Redefine your relationship with money - and transform your life and business

A 5-Step Program to Unlock Your Wealth and Impact

Calling all entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who are looking for something

MORE to life…

You’re about to discover a personal transformation program that has been taught for more than four decades and helped 100,000s of people create fulfilling, purpose-driven lives for themselves.

Some of your favorite mentors are graduates of this program… including some of the world’s biggest life and business experts! As well as billionaires and countless millionaires and many others who are truly living their best lives.

And most people don’t even know this program exists.

In just a moment, you’ll learn who these famous graduates are – and how you can learn about the science-based teachings that transformed their lives in a new training that’s available online for the first time ever.

But first, let’s talk about money.

If you’re like most people, your relationship with money may be… complicated.

Maybe you struggle to make enough money to feel financially stable and free. 

Maybe you find it hard to keep and grow the money you do make. 

Maybe you have accumulated impressive wealth but still feel like there’s so much more you want to achieve and experience in life. 

… Or maybe you think that “money is the root of all evil” and actively reject it!

Regardless what of your personal relationship with money looks like, the one thing you really need to know is: The way you relate to money determines the way you relate to EVERYTHING.

That’s because money is energy (and a tool). It’s a collectively agreed-upon idea that makes it easier for us to exchange goods and services and collaborate with each other to get the things we need to thrive.

And because money is energy, your ability to open yourself up to it, connect with it, use it, and channel it has a huge impact on every aspect of your life!

So if you want to transform your life in a really powerful way, a great place to start is with your relationship with money.

And that’s what you will discover how to do in a new online self-study program from the one of the “OG” masters of personal development!



5-Step Self-Study Program

For Anyone Who’s Ready to Take It to the Next Level

MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, career professionals, and anyone who knows that they are supposed to be so much MORE to life than simply waking up and going to work every day. 

This five-step online program will open your mind to what is possible and what is actually DOABLE – which is always more than you think!

You will learn powerful entrepreneurial strategies as well as a proven business success model… Critical distinctions that will improve your results in all areas of your life… and valuable tools that help you succeed in traditional business and entrepreneurial environments with the twist of adding value to humanity.

If you’re looking for a way to use your unique skills and passions to make the world a better place while gaining the financial freedom, happiness, and fulfillment you long for, MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS is the training you’ve been searching for. 

This 5-step program will introduce you to:

  • The difference between money and finances – and the secret to personal fulfillment
  • The 4 major personality types you need to know to be a successful leader, manager, or business owner
  • How to transition from scarcity thinking to a thriving sufficiency mindset
  • The reality behind the global paradigm shifts we are all experiencing – and how to ride the waves of change to greater abundance
  • The 3 pillars of guaranteed business success
  • How to develop a results-oriented approach to your life and business. 
  • The mindset-leverage connection and how your thoughts impact your ability to make use of the resources available to you. 
  • How to cultivate a neutral mind that opens the door to greater awareness, deeper relationships, and bigger opportunities for success.
  • What your ideal “money number” for freedom is. 

These are just some of the life-changing principles and tools you will learn about during this powerful training!

Register today and gain immediate access to these game-changing video modules:

  • Why you need to grow an Economic Engine (rather than just a business or career)
  • The four major personality styles you need to know to become a successful leader, manager, business owner; or if you choose, to be part of an entrepreneurial team
  • Money is a tool – here’s how to use it – Understand where you are in relationship to money
  • The difference between money and finances
  • Become the expert – all you need to learn CAN be learned
  • Fulfillment comes through commitment to humanity’s betterment

  • Transition from “scarcity thinking” to sufficiency and abundance
  • The importance of cultivating an open, receptive mind
  • Money is a tool - here’s how to use it- Understand where you are in relationship to money
  • The Global Paradigm Shifts we are all experiencing – and how to ride the wave of change to greater impact and abundance
  • Creating wealth through problem-solving
  • Building new models for change

  • The Money & You Business Success Model
  • Niches, Leverage, and Systems: the 3 Pillars of Guaranteed Success
  • Building an aligned team that shares your vision, goals, and passion
  • How to successfully guide your business through the “danger stages” of growth
  • The role that data and statistics play in charting your path toward enduring profitability
  • The importance of creating a “power out” strategy that allows you to exit rich

