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We teach ​Entrepreneurs t​he Path to ​Prosperity and ​Contribution

​The Inner Circle is our ​ongoing online coaching program. We ​support both new Founders and small businesses. The biggest common interest is on marketing, finding and keeping clients. For Founders we also talk about finding profitable niches and the start of creating a plan. For existing businesses we will focus on growing the business and selling it.

Thanks to our 40-year history, we have​ expert advice for all of those questions. Every month we will focus on concrete, actionable advice and careful thought-out steps that will support you to create greater profits and contribution.​

​Our community is a mega-mastermind, enabling members to request support from more advanced entrepreneurs in the group.

​INNER CIRCLE: ​We Grow ​Social Entrepreneurs​

As a Social Entrepreneur you need ongoing education, inspiration and cooperation. ​The Inner Circle serves you to be stronger and more successful in your quest to ​create wealth while you are changing the world.

There are more opportunities to create billion-dollar companies than ever before. As a business leader you can now tackle large-scale social issues that seemed “unsolvable”. And you can profit handsomely from your efforts. This is what ​is called "Conscious Capitalism".

We see a rapid acceleration of technology, but the world still suffers from deep societal problems that desperately need solving. Social Entrepreneurs make an impact on the world WHILE making a profit. And nothing can be more satisfying.

There is a glut of capital looking for socially responsible investments. Socially Responsible Investments just grew by 38% in only 2 years. Now at 26% of all professionally managed investments, it will soon outweigh "irresponsible" investing.

Get taught by true masters. Doria Cordova of Money & You® / Excellerated Business Schools® discovered hundreds of Masters troughout her 40 year history of running the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs. Most of these are successful entrepreneurs themselves, normally only accessible in her $15,000 live programs.

Join the Inner Circle if you are a Social Entrepreneur or thinking about creating a better life for yourself and the planet.

The world needs innovators, problem solvers, visionaries and action takers to guide us through the coming storm. The world needs entrepreneurs…

​The ​World ​Needs ​YOU !


Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, CEO & Owner

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova is the CEO and owner of Excellerated Business Schools® for Entrepreneurs and Money & You®, a global organization with almost 200,000 graduates from Asia Pacific & North America in English, Chinese and Japanese — since 1979. Her programs taught or partnered with many of today's top teachers, such as Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins,  Jack Canfield, T Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Sharon Lechter, and many more...

Her program Money & You® has inspired some of today’s greatest wealth and business experts – many whom have become Social Entrepreneurs – and has touched the lives of millions globally. Her programs have generated more multi-millionaires than any other entrepreneurial program in existence. The work of her many graduates has helped spread, to millions around the world, the essence of her mission to transform educational systems around the world.

Her purpose: To uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible businesses. Leading by example, Doria is a philanthropist, humanitarian and is known as an Ambassador of New Education.

​INNER CIRCLE: ​​Some Of Our Experts​

Dr. Jeff Alexander
​Is a CEO, a social entrepreneur​. He built a children’s dentistry practice that grew from 11 employees in 1 office to 7 offices with over 60 employees, with revenues of US$5. million in 3 years. His company ranked in the top 500 grossing health care clinics in the country. Today, he has served over 500,000 underprivileged children with dental care. His commitment was to create a business model that demonstrated financial success by utilizing compassionate and modern business principles that would benefit the company, the community and the world - this he learned at BSE. He co-created the Excellerated Instructors’ Training program for the Money & You program. Today he is also the founder and trainer of IGNITE PROGRAMS which offers transformational education for business people, entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Melissa Clark-Reynolds
Is a futurist, entrepreneur and professional company director. She attended the Business School in '92 where she created a business plan and a large vision for her life and started a business in her bedroom. In 7 years, she went on to grow it to $190M in revenues and over 200 team members. She sold the business and went on to found and invest in and mentor other technology based businesses. ​She has had two Fast50 companies and three AsiaPac Fast 500s. She is currently working with BRANZ to identify the most disruptive business models in the construction industry around the world. She is one of the few New Zealand women to raise investment money both nationally and internationally. In 2012 she was named one of the top-10 female company founders to watch by Forbes Magazine.

Randolph Craft
Is a genius, an artist, an expert management consultant in the Project Planning Chart technology that took man to the moon ahead of time.

He is also an expert in understanding, translating and sharing the generalized principles that were taught to us directly by R. Buckminster Fuller.

Both key technologies taught at BSE’s since the beginning - originally directly from the masters themselves. 

Randolph has spent decades in time, a fortune in money and immeasurable devotion to applying his genius to developing this work.

