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Dr. R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller

Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller – Bucky as we knew him – was an engineer, inventor, mathematician, philosopher, author, designer, scientist, a “cosmogonist,” and a “new world” thinker. Bucky would call himself a “random element,” other people have called him “an experience,” a visionary, a prophet, the greatest living genius, the Leonardo DaVinci of our time, the Benjamin Franklin of the space age, and “Grandfather to the Universe. Bucky wrote over 35 books, received over 50 honorary doctorate degrees from universities internationally, more than 150 university fellowships, invented and patented over 110 inventions, is the most built architect in the world, and traveled internationally extensively as guest of state and invited lecturer. There is more written about Buckminster Fuller in “Who’s Who” than any other person. Put his name in a “Google” search, and well over 2,500 references will be listed.

“I was born at an extraordinary moment. In 1895, the year I was born, the X-ray was discovered. You could then see what had previously been invisible. When I was 3, the electron was discovered. When I was 7, the first automobile drove into the city of Boston. I was brought up being told that it was inherently impossible for man to fly. When I was 8, the Wright Brothers flew. By the time I was 11, Marconi’s wireless was in practical use to signal SOS. When I was 14, man got to the North Pole. When I was 16, he got to the South Pole.

So impossibles were happening seemingly every day. Evolution is integrating all humanity. We are accelerating together at a tremendous pace.”

– Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller was one of the most successful humans in modern history. Bucky Fuller’s Famous Dymaxion Map “The Rules…” Precessional Living Making These are “the rules” to play by if you’re going to be a “player” in the world of “True Wealth” creation. If you’re not, you’re wasting the planet’s resources by being alive… Not my “rules,” AND I must agree. 😉 These are also the guidelines I was given by Bucky to run this Fuller Edutainment project. It has been the most difficult AND rewarding endeavour in my life. Join me, if you have the guts to do it… It will be the best thing you’ve ever done… You can read Bucky’s rules here. -Randolph Craft A list of links to discover more about Bucky Fuller: The Buckminster Fuller Annual Memorial Lecture Wikipedia

CJ Fearnley’s List of Buckminster Fuller Resources on the Internet

View the author’s home page at

Buckminster Fuller in the News

Sites with a General Perspective on The Work of R. Buckminster Fuller

  1. Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI)
  2. The Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller
  3. Bucky Fuller FAQ
  4. Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute
  5. Buckminster Fuller; From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  6. Buckminster Fuller Quotes; From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  7. Fuller, Richard Buckminster
  8. Fuller (R. Buckminster) Papers
  9. The Planet’s Friendly Genius – Buckminster Fuller

Fuller’s Writings On-Line

  1. Synergetics by R. Buckminster Fuller — Full Text On-Line
  2. Grunch of Giants
  3. Education Automation
  4. Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth (BFI Version)
  5. Buckminster Fuller – Grunch of Giants (pdf document)
  6. Everything I Know – Video Transcript
  7. Design Science Decade (Various Documents)
  8. Guinea Pig B
  9. The Case for a Domed City
  10. Tensegrity

Bloggers with themes frequently related to Buckminster Fuller’s Work

  1. Kirby Urner’s blog: Grain of Sand: Kirby Plays World Game
  2. Kirby Urner’s blog: Control Room: Operation Spaceship Earth
  3. Kirby Urner’s blog: On the road with Global Data
  4. BLOG: Dymaxion World: Between Utopia and Oblivion
  5. Greg Watson’s blog: 12 Degrees of Freedom
  6. Joo Hock’s blog: “Bucky’s “University” (aka University of Life)
  7. Gil Friend’s blog: Strategic Sustainability, and other worthy themes of our time
  8. Leif Thor’s blog: A Conversation about Structure
  9. Michael Riversong’s blog

Sites Relating to Synergetics

  1. A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller by Amy Edmondson — Full Text On-Line
  2. Synergetics Collaborative
  3. Synergetics on the Web
  4. Richard Hawkins Synergetic Geometry
  5. Robert W. Gray’s Notes to R. Buckminster Fuller’s Work
  6. Russell Chu’s Hope Page
  7. George W. Hart — Index
  8. Waterman Polyhedron
  9. Flexible Polyhedra
  10. The Math Forum
  11. Center for Tetrahedron Studies
  12. An Introduction to the Energetic-Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller

