Community Section

Our community is held together in a managed private Facebook group. We have chosen to go with Facebook, because experience shows that there are at least three times the interactions on a Facebook group as compared to a custom system. That's simply, because people are so much on Facebook.

For those without a Facebook account, you could consider setting one up just for the Inner Circle. As long as you don't accept any "friend requests", there will be no unwanted interaction, except for some ads here or there.

​Click ​the button to go to the Facebook group. Then click on the "Join Group" button. Your personal code is 4711. If you don't see that button, you are already accepted in the group. After you click the button, ​customer service needs to activate you which could take 5 seconds or up to 2 days.

Take 10 minutes to write a nice introduction for yourself, share what your business is and what your concerns and questions are. What do you want out of this community and what are you willing to give?

Please do not invite friends to join you in this members-only group, rather send them to the website https://moneyandyou.com/innercircle/ to learn more and sign up.