​Cornerstones for Business

Dr. Jeff Alexander
​is a CEO, a social entrepreneur​. He built a children’s dentistry practice that grew from 11 employees in 1 office to 7 offices with over 60 employees, with revenues of US$5 million in 3 years. He has served over 500,000 underprivileged children with dental care.

His commitment was to create a successful business utilizing compassionate and modern business principles ​with benefits for the company, the community and the world. In the beginning of this talk he explains how learned that at ​Business School for Entrepreneurs. Later, at 12:40 min, he explain​s ​his Cornerstones for Business, which has a number of concepts that you can easily implement in your business.

He co-created the Excellerated Instructors’ Training program for the Money & You program. Today he is also the founder and trainer of IGNITE PROGRAMS which offers transformational education for business people, entrepreneurs and professionals. 

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Download Implementation Notes
This is a one-page PDF to guide you in implementing Jeff's recommendations. Too often we hear a great ​lecture and then forget to bring the training back home. This sheet will serve you to make concrete use of Jeff Alexander's wisdom.