Sites Relating to Fuller’s Ideas About Human Society

  1. GENI: A Working Solution to the Worlds Problems ! Global Energy Network International
  2. World Game Institute
  3. Critical Path Project
  4. Whole Systems
  5. New Civilization Network
  6. News for a Synergic Earth
  7. Global Ecovillage Network
  8. Sonic Bloom
  9. Design Science University

Sites Relating to Geodesic Domes

  1. Geodesic Dome Housing Manufacturers – dome housing
  2. EcoBusiness Links Directory of Geodesic Dome Homes
  3. Geometrica Inc.
  4. Professional Dome Plans
  5. Pacific Dome
  6. Timberline Geodesics
  7. Walt’s Dome Page
  8. Geodesics Unlimited
  9. The DomeHome Companion Web Site
  10. American Ingenuity, Inc.
  11. Astro-Tec Inc.
  12. Dome Incorporated
  13. Geodesic Domes and Homes
  14. Domtec International
  15. Applied Geodesics, Inc.
  16. Albata Geodesics
  17. Energy Structures, Inc.
  18. Conservatek
  19. Econ-O-Dome
  20. Geo Tech Systems. Inc.
  21. Good Karma Domes
  22. Lydick’s Domes Unlimited
  23. SouthEast Domes
  24. SouthEast Domes
  25. Pacific Domes
  26. The Horton Dome
  27. Kwickset Konstruction Kits Dome Homes
  28. Natural Spaces Domes
  29. Natural Habitat Domes
  30. Worldflower Garden Domes
  31. Oregon Dome, Inc.
  32. The Dome Company
  33. Igla-Desic Structures
  34. Archway Construction & Consulting
  35. Project Bio/Home
  36. Solardome Industries Ltd.
  37. Domes Northwest
  38. Temcor
  39. Megadome Construction Company
  40. Growing Spaces, Inc.
  41. markt’s (geodesic) Dome page
  42. New Age Construction Co.
  43. Shelter Systems
  44. Starnet International Corp.
  45. Common Wealth Solar Svs.
  46. Starplate Building System
  47. Dome Corporation Of North America
  48. Institute for Lightweight Structures
  49. Geodesic Structures by Steve Miller
  51. J. W. Rich’s and Geodesics NZ
  52. Starship-Enterprises.Com
  53. Vector-Edge Dodecahedron Geodesic Dome
  54. Growing Spaces
  56. Geodome
  57. Geodesic Domes and Charts of the Heavens
  58. Autonomous Housing
  59. Vacono
  60. FullDome
  61. RBF Dome NFP
  62. Desert Domes
  63. Geodesic Dome Education: An Introduction by William Lauritzen
  64. How to Build a Geodesic Dome out of Cardboard
  65. Geodesic Clubhouse

Other Inventions of Bucky Fuller

  1. Dymaxion Car
  2. 3d model of the dymaxion car
  3. Fuller’s Dymaxion House
  4. Mathematics and Tensegrity
  5. A Practical Guide to Tensegrity Design

Sites Relating to Fullerene Science

  1. Fullerenes At Widener
  2. Kim Allen’s Fullerene Page
  3. Stony Brook Buckyball Home Page
  4. Geometry Of Fullerenes
  5. Fullerene Science Module
  6. Carbon Cages: LBL Scientists Study Fullerenes