  • Why leverage is the most powerful of all Distinctions
  • Your relationships: an untapped goldmine of connections and support
  • Financial tools you can leverage to grow your wealth and impact
  • The mindset-leverage connection – how your thoughts impact your ability to make better use of the resources available to you
  • Creating systems for future leverage in your personal and professional life
  • How to leverage the incredible bonus resources included in this program

  • The highest form of leverage and why it’s essential for your long-term success 
  • How to cultivate a neutral mind that opens the door to greater awareness, deeper relationships, and bigger opportunities for success
  • Why money is the most powerful energetic starting point for transformation
  • Understanding what is your ideal “money number” for freedom
  • The one question you need to ask to liberate yourself from misperception and false or limited beliefs

Based on the most famous personal success training you’ve never heard about

The principles you will discover in MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS come from the groundbreaking Money & You program that was developed in 1979 as a solution for the many aspiring individuals who wanted to attend the original Burklyn Business School for Entrepreneurs (which was “the place” to learn about the exciting new field of human potential, prosperity consciousness, and socially conscious entrepreneurship and capitalism) but couldn’t commit to the school’s full six-week program.  

The creators synthesized the powerful lessons of the School into a powerful 3.5-day program that has since transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Many of today’s best selling authors in the area of Personal Development, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Transformative Education are graduates of the Money & You program, thus countless millions have positively been affected by this work.

The Money & You program is based on proven scientific principles that reveal how the physical world and the human mind really work and show us how to leverage these principles to get better results in everything we do.

Successful program graduates include Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter, Ken Honda, Dolf DeRoos, Brad Sugars, Roger James Hamilton, Janet Switzer, Loral Langemeier, Alex Mandossian, Greg Link, Garrett B. Gunderson, Forbes Riley, Moe Rock, T. Harv Eker, JV Crum III, and many more big names in the Financial Literacy, Personal Development and Transformational Education world.

… Not to mention business leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers such as Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen; Paul Mitchell Hair Products co-founder Paul Mitchell; Bill Galt, founder of Good Earth Restaurants; Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz; Time/Warner Communications CTO, and founder of Elektra Records, Jac Holzman; CFO Charles Wallace; Veriphone founder Bill Melton; The Hour Glass co-founder/managing director, Jannie Chan (formerly Tay); Viacom Radio president Brian Bieler; Cable Industry pioneer, Nyhl Henson; Dell Computers VP of Asia Operations Sam Wong; Mondial Jewellers Managing Director, John Glasz; Dr. Burberry’s Singapore Managing Director Kenny Chan; GAIA Institute founder John Koo, Melbourne Football Club Chairman, and founder of Reach Foundation, Jim Styles; Susan Barton, founder of the Lighthouse Foundation, and countless more. 

Jack Canfield

"I encourage anyone to take this program, for it will not only show you how to do a minor vector in your life – it will re-vector your entire life and you will be grateful for it."

Co-author of the best-selling series of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and author of "The Success Principles".

Bobbi DePorter

"I had the great privilege to be a co-creator of the Money & You program. The teachings came from real business experiences and have been a source of my success. It helped me build Quantum Learning Network – a global organization that has positively impacted the lives of more than 20 million students and over 100,000 teachers – in our work to shift what’s possible in school systems for the benefit of all students, teachers, parents and our future generations. 

Co-founder of Burklyn Business School / Money & You Program | Co-founder SuperCamp and Quantum Learning Education. Author

Andrew Barron

“Before I attended Money & You and the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs, I was scraping by with only $200 dollars a week. And within two years, I had achieved more financially than I had thought possible. I became a millionaire within those two years, earning between $50,000 and  $100,000 per month working no more hours per week than the average employee – often much less!"

CEO, The Timber Barron

They Attended This Program And Experienced Powerful Transformation

The reason Money & You has leveled up the lives of so many incredible successful entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and philanthropic change-makers is because it’s NOT about “making money.”

It’s about discovering a new way to THINK

– and a new way to LEARN. 