He is an entertaining, colorful and a master at sharing these technologies.

Dr. Serge Gravelle
Leader in over 25 companies, including OMZIG, creators of some of the original codes of Microsoft Windows; MyMall Network, first shopping network on the Internet with over 2,000 stores and millions of monthly visitors; RevShare, for many years the world’s largest direct-response television advertising agency. Author of 18 books, former Olympic athlete, 4-time National champion. Dr. Gravelle has come out of retirement 4 times, most recently to create the Foundation for Equestrian Athletes, a leading 501(c)(3) Public Charity transforming the way non-profit entities become financially self-sufficient by providing them with systems and strategies normally reserved for large corporations​. 

Dr. Cherie Clark
Co-founder of Social Synergetics and recently retired as the Director of Shock Incarceration and the Willard Drug Treatment Campus (WDTC). The co-creator of a video production “Shock Incarceration.” Dr. Clark is an expert in substance abuse treatment Her goal is to change lives of prison inmates by teaching them about choice, responsibility & self-discipline, building life skills to increase the odds of success “on the outside.” She is the principal author of “DOING LIFE!® A Life Skills Program for Recovery from Addictions” & “SMART CHOICES: A Guide for Making Choices That Work.” Her work and system can be modeled to other transformational programs to have a positive impact on humanity. 

Kerry Zurier
Global female leading instructor of the Money & You program; leading instructor of the world class Excellerated Instructors’ Training Program; Master Certified Coach (ICF); Partner and Senior Program Leader at Accomplishment Coaching. As a fundraiser, she has raised tens of millions of dollars through foundations and non-profits that she has either established or consulted with. She has worked closely with the likes of Joan Kroc of the McDonald’s fame. Her endeavors has generated for one organization alone 22,000 volunteer service members who have donated well over 500,000 volunteer hours, and this service has had an impact on more than 1.2 million people. 

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Praise for the book and live program on which this ​program is based:

“I was effectively going broke but struggling to see a way through it… Since the moment I walked out those doors on that Sunday night some 25 years ago, I turned the business around. Each year I have delivered a better result than previous … we’re now doing $160 million with 500 employees … and growing.”

-- Dominique Lyone

“I was making $200 per week as a waiter when I first attended the Money & You program. Within 2 years, I started my first business in the timber industry. In the next three years this scaled up to $24 million of annual revenues. I then exited that industry to spend more time on passion projects which created a new business. I now own two highly-leveraged businesses employing 50 individuals and turning over 30 million a year in revenues.”

-- Andrew Barron

“Doria DC Cordova has devoted her life to creating a world that works for everyone. This overview of the principles, strategies and methods of Money & You, the workshop is a must read. I first took the course in 1982 and used the distinctions I learned there to take the Total Learning Environments I was leading from successful to extraordinary, expanding from individual units within a larger institution to five total institutions with a capacity for 1,500 participants in each 6-month phase. By the time I retired from the system, the TLE had saved the State more than $1.37 Billion. M&Y is a powerful program, producing consistent results for more than 36 years. It is relevant to any business or organization.”

-- Doc Shock

Reading your book is as straightforward and wonderful as talking with you. You have spent most of your life sharing Werner Erhard’s and Bucky Fuller’s premise of a life and world that works for everyone.

The Money & You program is a ‘must do’ and this book is a ‘must read’. I first took the EST Training in 1980 and M&Y in 1992. The distinctions opened my eyes to a world that was inaccessible before. I have been humbled and expanded as I continue to be challenged to grow my awareness of this remarkable world; it’s extraordinary and ordinary people and the infinite wisdom that is everywhere.

M&Y It is a powerful program that teaches mastery and comprehension of complex components making them easy to understand and apply to everyday life and seems to produce consistent results. Reading the book is like taking a review of the course. The people I met, the friendships that resulted, the successes that I achieved through Lifetracks Foundations challenging work in Tanzania. What a delight to introduce Bucky’s principles and distinctions to villages schools and watch children and teachers eyes go wide as they grasped the difference that could be made. Then the micro-loans that allowed them to work those entrepreneurial principles in a culture of poverty and lack expanded my heart as I brought vegetable seed as well as seeds of hope and change. Thank you, Dear Heart…”

-- Nanci Hartland

“Loving it! Thank you, Doria (DC) for sharing such gems. Most of all reading the book is like having a conversation with you. I’m blessed to have gone through the money clearing exercises LIVE with you. It’s a great refresher to do the exercises again and clear whatever money blocks that limit ‘Access to Cash’!”

-- Jacy Wee

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