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Why do they call Dame Doria (DC) Cordova "The Teacher of Teachers"?

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova is the CEO and owner of Excellerated Business Schools / Money & You, a global organization with almost 200,000 graduates from Asia Pacific & North America in English, Chinese and Japanese — since 1979. Her programs taught or partnered with many of today's top teachers, such as Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins,  Jack Canfield, T Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Sharon Lechter, and many more...

Money & You® has inspired some of today’s greatest wealth and business experts – many whom have become Social Entrepreneurs – and has touched the lives of millions globally. Her programs have generated more multi-millionaires than any other entrepreneurial program in existence. The work of her many graduates has helped spread, to millions around the world, the essence of her mission to transform educational systems around the world.

Her purpose: To uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible businesses. Leading by example, Doria is a philanthropist, humanitarian and is known as an Ambassador of New Education. She supports numerous non-profits, foundations, and humanitarian organizations as a mentor and champion. She is now leading this work through the Doria Cordova Foundation.

ACCESS TO CASH: The only opportunity to have Doria train your wealth consciousness outside her rare live events.

Are You Ready For Success?

If your brain were wired like a multi-millionaire, what would be different about your life?

Do you have a great business idea but don’t know where to start to make it happen?

Are you ready to take your cash flow to the next level?

Are you interested in having your money be your hardest-working and highest-earning employee?

If you said YES to any of these questions, you are in the exact place you need to be to create a breakthrough with our work.

In Doria Cordova's online course "Access to Cash", you have the opportunity to discover the lessons that have been applied, tried and proven to work for over 39 years by some of the world’s best entrepreneurs and fastest growing companies.

Big change starts with you and your performance. While an online course cannot match the live experience of Money & You® and the Excellerated Business School®, this one-on-one recording by Master Teacher Dame Doria (DC) Cordova has the power to have a lasting effect on your life. It is like a personal conversation with personal secrets that only a selected few have access to.


  • The 3 Stages of Money: Making It – Keeping It – Growing It and keys to making it happen!
  • Income-Generating ActivitiesHow to move from Scarcity-thinking to Sufficiency-thinking to lead you to Abundance
  • Tools to Change Your Consciousness for greater profitability
  • Distinctions on how profitable businesses are grown, cashflow and productivity are created and increased
  • The tools, systems and information that, if used, can be your doorway to wealth, prosperity and experiencing “enough”
  • What you need to know to create a wealthy life through a thriving business...
Praise for the book and live program on which this course is based:

“I was effectively going broke but struggling to see a way through it… Since the moment I walked out those doors on that Sunday night some 25 years ago, I turned the business around. Each year I have delivered a better result than previous … we’re now doing $160 million with 500 employees … and growing.”

-- Dominique Lyone

“I was making $200 per week as a waiter when I first attended the Money & You program. Within 2 years, I started my first business in the timber industry. In the next three years this scaled up to $24 million of annual revenues. I then exited that industry to spend more time on passion projects which created a new business. I now own two highly-leveraged businesses employing 50 individuals and turning over 30 million a year in revenues.”

-- Andrew Barron

“Doria DC Cordova has devoted her life to creating a world that works for everyone. This overview of the principles, strategies and methods of Money & You, the workshop is a must read. I first took the course in 1982 and used the distinctions I learned there to take the Total Learning Environments I was leading from successful to extraordinary, expanding from individual units within a larger institution to five total institutions with a capacity for 1,500 participants in each 6-month phase. By the time I retired from the system, the TLE had saved the State more than $1.37 Billion. M&Y is a powerful program, producing consistent results for more than 36 years. It is relevant to any business or organization.”

-- Doc Shock

Reading your book is as straightforward and wonderful as talking with you. You have spent most of your life sharing Werner Erhard’s and Bucky Fuller’s premise of a life and world that works for everyone.

The Money & You program is a ‘must do’ and this book is a ‘must read’. I first took the EST Training in 1980 and M&Y in 1992. The distinctions opened my eyes to a world that was inaccessible before. I have been humbled and expanded as I continue to be challenged to grow my awareness of this remarkable world; it’s extraordinary and ordinary people and the infinite wisdom that is everywhere.

M&Y It is a powerful program that teaches mastery and comprehension of complex components making them easy to understand and apply to everyday life and seems to produce consistent results. Reading the book is like taking a review of the course. The people I met, the friendships that resulted, the successes that I achieved through Lifetracks Foundations challenging work in Tanzania. What a delight to introduce Bucky’s principles and distinctions to villages schools and watch children and teachers eyes go wide as they grasped the difference that could be made. Then the micro-loans that allowed them to work those entrepreneurial principles in a culture of poverty and lack expanded my heart as I brought vegetable seed as well as seeds of hope and change. Thank you, Dear Heart…”

-- Nanci Hartland

“Loving it! Thank you, Doria (DC) for sharing such gems. Most of all reading the book is like having a conversation with you. I’m blessed to have gone through the money clearing exercises LIVE with you. It’s a great refresher to do the exercises again and clear whatever money blocks that limit ‘Access to Cash’!”

-- Jacy Wee


• 10 Module Online Certificate Course with Life-Changing Exercises and Information that will Change the Future of Your Money Consciousness. Value: US$2,000

• A full year membership in our international study and networking group with participants from all over the world, giving you access to the international Money & You® network. Value: US$ 4,000

• Magical Exercises – Chapter 7 of Access to Cash eBook. Value US$ 1,000

• Access To Cash eBook. Value: US$10

• MP3 Audio Files for the entire course, so you can repeat it while driving. Value: US$1,000

• Group coaching session with Doria (DC) Cordova. Ask your questions! Value: US$2,000

• 20-Page Report: The Personal Productivity System – How to organize your desk and office for maximum efficiency. Value: US$500

• 5-Page Report: DISCovering the Greatness of You and Your Team Members. Value: US $500

• 4-Page Report: 7 Ways to Get Out of Debt. Value: US$500

• 8-Page Report: Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Affirmations. Value: US$10

• Money & You® – Rules of the Game. Value: US$500

• Report: Integrity Checklist. Value: US$500

• (These tools are invaluable when the teachings / “expansion exercises” are applied as recommended in the Online Course)

• A beautiful eCertificate that you can print out and frame. Value: US$100

Total Value: US$12,620


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