Miscellaneous Sites

  1. Christopher J. Fearnley
  2. R. W. Gray
  3. Kirby Urner
  4. Bob Burkhardt’s Website
  5. Mark Somers
  6. Mark Burginger Main Page
  7. Qubits
  8. The Planet’s Friendly Genius – Buckminister Fuller By Mary Bellis
  9. Tetworld Center for Peace and Global Strategic Gaming
  10. Pat Salsbury’s “Reality Sculptors” Web Site
  11. Michael Stutz
  12. A site about connecting the arts and sciences
  13. A (Buckminster) Fuller Universe
  14. The Bucky Fuller Travelling Miracle Medicine Show
  15. Blaine A. D’Amico’s web site
  16. Portrait of the Atom as a Force Diagram in Space
  17. 1946 Fortune Article
  18. 3D freeCAD
  19. Compression and Tension are good; Torque’s a Killer.
  20. Nature’s Structural Elements
  21. Victor Acevedo
  22. Polymorf, Inc.
  23. Living Machines
  24. Paul Fernhout: Themes: OHS / DKR vs. Design Science
  25. Buckminster Fuller: Illusive Mutant Artist by Victoria Vesna
  26. The Design-Science Revolution of R. Buckminster Fuller Outlined And Expanded by Libby Hubbard
  27. Elser’s Screw
  28. Waterman Polyhedra: Convex Hulls in the IVM
  29. biagio di carlo’s Site
  30. Natural Synergies
  31. OS 012
  32. wrmDesign
  33. Buckminster Fuller’s Tetrascroll: Oklahoma City Museum of Art
  34. American Masters: Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud
  35. Buckminster Fuller On PBS
  36. Buckminster Fuller On PBS
  37. WNET: Bucky Fuller Dymaxion House
  38. R. Buckminster Fuller (Bucky)
  39. R. Buckminster Fuller – The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
  41. Ask Jeeves: Fuller
  42. Architecture–Wright and Fuller
  43. Buckminster Fuller Links
  44. Bonnie DeVarco Portfolio
  45. Stafford Beer
  46. Buckminster Fuller Postage Stamp
  47. The Fuller Edutainment Company, Inc.
  48. Ecological Engineering: THE BIO-REMEDIATION BARGE
  49. Dymax Emergency Shelters
  50. Alain LOBEL Architect
  51. EARTHscope
  52. Nick Consoletti
  53. R. Buckminster Fuller – The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
  54. Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient R. Buckminster Fuller
  55. Buckyball: a C60 molecule
  56. The Buckyball: An Excruciatingly Researched Report
  57. What is a geodesic dome – Architecture Glossary
  58. 3d model of the dymaxion car
  59. Buckminster Fuller Paraphrased
  60. Synergetics
  61. From Platonic bodies to geodesic spheres, fullerenes, and virus
  62. The Walter O’Malley – Buckminster Fuller Connection
  63. The geodesic works of Richard Buckminster Fuller, 1948-68 : (the universe as a home of man) Yunn Chii Wong
  64. World Shelters
  65. Ocean Wave Energy Converter
  66. R. Buckminster Fuller Inventor, Designer, Architect, Theorist (1895-1983)
  67. Dipolygonids – Jitterbug Transformers
  68. Field Structure Theory
  69. WorldDay
  70. HexDome
  71. wholemovement the art and geometry of folding circles by Bradford Hansen-Smith
  72. The Synergetic Temperament System
  73. Everything I Know: The historic 42-hour session with Bucky
  74. Strategic questions
  75. Koenig Associates, Inc.
  76. Nanomechanics: Bringing a nanotouch to Biology
  77. Adrian Rossiter’s Polyhedra Software and Images
  78. The Ricky Harris Synergetics workshop to boost self esteem, confidence
  79. Flowerday’s Synetic Structures
  80. Issue # 6 -November/December 1970 of Mother Earth News article on World Game
  81. How to Know Your Life Purpose plus How You Can Make a BIG Difference
  83. Doing Life International Inc.
  84. Project Earth
  85. The buckymap puzzle
  86. The Resonance Project Foundation
  87. Conversations with Bucky
  88. Leadership By Design: How One Individual Can Change The World
  89. On Fuller Living
  90. The geodesic works of Richard Buckminster Fuller, 1948-68: (the universe as a home of man) Authors: Wong, Yunn Chii (PhD thesis)
  91. Bucky Fuller and his World Game: an Intro to Saving Planets
  92. Bucky is Back
  93. Geodesic Help Group
  94. GEODESIC 3D Collection on Google
  95. GEODESIC Catalogs 3D Collection on Google
  96. The R. Buckminster Fuller Collection at Stanford
  97. World Resources Simulation Center

You can also view the author’s Bucky Fuller FAQ page at

Why Some (Sales) People Think LinkedIn Doesn’t Work

Fortune: New Possibilities

Why Some (Sales) People Think LinkedIn Doesn’t Work For Them

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool that can support us when we want to get in touch with potential customers – from all around the world.

However many salespeople tell us LinkedIn doesn’t work for them. In this article we talk about the three most common misconceptions.

      1. Though crafting a good Profile helps people find you based on your expertise, products or services (via Linkedin or via Google or other search engines), this is not where the power of LinkedIn resides.
      2. LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for salespeople who are proactive and don’t wait till someone contacts them.

“I have made a Profile, now potential customers will contact me one after the other.”

