time with your exercise teams.
  • The lead instructor goes through team debriefs, sharing and the contextualization of the day.
  • The participants have now begun the Advertising exercises that will culminate with the Trade Show on Day Seven.
  • On this day, you will be led and you will discover strategies and techniques for Building Your Entrepreneurial Empire. This will include teaching you how to finance your ventures by selling products and services – true entrepreneurship – sales mastery and values-based leadership.
  • You learn about e-commerce, how to be successful in sales and market on the net, and how e-commerce can be the tool that can leverage you and increase capital and productivity.
  • After the dinner break, the evening is spent doing an exercise that sheds light on job descriptive roles of your organization. As a result of the exercise, you see how to create an environment to achieve optimum performance, how to get aligned on purpose and policy within your entire organization.

Day Five

  • The lead instructor goes through team debriefs, sharing and the contextualization of the day.
  • The subject through the School is values, and making money, building your business and your organization with solid principles.Values are a big part of the School. It will be discussed throughout and there will be some time spent on this topic. It may be done on this morning or at another appropriate time.
  • After lunch more about Marketing is covered by one or two of the Marketing experts that are now present in the School and will be helping you during the meals breaks.
  • After dinner break there will be another Instructor that will lead you through Money and Finances, and participants will continue to develop their business and personal plans. Nightly debriefs end the day after any new announcements, if necessary.

Day Six

  • After announcements, the lead instructor contextualizes the day, helping everyone see what they are learning, doing, and experiencing and supports them in making sure it all fits in together.
  • This is the day we learn about Powerful Presentations. You experience transformations in your awareness and the way you feel and think about yourself, the control you have over body, mind, and spirit just from what you learn here. You see how to position your employees’ personal image for maximum professional acceptance and impact. You learn how to build and develop your corporate identity and culture and how to gain a positive image with the media. You also learn how to have more money, romance and power in your life by dressing to win.
  • In the evening session, another successful entrepreneur will lead you through a process for you to see what it takes to have your business run with Franchise and Entrepreneurial Systems. The day ends with the nightly debrief and any new announcements, if necessary

Day Seven

  • The lead instructor goes through team debriefs, sharing and the contextualization of the day.
  • This day you learn more on the topic of Sales and Marketing by another successful entrepreneur/instructor. You are learning tools and skills that can be used immediately when you leave the School; and to make sure you learn well, you get to practice these teachings at the famous BSE Trade Show, where your team has the opportunity to win the large cash prize from the different contributions through the School – this is the “final test” for the Marketing/Business Teams.
  • The teams have a fun-filled time setting up for this Trade Show which begins after the dinner break. A winning team is chosen by the audience based on the results it generated prior to and at the event.
  • The debriefing and sharing of what lessons were learned after this exercise will stay with you long after the Business School ends.
  • After today’s (and the week’s) amazing lessons, classes, and interactions with this large group of like-minded entrepreneurs, professionals, businesspeople and people from many different walks of life, you are eager to get rested up for tomorrow’s full and exciting day.

Day Eight

  • This is our last morning of journaling.
  • Then the Rules of the Game and instructions are given for the “Olympics” – the final group exercise in which many of the past BSEs’ participants have learned that they have within them extraordinary resolve, personal power, and the ability to go for their dreams – no matter what.
  • After clear instructions, all exercise teams meet at the starting point – everyone participates and cheers everyone else in this exciting completion to the weeklong of practice, stretching and going beyond points of experience. Here participants learn in a safe environment about competition and cooperation.
  • After the Olympics, all the “wins” by each person are anchored, another powerful exercise is completed and the joy and excitement in the School is an anchoring point for many to last them for the rest of their lives.
  • After breakfast, the celebrations continue and it includes giving out to the winning team the cash prize. For some members – especially if they have never had a winning experience of this magnitude or have never won large amounts to cash, this is an extraordinary event. The joy in the room is unbelievable. If you have any doubts, ask any past BSE graduate!
  • In the afternoon, the participants finalize their strategic planning project, anchoring in the experience with a session on PERT Charts with Randolph Craft.
  • Following final presentations by all instructors present, you have the opportunity to ask any lingering questions.
  • You complete an evaluation form that allows you to reflect on what you have learned and give feedback for any suggestions or share breakthroughs you have experienced.
  • We then have a group class photo taken by a professional photographer. Then there is a completion exercise to remind what you have learned and to support you in this amazing experiential process when you return to your home and business environment.
  • There will be a graduation ceremony; and acknowledgments are made to those well-deserved people, our staff, our promoters, instructors and participants.
  • We complete the entire School with a Celebration Party, which includes one last group exercise that is part of the Excellerated Learning Technology for the participants to review the School, which includes a party filled with food, drinks, music, talking, dancing and laughter. It is hard to go to sleep because the energy is so high.

Bonus Day Nine – Networking Opportunities

  • We encourage all participants, and staff members, NOT to rush back to their business and personal lives after the School has ended, as many of the Instructors stay an extra day to support the students. DC Cordova, the co-leader (and co-founder) of BSE is definitely available for any last-minute group interactions and support that any student may need.
  • The interactions on the day after BSE can be very valuable – thus, we consider this a “Bonus Day.”
  • Today’s breakfast is later and fills the morning with a relaxed time schedule so you have time to say your good byes and make arrangements to re-connect with your fellow students and instructors again.
  • This day is for Networking. You have an opportunity to put the skills learned at the School.
  • The business and personal opportunities are endless.
  • Thus, sometimes the participants choose to stay on in the Region and local students often offer to take students on a site seeing tour of the area. This time and expense is on your own, but well worth it now that you have so closely bonded and you see things so much more clearly.

After the School, most graduates continue to participate in further Excellerated events, coming back, as usual to future Money & You’s, BSE’s and other programs such as the Instructors’ Training Program, Money-Making Systems, DISC Training, Creating Wealth, etc. plus, participate on our on-line activities and work with our growing network of Mentors and Masters.

Once you “learn how to learn” at Excellerated programs, it is easy to assimilate what you need in order to move forward even faster and more efficiently towards your business success and/or the development of a dynamite career!