​Getting Started


The Member Hub is designed to be intuitively simple and to work on any device. You can even operate it on a small phone screen without squinting. Feel free to try all the buttons and move around.


​Downloads are available at the "Bonus Downloads" button. You will need a PDF reader installed to read PDF files.

Customer Support

All technical and accounting questions are handled through the Customer Service button. We strive for a same-hour answer, but it can take up to two days.

Educations Section

Videos should play on any device. Please be aware that videos consume a sizable amount of bandwidth and if you are paying per GB, you could rack up considerable charges on your phone, if it is not connected to a good WiFi. If you experience intermittent video​, it means that your connection is slow. You could stop replay for a couple minutes and then start again to give the video some time to load.

Community Section

Our community is held together in a managed private Facebook group. We have chosen to go with Facebook, because experience shows that there are at least three times the interactions on a Facebook group as compared to a custom system. That's simply, because people are so much on Facebook. For those without a Facebook account, you could consider setting one up just for this purpose. As long as you don't accept any friend requests, there will be no unwanted interaction, except for some ads here or there.

MasterMind Section

​We are delaying this functionality until we have enough members to make the MasterMind work. That should just be a few weeks. It's just no fun to find yourself alone in a MasterMind.