Your ability to generate wealth (or achieve any goal) is influenced by the habits, attitudes, and feelings you’ve accumulated over time – often without realizing it. MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS will teach you the importance of shifting your perspective and opening your heart and mind to new possibilities so that you’re better able to identify and leverage the resources and opportunities that will help you to get the results you want. 

You will learn powerful entrepreneurship strategies… a proven business success model… and critical distinctions and tools that will help you succeed in traditional business and entrepreneurial environments while adding value to humanity and helping to make the world a better place.

This is the key to accelerating your growth, increasing your impact, and creating a life that truly makes you happy! 



  1. a difference or contrast between similar things or people."there is a sharp distinction between what is work and what is leisure"

  2. excellence that sets someone or something apart from others."a novelist of distinction"

(Oxford Dictionary)

MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS will introduce you to a set of groundbreaking “distinctions” that offer you a different way of understanding the world and facilitate powerful paradigm shifts that empower you to act on possibilities you never knew or felt were available to you. 

These distinctions are based on generalized principles that are always at work in nature, the world around us, and in the human mind, whether you are aware of them or not.

When you understand how they operate and how to leverage them more effectively in your life, you exponentially increase your ability to: 

  • attract resources
  • identify and act on opportunities
  • achieve goals
  • connect and relate
  • identify and act on opportunities
  • inspire people to support your vision

… and VASTLY increase your impact and influence!

Doria Cordova

Meet Your Virtual Mentor, Dame Doria Cordova

MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS is the brainchild of Dame Doria Cordova, owner of Money & You®, Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs, and other Excellerated programs. Her global learning platforms have seen more than 200,000 graduates since 1979 from over 85 countries. Through her successful programs and extensive philanthropic work, Dame Doria has touched countless lives all over the world. 

Dame Doria was a prominent member of the “OG” crew of the Personal Development pioneers that helped create the entrepreneurial, experiential, and transformational training industry as it’s known today.

Fondly referred to as the “Mentor of Mentors,” Dame Doria has dedicated the past 45 years of her life to sharing this work in the regions of the world that expressed the strongest desire for it  – primarily countries in the Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam… and more!)

Now, as a woman, Latina, immigrant, and a person who has accomplished the “American dream,” Dame Doria is feeling called to bring these powerful teachings to the USA, the Americas, and new regions where her work has not yet appeared

In addition to helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs, professionals and those wishing to create an Economic Engine around their purpose, Doria’s goal is to help disenfranchised individuals and communities in her beloved adopted home country learn how to use these principles to change their relationship with money (and the WORLD), and create a life of freedom, joy, and purpose. 

If you’ve been yearning for a better way to live your life and pursue goals that truly make you happy, Doria is the mentor you’ve been searching for!

“Extremely easy to apply”

The Money & You Distinctions are extremely easy to apply in professional life, as well as in our personal lives.- Katya Hayley – Digital Marketing – AI Trading Technology

“Simple but profound”

It’s given me a new perspective on how I can take my business to the next level how I can make a bigger impact to humanity.” - Ricco Davis, Digital Marketing Consultant

"I was blown away"

It doesn't matter if you're someone who has absolutely no resources at all or if you're someone that's crushing it… anyone can benefit from this program. - Earnest Epps, CEO, Earnest Associates LLC

"Really magical!"

If you have even the tiniest thought that maybe there's something left for you to learn – I would absolutely recommend attending. - Marjah Simon, Business Owner/Publishing

"Expand your horizons"

If you know there's something more but you don't really know what it is, I think Money & You will definitely open up and expand your horizons. - Damon Greene, Founder of The Iconic Agent

"Literally anyone can benefit"

Everything and more than I thought it would be… Taking away so much from just an overview is great! - Stadina Shinault, Global Real Estate Advisor

“A powerful opportunity to excel”

I believe from beginner to advanced business owners should definitely attend this… I was very surprised how powerful it was and transformative it was. - Don Hayley, Investor / CPA

“These principles have a lifelong impact on how you do business”

Every program that Doria has put together is based upon decades of incredible knowledge and experience and impact. -  Chad Warren – CEO and Founder ZenMoose Capital, LLC

Spoiler: MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS isn’t really about money.