  1. “I have sent some potential customers an Invitation. However they don’t accept the Invitation or don’t respond to my messages to buy my products or services.”
    1. LinkedIn is a NETWORK tool and not a SALES tool. LinkedIn helps to build relationships with people. If you use it like a “cold-calling machine,” the reaction of people will be the same as with a “cold-call”: no reaction or even rejection. Not only is this not effective and not very efficient, there is also another danger: LinkedIn has tools available to indicate you are a spammer. If you get too many of these “flags”, your chances of fostering a connection and building rapport with others will be greatly reduced!
    2. It’s About the Relationships! The golden rule of Bob Burg always applies: “All things being equal people do business with and refer business to people they know, like and trust.” LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to increase these 3 factors if done in the right way. Crafting a good Profile, helping others in Discussions and Answers and not pushing your products or services you already helps a lot, just like in “real life”.
  2. I use the “Get Introduced To” function to get me referred by my network to potential customers.
    1. Though this approach might get you some results, it is not always the best option… and your own network doesn’t always forward your messages and the prospect doesn’t always reply (or read unknown senders’ messages, for that matter!). There might be several reasons for that, but the reasons most people don’t think of are: your contact doesn’t know the prospect well enough, your contact doesn’t know you well enough or your contact thinks that your message is too pushy.
    2. Instead use LinkedIn as a research database to discover the relationships between people and then proceed outside of LinkedIn. Call your contact and explain him the situation. If he responds positively, ask him to write an email to introduce you and the prospect to each other. In this way your prospect receives the message from someone he already knows and trusts. If you use LinkedIn, you are the one who takes the initiative, which is much less powerful.

About the Author

Jan Vermeiren is the founder of Networking Coach. Following on the best seller success of his first book “Let’s Connect!” , in his second book “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” he reveals even more the dynamics of networking and tools that anybody can immediately apply.

Together with his team at Networking Coach, Jan gives presentations and training courses in the field of networking and referrals. Customers are large organisations like Deloitte, Dupont, IBM, ING, SAP, Sun Microsystems and Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School , as well as small companies and freelancers.

Get your free light version of “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” at:

Creative Commons License photo credit: zzzack

10 Reasons to Use Facebook for Business


10 Reasons to Use Facebook for Business

Social networking websites, especially Facebook, have significant implications for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs around the world. To keep your business current, you should at least be familiar with the latest conversational marketing techniques and viral technologies, including Facebook and its array of powerful features.

Here are ten reasons to be active on Facebook:

1. Meet your peers. Facebook is not just for college kids anymore. Members are typically older and more mature than on other sites, and there are more white collar users.

2. Find business contacts. Facebook reached more than 200 million active users in April 2009, and is predicted to overtake MySpace in the United States by January 2010, not only are your friends on Facebook, so are your prospects, your customers, your JV partners… and, of course, your competitors. You need to be on too.

3. Instant gate opener. Facebook members are open to connecting. You can easily begin a dialog with highly successful—even famous—people who were previously otherwise unreachable.

4. Build relationships. By engaging in conversations with your prospects and customers, you can better adapt your marketing and business services to meet their needs.

5. Raise visibility. By consistently showing up, posting relevant information, and being a thought leader, you can increase visibility and credibility as an expert in your area.

6. Develop your personal brand. The lines between business and personal have become blurred. You can reveal as much or as little about yourself as you wish, allowing you to personalize your brand.

7. Target your niche. Users volunteer vast amounts of information about themselves that you can readily access. These kinds of demographics, psychographics, and technographics would previously have cost fortunes to access. Author, John Battelle, calls Facebook a “database of intentions.”

8. Get rapid top Google placement. Create a Page for your business and ‘‘push” information to your “fans.” Pages (for business) and Profiles (for personal) are indexed for optimal search engine positioning. Facebook has a PageRank of 3/10, and an Alexa Rank of 4.

9. Place targeted ads. With Facebook Social Ads, you can test out extremely targeted advertising for minimal cost.

10. No cost marketing. Aside from paid ads, Facebook is totally free to use and with regular activity you’ll end up with more traffic, more subscribers, and more paying clients.

Mari Smith graduated from Money & You in May 1999, and from Business School for Entrepreneurs in June 1999. She is a Social Media Keynote Speaker, Consultant & Trainer. She offers a free introductory class for professionals on how to use Facebook for strategic business growth at: Class materials include guides, how-to videos, discussion forum, and dozens of interviews with successful active Facebook members.

Creative Commons License photo credit: jonathansin