A MasterMind is a small, active group of entrepreneurs who are helping each other to solve practical problems in their businesses. Usually these MasterMinds cost thousands of dollars, but they are included in the Inner Circle. From time to time our teachers and experts may come into a MasterMind and give practical tips, but the true power of a MasterMind lies in experienced people who are supporting each other selflessly.

​We are delaying this functionality until we have enough members to make the MasterMind work. That should just be a few weeks. It's just no fun to find yourself alone in a MasterMind.

​Here are some MasterMinds we plan to setup:

Finding your Vision
Building your Marketing Plan
Contribution to a Better World
Developing Sufficiency
Growing your business
Scaling your business beyond 6 figures
Selling your business

Please let our customer service know which other MasterMinds to setup.