YES, it will introduce you to some of the most powerful principles  taught in Money & You. But you’re not going to learn how to make bucketloads of money by “hustling” or “grinding” or acting on “hot stock market tips.”   

Success isn’t about working harder or doing more or hitting the jackpot with your investments.

It’s about aligning your efforts with your heart – and  transforming your scarcity-based beliefs to a “sufficiency mindset” that gives you the freedom and purpose you crave while living a life of meaning and connection and experiencing wealth.

It’s about creating an Economic Engine for your life that doesn’t feel like “work” because it brings you so much joy and fulfillment.

And because you put your heart into it, and because you KNOW it’s making a real difference in people’s lives, your success becomes inevitable!

This program is for you if…


You want to make a difference in the world


Freedom and impact are more important to you than “money, money, money”


You’re a self-employed entrepreneur who’s ready turn your small business into a BIG business


You’re a business owner who’s looking to get more done with less effort and hassle


You’re ready to step up as a leader and inspire others to support your vision


You want to make a positive impact and create a better life for future generations


You’re willing to commit a few hours of your time to attend an online virtual live training and fully engaging with the work

Not only will you get 5 video modules of training from the “Mentor of Mentors” herself, you’ll also receive…

The Original Money & You Series – Access to Cash 

The New Definition of Wealth Ebook containing powerful information and activities to help you liberate yourself from any negative beliefs you may have in relation to money.

The Excellerated Business Success Model Ebook

Get your hands on the proven formula for building successful and profitable organizations. This powerful 114-page ebook will teach you  principles, tools and systems to achieve financial success so you can live a prosperous and productive life that adds value to humanity.

Doria’s Daily Disciplines

Simple habits to improve your health, energy, focus, vibrancy, productivity, and outlook – even in the most dire circumstances. 

Fridays with Doria & Friends Global Platform Free Access

One Friday every month, Doria invites a mentor or success expert to share their top strategies and insights with her audience. You get free access to the complete library of expert strategies on topics such as passive income, leverage, AI, philanthropy, financial resilience, and more

PLUS: A bonus live 3-hour online training with Dame Doria Cordova!

Get your questions answered directly by the “Mentor of Mentors” herself – multiple dates to choose from

We’re not saying that if you take this program, you’re going to become a billionaire.

(We’re not NOT saying it, either.)

What we ARE saying is the fundamental principles you will discover in this program can facilitate powerful shifts in thinking that empower people to operate at a high enough level that they are able to become billionaires. 

… Or business owners who make things better for people in their community. 

… Or change-makers who are able to lift people out of poverty and heal the natural world.  

… Or truth-tellers who are ready to share their story on a much bigger stage.

… Or the kind of person who is capable of ending world hunger. (Which happens to be Dame Doria’s driving purpose in life!) 

If you are ready to evolve into a better way of living in the world, this program is for you. 

If your only goal is to make a ton of money… this program is STILL for you.

Not only will you discover proven principles that will exponentially increase your productivity and effectiveness and empower you to make more money faster (if that’s what you really want), you will ALSO learn how to transform that money into impact and experience the fulfilment that comes from knowing your work is making a real difference in the world!


Here’s your chance to impact the lives of people you’ll never meet.

The secret to thriving and living a happy life is helping others and doing what you can to make the world a better place. Every religious and spiritual text ever written emphasizes this point – as does every self-help, personal growth, business success, and life mastery book and program available in the world today.

Why? Because it’s TRUE.

We are all connected at a fundamental level and when you help others, you help yourself. MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS will show you how implement this powerful truth while generating all the wealth you need to feel abundant and free.

The key to “future-proofing” your life and business

We are in the middle of powerful global paradigm shifts as the world transitions from the Information Age that has dominated the past 50 years into the Consciousness Age, which is already changing the game in so many ways.

(Even in terms of technology – just look at AI!)

The people who are best positioned to ride the waves of change and prosper under any circumstances are those who are able to see the world clearly, distinguish facts from opinion, and evolve their thinking as new facts come available. 

MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS will teach you the power of “existing on the fringes while staying ahead of the game” so you can wisely respond, adapt, evolve, and thrive – no matter what life throws your way.

