Money & You® Mastery Mentoring with Dame Doria Cordova

A 12-month program to speed up the time that it takes to get YOU to where you were already going; and to provide you with a community to assist you in living a fulfilled and wealthy life.


What it includes:

  • Intimate Group Mentorship (2 Virtual Group Conferences a Month) – In this unique and intimate setting, you have the extraordinary chance to collaborate with Doria closely via a small group. The participants will delve beyond mere strategies for success – delving into the pro
  • Access to Doria Cordova’s Board of Luminaries –  Individuals who are experts, masters, and have created extraordinary results in business and who have made a great contribution to humanity will join group conferences. The participants will delve beyond mere strategies for success – delving into the profound inquiries of purpose, fulfillment, wealth strategy, and the legacy you wish to create.
  • Free Gift of the 3 ½ day live Money & You program in San Diego for one special person in your life.
  • Holistic Growth –  True success is when your professional achievements align with your values. We work on aligning your outer results with your inner desires while detecting your blind spots and empowering you to overcome them.
  • Tailor Made HOT Seats – Everyone wants something different. We focus on your specific needs, and everyone's knowledge, experience and influence becomes something that you can leverage.
  • Community of Wealth Creators – Be in alignment with others who are on a similar path. Share, learn, and grow together in an environment that is supportive of every participant.
  • Bring a Friend to the Party – Once a year, we open up a session to ONE special guest of your choosing, in order to allow them to gain value from just being connected to you and us. 
  • Edwards Deming“Growing, Growing, Gone” Distinctions (Grow too fast and you can go through your resources, assets, and burn out your team, yourself…)
  • Deep Dives – Into the Different Stages of Growth that every organization goes through.
  • Free access – to any of Doria’s Distinctions Online Virtual Events.
  • Learn about Licensing – Ultimate strategies for Leverage!
  • Distinctions – from the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs
  • The Network’s Network – Not only do you get Doria’s network, YOU also get the group’s networks!

 Discovery Call - Speed Mentoring and Discovery Session with Dame Doria Cordova to make sure this program is a fit for you.

If it’s determined in the session that the program is not a good fit, the $1,000 will be reimbursed.

Once you show your interest by paying for your $1000 Discovery Session, you will receive an email with 72 hours with Calendly link to schedule the call.  Once it’s determined that you are a good fit, and you choose to be part of this 12-month Mentoring program, further payment, logistical and other pertinent information will be emailed to you.


Thank YOU for considering us to be part of your continued entrepreneurial journey…

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