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Excellerated Business Schools® — Money & You®

All Excellerated programs and products utilize a revolutionary teaching method “Excellerated Learning” that delivers more information in less time – excellerated.

Based on over 34 years of extensive research and development into the strategies and winning formulas of the world’s best entrepreneurs, investors and fastest growing companies, we have identified why some people are more successful than others financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically and enjoy greater quality of life. We deliver this information to you – as a money-making system – with the promise of lasting, life-long change.

Excellerated Programs will change your life.

Not through simply watching and listening – you learn through actually experiencing and applying this wealth-building knowledge – right there and then as you participate. Begin implementing this life-changing information immediately.

Significant changes can happen today.

Traditional educational environments typically bombard you with information and motivate learning via individual competition – who’s smarter-than-whom – and the fear of failure. Our interactive learning process allows you to use what you learn today.

Excellerated’s goal is for you to achieve your business and personal goals. We offer the tools and customized strategies to make your DREAMS come true!

Mission Statement

Excellerated is dedicated to providing the highest quality transformational, entrepreneurial education – worldwide – making a positive difference in the lives of people, their families, and to organizations. This education will assist the participants in achieving their highest potential – being empowered and provided with the best tools and leadership available to becoming successful and to achieve financial freedom – and for those who choose, to evolve into being great leaders in their fields of endeavor and contribute to society, which will eventually assist our cause to end scarcity, poverty, and hunger.

DC Cordova - Money & You

Dame DC Cordova, CEO, Ambassador of New Education,

and Mentor of Nurturing

DC Cordova is CEO of Excellerated Business Schools® and Money & You®, global organizations that have over 95,000 graduates from all over the world, especially the Asia Pacific and North American. Courses are taught in English and Chinese. Many of today’s wealth/business leaders have attended Money & You® and transformed the way they teach, run their organizations.  Through these graduates, Dame Cordova’s work has touched the lives of millions all over the world. Her work is a significant contribution to planetary transformation, because the Excellerated Business Schools and Money & You have activated, inspired and motivated so many successful socially-responsible entrepreneurs to take action on behalf of humanity and Earth’s resources.

Her stated purpose is to “uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible business.”  Leading by example, DC is a philanthropist, humanitarian and is known as an Ambassador of New Education with a tireless pursuit to transform educational systems around the world to eradicate poverty and hunger.  DC is a Mentor of Nurturing through her work with high-level entrepreneurs/business leaders.

She is the author of the comprehensive systems manual, Money Making Systems; and has co-authored many books. DC has participated in over a dozen motivational films and TV shows. She has been interviewed around the world in every type of media, and even hosted the Money & You radio show.

DC’s businesses spread the word about the power of Global Entrepreneurship.  The time has come for businesses of all sizes to comprehend the importance of connecting globally to increase their own business, and take collective responsibility for the well-being of all people on Earth.

DC is building a global women’s platform entitled: Women, Cash & Divine Matters.  She is working on the first book in support of this platform and will be translated to several languages to meet the needs of DC’s international audience. A key component of this work will be a global, multi-cultural Web site/mobile site where women can connect and support one another, mentorship and coaching, inspiration, and practical business-oriented education.  The business education will incorporate the specific issues and needs encountered worldwide by business women at all stages of their careers as employees or entrepreneurs.  Sadly, most women in the world do not currently have access to this kind of education, one that will empower them to move to financial levels that support themselves and their loved ones and give them the motivation, ability and drive to join forces to eradicate hunger, poverty, violence against women and children, and other types of suffering.. The work will begin in English, then Chinese, expanding into the Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, European and African markets in alignment with “sister” organizations.

DC is also supporting the creation of the first “Solar Valley” on American soil, on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii  through the Hawaiian Sovereign Nation.  This visionary work will be fashioned after the only other Solar Valley in the world – in Dezhou, China. For more information on this magnificent project:  The Solar Valley project is another part of DC’s tireless efforts to influence nations to adopt renewable energy and the fair and equitable distribution of it, so that all people can live in health and abundance.

DC Cordova is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), and the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL); a facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance Symposium; council member of Women Speakers’ Association; promoter of the global campaign Four Years Go –; Asia Pacific development consultant /member of board of advisors of SuperLab; founding faculty member for CompassionHappens Inc.; international business development advisor for The California Women’s Conference; and she supports numerous other nonprofits as mentor and champion.

On her birthday, Nov. 14, 2010, DC was knighted by The Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem for her lifelong service to humanity.

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