How much is your freedom worth to you?

What are you willing to invest to secure your future, liberate yourself from financial stress and economic uncertainty, and create a life that makes you happy?

How strong is your belief in yourself and in humanity’s capacity to create a better world for everyone?

How much would you give to guarantee your ability to achieve any goal, overcome any problem, and make a real and lasting impact in the world? 

These aren’t rhetorical questions… it’s time to actually *think* about this and come up with a dollar amount that you’d be willing to pay to show up in the world as a joyous, fulfilled, and unstoppable impact machine.

How much would that be worth to you?  

Now consider this: for a limited time, your investment for the five online video modules PLUS the bonus gifts and the live 3-hour training with Dame Doria –  is only US$297.

This training may never be available at this price again. 

We believe this training is easily worth US$1997 and are selling it at a steep discount ONLY because we’re on a mission to impact more people than ever – and gather hundreds of testimonials from delighted participants who are willing to share their personal stories about how saying “YES” to this program has changed their lives for the better.

(Maybe one of those stories will be yours!)  

So if you would like to be one of the first-ever participants to experience this program at a small fraction of the price it will cost in the future, be sure to join us!

Register today and embark on the journey of a lifetime

Sign up now and gain instant access to the Money & You: Doria’s Distinctions video modules, along with:

  • DORIA’S DAILY DISCIPLINES: Simple habits to improve your health, energy, focus, vibrancy, productivity, and outlook – even in the most dire circumstances.
  • ACCESS TO CASH: Magical Exercises to Liberate Yourself from Multi-Generational Negative Money Beliefs learned from family, school, religious institutions, friends!
  • FRIDAYS WITH DORIA: One Friday a month, Doria invites a mentor or success. expert to share their top strategies and insights with her audience. You get free access to the complete library of expert strategies on topics such as passive income, leverage, AI, philanthropy, financial resilience, and more.

PLUS a Bonus 3-Hour Live Virtual Training with Dame Doria Cordova, the “Mentor of Mentors” Herself!

Doria’s consulting day rate is USD$10,000 and you will get a full 3 hours+ with her when you register for MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS!




If you’re ready to become a powerful force for good in the world and help create a better world for everyone – while generating the wealth you need to thrive and provide for your loved ones, sign up today for MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS. 

The life you’ve always dreamed of is waiting for you on the other side.

30-Day Guarantee

Once you have applied the proven and tried principles taught, if you are not convinced that the program will “excellerate” your results, help you make more money, and experience more joy, love, personal freedom, and connect you to a global network of successful entrepreneurs (think not having to travel across the world to create a network that can expand your markets internationally) let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your fee in full.


Q: Is the curriculum taught in MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS the same that is taught in the 3 1/2-day Money & You Live in-person events? 

A: No. MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS is a five-module online  training that introduces participants to some of the most powerful “distinctions” taught in the Money & You in-person 3 1/2-day event. The full Money & You experience is much more in-depth and consists 65% of experiential exercises that plant everlasting “knowledge seeds” while helping participants embody their understanding and improve their ability to implement the teachings in a much more powerful way. The live event also offers powerful opportunities for networking and making profitable global connections that can accelerate your impact.

But if you’re not ready to commit to the time and travel involved in attending a 31/2-day event and would like a comprehensive introduction to the Money & You teachings, the virtual program is an excellent place to begin. You’ll discover plenty of strategies that will help you start making profound shifts to your mindset and results. Money & You will be there for you when you’re ready to take it to the next level. (To learn about our next Money & You in-person event, go here.)

Q: Do MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS participants learn specific money management, investment, or tax strategies for growing wealth fast?

A: MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS doesn’t teach you specific money strategies. It teaches you a better way to THINK about money, leverage, and other winning strategies that have been used by some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs and change-makers so that wealth comes to you more easily and helps you create an Economic Engine for your life that delivers the freedom and impact you crave.

We’re not here to spoon-feed you easy answers or cookie-cutter advice with a “best before” data attached to it. We’re here to teach you to ask better questions and find the answers that will give YOU the financial freedom you dream of.

Q: I’m already wealthy and looking to take my impact to the next level. Is MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS for me?

A: Yes! MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS will teach you how to LEVERAGE  your wealth – and all other resources available to you – so you can vastly increase your impact and help create the kind of world you want to leave for future generations. 

Q: I have a terrible relationship with money! I grind non-stop to grow my bank account balance but no matter how hard I work, I’m always broke. Is MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS for me?

A: Yes! First off, let’s clarify you are most certainly NOT “broke.” You are simply low on cash flow at the moment (and that happens to everyone, even millionaires – it’s certainly not a reflection of your worth or abilities). MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS will teach you how to change your relationship with money so you can get out of debt for good and turn your life into an Economic Engine that generates wealth in a reliable and sustainable way, so you never have to worry about your bank account balance again. 

Q: I consider myself a spiritual person and believe that money is the “root of all evil.” I’m worried that MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS will turn me into the kind of shallow and materialistic person who’s responsible for all the problems in the world! Why should I consider signing up for this program?

A: Because MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS will teach you how to become a MORE spiritual person who is able to help heal the world from the problems currently plaguing it! If you want to liberate money from the clutches of greedy people who only want to hoard it for themselves, sign up for this powerful three-hour virtual live training and discover how you can channel money and the energy it represents to the causes that are most important to you.  

Q: I’m in my 70s, retired, and on a budget. Is MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS for me?

A: Absolutely! You will learn how to create new wealth, do more good, and live more fully with the money you already have. Plus you may discover new opportunities to live your passion and create a legacy that impacts the lives of millions. 

Q: I’m a successful entrepreneur at the top of my game. Why should I register for MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS?

A: No matter how successful you are, you are guaranteed to experience at least ONE game-changing epiphany that will help you 10X your income and your impact and take your already impressive success to levels you’ve never dreamed of. 

Q: I’m just a teenager but I want to learn how I can create a prosperous and happy life for myself. Is MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS for me? 

A: Absolutely! Young people get so much value from these teachings and find that they are able to achieve their academic, career, and personal life goals so much faster when they have been exposed to the Distinctions at a young age. Our youngest ever participant was 13 years old and now he’s 55 and has been living the life of his dreams for decades! 

Q: I have attended many money, mindset-changing, transformational trainings… I have listened to many podcasts and online financial trainings… And I have read many books on these subjects. Why should I attend MONEY & YOU: DORIA’S DISTINCTIONS? What makes this program different?

A: Well, you have just landed at “the Mother Ship!” Money & You®, the Excellerated Business School® and other Excellerated programs were co-founded by pioneers in entrepreneurial education who combined Human Potential teachings and proven business/entrepreneurial teachings to develop proven strategies that anyone can use to level up their lives and businesses. Many of today’s best known financial literacy and transformational entrepreneurial education leaders are graduates (and some came back to teach) of these programs. 

This organization has always been at the “fringes” (a marketing phrase - look it up) and always will be – because Doria Cordova is a lifelong learner  and has the honor and privilege of being around many of today’s future leaders and pioneers in entrepreneurship. 

Ask yourself:

Are you satisfied with your life as it is?  Do you have the feeling that there’s more for you to do or contribute to humanity? Do you feel that you have just started a purpose-filled life but don’t know how to create an economic engine around your purpose? Or that you abandoned your early dreams of a well-lived life (for whatever reason), and now you could still have that dream life?  

One of the Money & You Instructors, Kerry Zurier, has a wonderful quote: “We are not like Thanksgiving turkeys where you stick a thermometer and it will tell you when we are done…” 

Happy human beings are those who live a life fueled by the desire for  “continuous improvement” in every area of their lives... They live by the tenet that there’s always more to learn… that “the teacher appears when we are ready”...

Ask yourself… are you ready?  If yes, join us.

If you love the status quo, we are happy for you. 

Our desire is for all humans to live to their fullest potential. The challenge is that most of us are not prepared nor educated to do that – so even if we never meet or you choose not to go on the entrepreneurial education journey with us, we wish you a beautiful, prosperous life for you and your family. 

Aloha Nui Loa,
Doria (DC) Cordova


“How do we make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone?”

– Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller

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